Did you get " Counseled " about the Music you Listened to While you were a JW ?

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  • talesin

    NN - well, how cool is THAT? : D

    I know what you mean. He is just brilliant, and raised by a single mom. I was impressed by his great love for his mother, and family, as well as his business acumen.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''Beth Sarim - def leppard............mmmm! Love that band.''

    Pour some sugar on me, Pour some sugar on me!!!!

    ''Rocket, Rocket""Oh, those were the days!!!!!

    And of course, STUPID Me!!!!

    How could have I possibly forgotten, Van Halen????

    But remember, all music is of the Devil. The whole ''world is in the Devil's hands''.

    ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!! It's too short, to worry about delusional people and their opinions.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''Speaking of K*I*S*S, did anyone mention that we were told it meant Knights In Service of Satan? Ahahaha!''

    And yes. I heard that one around 1981-82. Gene Simmons and his extra long tongue. Out of this world, has to be devil-like.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Talesin, My jaw dropped when I watched episodes of "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels" and came to appreciate how different the man was from his public image. I urge people who haven't seen it to give it a viewing.

    He is a GENIUS in so many ways!

  • talesin

    JUMP! Roth is a arse, but loved his acrobatics. One of my fav bands as well. No one plays the ax like Eddie.

    : P

    Haha, simulpost, NN. I was replying to Beth's comment there.

    Me, too. What a great dad he is. That was when I got interested in Simmons, and found out who he 'really' was. The whole womanizing thing - so what? who cares? I had previously not liked him (left over JW judging), but now realize that yup, he's a genius.

  • Spectre

    Anyone else used to hear that RUSH stood for Rules Under Satan's Hand? I swear, one can make an acronym out of anything.

    My mom was giving me crap one time for buying a Joe Satriani tape because his last name had the letters S, A, T, A, and N.

    I also remember a couple pages that that was going around whenever anyone wanted to be critical of music. I wish I could remember more but it listed whoever was gay, had ever done drugs or got drunk or like The Police, used a word like "Mephistopheles" in Wrapped Around Your Finger. I wish I had a copy of that now.

  • Tornintwo

    This kind of judgemental crap is still alive and well, with double standards aplenty for elders and their families. Last year my daughter got friendly with 2 girls who's elder dad had moved the family from the states. She used to laugh about the gangster rap they were into, but in a lighthearted way, these are middle class girls who think they're from the hood or something, using the n word, ratchet etc. my daughter is into indie rock, some quite heavy stuff, but we always kept an eye that the lyrics weren't explicit and we're otherwise very liberal. Anyway these girls were my daughters only piers in the cong and her closest friends for a while until.......they cooled it inexplicably, stopped inviting her over etc, managed to get her excluded from social events. my daughter then 14 was devastated and left lonely and isolated, with little socialising at the weekend, but they would never admit what the problem was. It was this time she started self harm as her self esteem plummeted wondering 'what's wrong with me?' The only clue we were ever given is when their elder dad went on service with my husband and commented "we're concerned about your daughters taste in music..."

    hyopocritical, judgemental, nasty, cliquey, awful people. Their Hallmark is love my ass, hallmark is judgementalism.

  • flipper

    Great comments everyone ! Thanks . Finally off of work so I can finish up page 3 and 4 replies.

    KAIK- So you got badgered for listening to your music also ? Seems to be a scenario that happened to a lot of us.

    CRAZY_FLICKERING_LIGHT- So Bethel made lots of rules about what music you listened to ? Glad I never went to Bethel- they'd have kicked me out the first month ! LOL.

    AFRIKANMAN- Glad to hear that you are into playing music and performing. Me too. I really enjoy it. Music is definitely a healer.

    APROCLAIMER- Yeah, whether it's rock, rap, or alternative it just seems that anything that's not classified " kingdom melodies " seems to be off limits in the GB's mind. The control that WT leaders wield over JW's is pathetic.

    TIKI- Yes indeed - I was really shocked when that " brother " got wigged out about the Moody blues. I mean they are a pretty mellow group as far as rock groups go - and pretty ignorant of him to say " Knights " in White Satin instead of " nights " in White Satin . Some people just have a screw loose I swear.

    DONE4GOOD- Great groups you are into Doors, Beatles ,Zeppelin , Hendrix love those artists ! Don't feel too bad- I initially got rid of my Zeppelin albums when the information came out in 1982- but like you I also re-purchased all the Zeppelin albums back once I saw the WT's counsel was a load of crap. So we are the winners in the end. WT leaders cannot take everything away from us- especially our music !

    TOES UP- Your mom hated the song " Lay Down Sally " ? What did she think Sally was doing ? What if Sally was just sleeping ? Doesn't Sally have a right to sleep ? LOL.

    BRANDNEW- Glad to hear that your parents were hippies and into cool music. I'm an ex-JW hippy type myself. Livin' life in the Northern Sierra mountains and lovin ' life !

    DJS- Man you've got that right ! GB and WT leaders are Dark lords if I've ever seen them.

    MARK OF CANE- I did see a lot of elders try to push or influence people to get rid of their music- including myself. I did get rid of some Zeppelin but bought all of their music back once I saw the lunacy of the WT Society's counsel. I swear the elders would try to control when we would pee or shit if we gave them a chance. Just ridiculous. I'm sorry that you were coerced to burn your albums- hopefully you bought them all back.

    IOWNMYLIFE- A JW wouldn't even say the word " cigarette " when he sang that Roger Miller song ? Now THAT is pretty fanatic. Sounds like you and your husband were harassed about your music as well. It's amazing how many of us experienced that treatment.

    NIHILISTIC JOURNEY- So your dad's elder friend would listen to a Rasta sing who smoked weed- but got on your case for listening to REM's " Losing your Religion " ? Yeah, sounds about like the way I saw hypocritical actions of elders go when I was a JW. By the way- I'm glad to see that you DID lose your religion ! LOL.

    NATHAN NATAS- Don't be too hard on yourself - we were all cult mind controlled " idiots " at one time. Blame WT leaders - not yourself.

    HEAVEN- So your dad threw your brother's Ozzy Osbourne album onto the ground ? That's pretty aggressive ! It's amazing how wound up tight elders and JW parents were about our music.

    UNDERCOVER- I was a teenager when you were I the 1970's as well and I remember lots of talks against the alleged " worldly " music. All the groups you mentioned I was really into and still am to this day. I was a rebel WITH a cause so I could keep my INDEPENDENT thinking going.

    JRK- You and me both my friend- we are both rebels. I always have been- I always will be.

    FREEMINDFADE- I remember talking with you about some of the music you played and how both of our families harassed us for our musical interests. It's just great to know that we have freedom of mind to pursue what the hell we want musically without having to answer to our cultish family members anymore.

    DESIGNER STUBBLE- Sounds like you had some nosy JW's come to your house checking out your music. It's amazing how intrusive and nosy JW's will get. They do not recognize personal boundaries for sure

    I'll be back later and answer page 4 responses . Thanks again ! Take care.

  • OneFingerSalute
    I was in a couple bands in the seventies, eighties, and nineties. I was always catching hell from pious JW's for performing songs like Hey Jude, Let It Be, If The House Is Rockin', Cocaine, Delia's Gone, Long Black Veil, Hurt, House Of The Rising Sun, and more than I can even remember. Counseled many times by JW's who were drunks, embezzlers, womanizers. . .
  • flipper

    Wanted to catch page 4 up before I go out of town to work for a couple days. Thanks again for any comments !

    VIDIOT- Yeah I was there as well in the 1980's when the GB put out these articles getting all panicked about alleged " demonic " messages in music. JW's were so paranoid back then, burning albums etc. WE have to blame WT leaders for that definitely.

    STEPHANE LALIBERTE- Indeed I saw a lot of hypocrisy in elders condemning OUR music when they acted a little strange as well. I was driving with an elder to go play baseball or tennis- I forget which in 1990 - and this elder in my passenger seat starts singing " I'm too sexy for my body, I'm too sexy for my body ! " I look at him like he's lost his mind and I think to myself - " and these are our " spiritual shepherds " ? Too weird.

    BETH SARIM- " Demons ? Blah, blah, blah " Exactly my sentiments. Elders were so nitpicky.

    TALESIN- Don't get me wrong- I think KISS was very entertaining - but personally not too talented musically I believe. But everybody is entitled to their opinions. LOL.

    IOWNMYLIFE- I agree if anything had " demonic " content it was Kingdom songs. They were just horrible - bad music !

    GREENHORNET- Good points you make. Music is kept on such small items now- teenagers can hide it anywhere. We weren't so lucky as teenagers. Oh my how times have changed ! I feel like such an old fart nowadays ! LOL.

    SPECTRE- Good point you make- a person can make an acronym out of anything they want to use. My good buddy who is a bass player- his favorite group is Rush. They are so good performing live I've seen them on DVD. Very talented group !

    TORNINTWO- Sorry to hear that your daughter was judged so harshly. That's what JW's and elders do- judge harshly. Nice to be away from all that judgmentalism now.

    NATHAN NATAS- Yeah I've heard rumors of Gene Simmons " family jewels " like how he's spread them around far and wide. Good for him. Hope he had fun and doesn't have any debilitating diseases. LOL.

    ONE FINGER SALUTE- Yeah, the double standards among JW's are incredible. One reason I don't ever play guitar or perform in front of JW's. I can do without the judgmental crap. I enjoy playing for people who enjoy music not judgmentally. Take care keep playing music bud

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