Did you get " Counseled " about the Music you Listened to While you were a JW ?

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  • flipper

    Hey Thanks for all the great comments and experiences ! Finally got a couple days off from work and business to reply to each of your comments. First though- here's another crazy experience back in 1982.

    As some might remember the WT had an article that talked about allegedly " demonic " elements in rock music, talking about listening to alleged " hidden messages " as some of you mentioned here. Even naming groups like Queen, Led Zeppelin, etc. to " beware " of. Really stupid controlling articles.

    Well- We were at this one couples house who had some albums from Earth Wind and Fire in which it had the two sided pyramids on it and the Egyptian alleged " male " fertility symbol - you know with the loop and cross and the vertical shaft . This was after we had already discussed the articles at the WT Study . Anyway- The JW husband picks up the Earth Wind and Fire albums and says to his wife, " Honey, Satan's been doing a RAIN dance in our house ! Look at these demonic symbols on the albums ! " Then he hurled his Earth Wind and Fire albums into the burning fire in their fireplace !

    The amount of unreasonable and needless fear that these WT articles caused was ridiculous. As some of you mentioned- then individual JW's started ratting each other out to elders and snooping in on their fellow JW's record collections. Almost like people started going on a freaking witch hunt in order to cross a person's musical and personal boundaries. Makes me so glad most of us here have escaped the JW cult

  • Vidiot

    I grew up seeing the "Satanic Panic" of the 80s and its effect on JW parents and their teenage kids.

    Damn, it got crazy... especially with regards to their attempts to burn vinyl records they thought were "demonic".

    Hello, guys, they were made of vinyl. Vinyl burns slowly (including the "Kingdom Melody" records :smirk:).

    And don't even get me started on their obsession with "backmasking"...

    ...God, I was relieved when CDs replaced vinyl as the mainstream format, simply because they couldn't be played backwards and the paranoid witch-hunters at the KH finally had to shut up about it.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I remember, back in the 90s, when I was a kid, I used to listen to rap. Than, in field service, an elder started lecturing me in the car about how bad of an influence these artists could have on me. Even if the lyrics had nothing wrong, their lifestyle was inexcusable and so on.

    Than, about 5 minutes into that conversation, I noticed that he had a cassette of Elton John. So I stopped him and said:

    "Wait a minute. Isn't Elton John a known homosexual? What about all that - buying their music is condoning their life style - speech?".

    Than the brother answered: "You know what, forget my speech, lets go do door 105."

  • flipper

    O.K. Page 1 responses first and I'll gradually get caught up here. Interesting discussion ! Keep the comments coming ! Thanks for your input !

    JUANDEFEIRO- Amazing that your parents let you listen to SOME rock music groups- but not others. Like they knew what they were talking about. And what the hell was the " brother " from Bethel talking about the song " Break on Through " meaning the flood of Noah's day ? I swear we can't make this stuff up- it's so bizarre !

    OUTLAW- Funny picture ! Thanks for sharing.

    JRK- Hey bro ! Nice hearing from you. I know you're a huge music fan like myself I bet you got harassed constantly. An elder got mad at you for listening to a song called " Constipated Duck " ? Perhaps he was having some " stuck up " issues himself and the theme was too personal for him ! LOL. You and OTWO are going to see Jethro Tull ??!! Oh I'm SOOO envious . I wish I could join you guys. Tull's one of my top ten all time favorite groups ! Have a great time ! I'll be there in spirit . Think of me when they sing " Aqualung " you know- " snot running down his nose ". " Watching the pretty panties run ". That's cool that your mom says " Rolling Rocks " for " Rolling Stones " - pretty good.

    144THOUSAND_AND_ONE- WT showed a film with the Sex Pistols on it ? What's the world coming to ? LOL.

    BLONDIE- Exactly what you say. We could show the elders and other WT powers that be countless proof that classical musicians were immoral or had bad habits- but they'd still try to deny it and put rock n' roll music down claiming all rockers are bereft of any morals. I know of quite a few rock artists like Donovan and John Paul Jones of Zeppelin who have been married to the same woman for over 40 + years now. WT leaders believe what they want to believe and deny what they want to deny. Did none of those elders ever watch the movie " Amadeus " ?

    SIR 82- I saw that a lot when I was a JW also- many C.O.'s bashing rock music from the stage at Circuit assemblies. I just thought they were crazy idiots. I ignored them.

    TALESIN- I'm glad to hear that you hid your music ! Smart young woman you were- and still are ! I truly believe listening to The Moody Blues, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin actually saved my life as well growing up as a JW teenager and assisted me to NOT lose my independent thinking ability. Like yourself- I was always a rebel at heart ( still am ) and I cannot stop railing against injustices. And I really believe that listening to not only rock music, but lots of Bob Marley and Reggae music solidified my resentment towards established religion, politics, and corporate corruption.

    FINKELSTEIN- Good points. Rock music IS a rebellion against injustices of society indeed. And my older parents too listened to Benny Goodman, Lawrence Welk and all the easy listening stuff of years gone by. Interestingly enough although my older dad hates rock music, even songs that I write- my 88 year old mom really enjoys rock music to a good extent and she loves the songs I write. Go figure. I guess one size doesn't fit all. LOL.

    BARROLD BONDS- So you experienced the strict counsel also in the 1990's ? Yeah a lot of rap and alternative was just coming into mainstream popularity then so I bet lots of young JW's got jumped on about it.

    BRANDNEW- Great for you to play " Wild Thing " pulling out of the kingdom hall. Good job ! I'm sure that got their attention ! LOL

  • flipper

    ON THE WAY OUT- Hey bud, good hearing from you. Yeah that's EXACTLY what the song " Radar Love " was about ! A guy missing his wife and then saying he and his lady have a " wave " in the air to connect them - thus " Radar Love " . I mean- The idiocy of fellow JW's I used to be around never ceased to amaze me ! I'm glad that you got back into your music exiting the Witnesses. Thanks for the youtube- good song.

    CLAMBAKE- Yeah, pretty funny. I basically looked at KISS as more of a comedy act than a legitimate musically talented band. Strangely enough they are still in the rock n' roll Hall of Fame. Shows how much the Hall of Fame voters know. When bands like Jethro Tull and The Moody Blues get bypassed for induction into the Hall year after year and bands of much less substance stumble into the Hall. Politics involved apparently.

    SISSYB- I'm so sorry that you went through such an embarrassing scene with your JW dad. You should have told him that Liberace was gay and if he watched any movies with Rock Hudson in them he was gay too so your dad would be supporting gay actors also - right ? The older generation JW's were basically so hypocritical it was ridiculous. I hope you later went on and bought your Elton John CD's again. He is a great singer and songwriter indeed.

    XELDER- You're hilarious ! LOL ! I'll take my chances that my eyeballs won't get picked out for listening to rock music ! LOL. I think Jesus would LOVE my rock music. Might even have dug some songs that I've written ! LOL. One fantasy I've had is to go incognito before a Circuit Assembly starts and sneak in the song " The Wall " CD by Pink Floyd just before the opening song replacing the Kingdom Song and play it over the loudspeakers so the JW audience would to have to listen to it . The words in that song are SO great to battle mind indoctrination. And then I'd sit there and watch everybody scramble around . A hidden fantasy of mine to do. On my bucket list.

    BARROLD BONDS- Yeah I've always seen the hypocrisy of people avoiding gay artists yet they'll listen to heterosexual immoral artists. What does it matter ? It doesn't.

    REPILLTWICE- Thanks. Yeah I think we've all had a story or two like this. I agree with you- we DO ALL have the right to listen to music of our choice indeed. I'm glad to hear that you are back to listening to the music you like. I can only imagine the witch hunts that went on in Bethel through Bethelites record collections. I'm glad we are free !

    SHIRLEY W- Imagine that ! A young JW that self regulates his own music collection ! Must have been the most boring kid on the planet ! LOL.

    DUCATIJOE- Yeah ! Meatloaf ! Bat out of Hell. Good song ! I hear Meatloaf did some acting gigs through the years as well-didn't he ?

    JRK- I'm getting this cool picture in my mind of you and OTWO bopping up and down in an open jeep in Nevada to the Whos " You Better You Bet " ! LOL. Were the coyotes howling along with you ?

    JWFACTS- The point you make is well taken. So appropriate. Usually the elders or pompous WT leaders who make the biggest stink about the music we listen to being immoral- are the ones who are secretly the most immoral themselves ! I've seen that many times in the JW organization.

    JEFFT- I'm glad to hear that you restored lots of your classic rock back into your collection again that was once thrown out. Music is certainly a healer- I don't know where I'd be without music.

    10THPLAGUE- I hope you were able to replace your Incubus album with a new one again. They made some really good music indeed.

    SPIRAL- I'm glad you were able to listen to your music unhindered for the most art and enjoy your teen years. I agree- teenagers today have it much easier if they want to download any music they want.

    SPECTRE- I'm glad that you had the courage to go see the music and concerts you loved in spite of the elders aggression towards you and your friends. The control over our lives was incredible ! Glad we are out man.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- So a MS gave you hell over having a Prince album ?Really weird. Especially since Price became a JW. It sounds like your parents were very strict on you listening to any non-JW music in your youth. My dad was very strict s well. But I still kept my record collection. Wasn't going to let him steal THAT away from me.

    LIEU- Good points- The Song of Solomon was pretty lurid- you know " her breasts are like date clusters " that kind of shit. They also spoke of getting aroused sexually so yeah the Bible is a more lurid book than a lot of the music we listen to ! LOL.

    FREEMINDFADE- I bet you did get harassed constantly. That time period when you were young and you came from an aggressive JW family like I did as well. I'm glad that you keep listening and playing music bro- never stop dude.

    PRAXIS- I agree. The JW power mongers are SO easily led into the " it's from Satan " trip that they put down music, movies, anything that doesn't originate inside the WT Society at all. They are totally paranoid.

    GREENHORNET- You had similar parents to my elder dad. Very strict. At least my dad didn't break my records ! Geez. Sorry your dad did that. Hopefully you've replaced your collection ! I'm glad you are the cool dad. 'm considered that too

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Demonic!!! Demonic!!! Blah, Blah. That's all I ever heard back in the 80's when listening to good rock like Metallica, DefLeppard, ACDC.

    Then,LOL, one weekend in early 90's we had a garage sale. With some of my early 80's ACDC cassettes for sale. A local elder dropped by for goodies. He saw some of the ACDC cassettes, he quickly lost his appetite and had a panic attack and left. At the time it was quite a sobering moment, but when you look back at 25 years later it was priceless.

  • talesin

    Speaking of K*I*S*S, did anyone mention that we were told it meant Knights In Service of Satan? Ahahaha!

    Gene Simmons, really? He's a financially astute man, who at a tender age, decided he wanted two things - money and lots of women. Looked around and said "ROCK AND ROLL!" It's as simple as that. Alice Cooper inspired him (as he tells it, with Paul Stanley) to go for theatre in a big way.

    And the biggest power-chord band was born. The first boy band? Um.. nope .. Jackson 5 and the Osmond Brothers are the usual ones we think of. But boy bands don't play instruments, and lol, they don't 'do' R&R.

    As for the Hall of Fame - that's all about politics, and it's Hollywood, mang. It's BS ........ I think K*I*S*S deserves to be there, because they helped to popularize glam rock (no, they are not great musicians nor song writers, but that's okay - music is not about the technical, it's about how you FEEL!). Should they have been inducted before the great ones like Deep Purple (we are not worthy) and Led Zep and a host of others? Hell, no. But you'll not find a better wheeler-dealer than Gene Simmons. He is a super intelligent man - lol, his wife is Canadian, he knows a smart gurl when he sees one (snaps to Shannon Tweed). Don't blame K*I*S*S, blame the establishment. They are just playing the game well.

    Beth Sarim - def leppard............mmmm! Love that band.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Is that not silly and ridiculous, that we should have to worry about performers' lifestyles being good enough for us to be able to enjoy their entertainment. It's not like we're going over to Ozzie's house and hang out and take dope with him.

    Music performance is a product like socks or hairspray, being sold for profits. What do I care what the profits support? I can't control what people do with their money.

    Remember those horrible kingdom song albums they tried to put over, where instead of just instrumentals they had a group singing kingdom songs and also a soloist. He was AWFUL, I mean sickening. But his lifestyle at Bethel was I'm sure so pure and irreproachable that jw's would be safe from demons while listening.

    i gave my copy to a sister who said she liked it, and didn't want me to pitch it.


  • greenhornet
    In my day back in the 60's and 70's Parents had to look for the record (vinyl).Some times they were hard to hide especially if you had a hundred or so. Now the kids have there music on the cloud.(itunes Pandora ETC).This is password protected now . Things have sure changed.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Talesin, one of my many "ALMOST claims to fame" is that I went to the same Jr. H. S. that Chaim Witz went to. Although he is less than one month younger than me, I think he was a year ahead of me in school. I didn't know Chaim for the same reason I didn't know anyone else in any of my schools - it was forbidden.

    Today I have great admiration for him; he has been far more successful than any of the JW kids I grew up with, he has his head screwed on straight and his family is awesome - far more so than most of the JW families I knew.

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