Did you get " Counseled " about the Music you Listened to While you were a JW ?

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  • brandnew

    THATS RIGHT DJS !!!!!!!

    Mad Puppy

  • MarkofCane

    Ya, when I got baptized later in life. I was around 21, I had left and went out into the world should of listen to my gut back then but instead I disowned myself and came back into the fold. Before I could get baptized, the elder who studied with me said I needed to get rid of everything that was contaminated by this world: music, books everything. So we went through my music. AC/DC, Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy, Judest Priest to name a few. I Invested a couple of hundred dollars mind you.

    He said," If you play them backwards there are subliminal messages promoting Satanism". Yup that's what he said. I was like "no way", I will throw them in the garbage right away. He said no last time someone did that they reappeared in there room or they cried out. He said we need to burn them. WTF.... so we made a small fire in the back yard and burned my music and books that he didn't approve of. I wish I was making this stuff up, because I sound pretty pathetic right about now. Did any of you ever hear anything like this? Probably should of started a new post.


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    At a "get together" once, a brother brought his guitar and music books, set up a mic. He tried to get everyone to sing with him while he played. Finally one gal got up there and they began to play King Of the Road. When they got to the part about ain't got no cigarettes, he wouldn't say the word. Instead substituted some mumbles.

    I thought How LAME is that!

    How is saying the word cigarettes going to hurt anything?!

    Last I heard, that guy's son left the org, came out as gay, maintains a "demonic" website, and the whole family being treated as lepers.

    The moral of the story is, don't ever sing at a JW party. One wrong word and we're all headed for Hell. lol!

    My husband and I were in our 30s when we were first contacted and studied. So no one ever actually came in our house and checked our record collection. But many times we were told that people with bible-trained conscience would not have rock music. Big hint for us to figure out what we should throw away that Jehovah wouldn't want us to have.

    Oh I remember a lot of talk about the Eagles Hotel California album, how evil it was.


  • Nihilistic Journey
    Nihilistic Journey

    My dads elder friend was a huge Bob Marley fan but had the nerve to complain about my REM tape because one song was called Losing My Religion and listening to that would make me atheist...wait he was right!!!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    In my own case, my excursion into Dub-automaton-ism was so complete that I was self-regulating*; when I heard the music of Led Zeppelin or Cream or The Doors or Jefferson Airplane, I *knew* it was demonic.

    "I was so much OLDER then, I'm YOUNGER than that now."

    *I am not proud of this; I was an idiot.

  • Heaven

    My Dad used to listen to our record albums (back in the day they were vinyl LPs for you youngsters).

    I was never counseled but my younger bro sure was. He had Ozzy Osbourne's "Speak of the Devil" album. My Dad was furious, throwing it on the ground. My bro said "Don't worry Dad, I am going to return it to the record store." And to himself he said "And I'm picking up the cassette tape."

  • undercover

    I remember as a teenager, way back in the 70s, during the era that the earth shattering news erupted that rock bands were putting subliminal lyrics into their songs, we had a circuit assembly that had a part on music.

    The speaker railed against all modern pop music, be it rock, soul, disco, even the standards like Sinatra. He specifically mentioned the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen and other bands that supposedly had subliminal messages in them. So subliminal you could hear them if you played the record backwards. I mean, duh, how subliminal is it, if it you can hear it just playing the record different...but I digress.

    While the elder ranted and raved about the evils of demonic music us youths were being led astray by, someone - I never figured out how it started, but we assumed it was someone connected to the program - started passing out lists of popular music acts/personalities, complete with reasons why 'true Christians' would not own records by these artists, or even listen to their music on the radio.

    All your tops of the pops were there: Beatles - drugs, sex, Maharishi; Stones - drugs, sex, sympathy for the devil; Zeppelin - drugs, sex, rocknroll; Doors - drugs, demonism; Queen: homosexuality

    But also listed were less conspicuous acts: Eagles - demonism (Hotel Calif); Earth, Wind & Fire - spiritism; and then there were singer/songwriters, like Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett, and even James Taylor. Why James Taylor, you ask? Well...I'll tell ya, and I ain't makin this shit up... young Mr. Taylor spent time in a mental health hospital. And you know what that means, of course. It's a doorway to spiritism and demonism. Yes, Fire and Rain is about demons and Country Road is actually the Highway to Hell. Carolina in his mind is obviously a demon named Carolina.

    Seriously, someone thought that because James Taylor sought out help, that his music was inspired by demons, and therefore unfit for Christians. And my parents bought it up, and made us kids purge our record collections.

    Stupid cult.

  • JRK

    I may be the only person to wear a Dead Kennedys tee shirt while rehearsing for a drama. I was always a rebel.


  • freemindfade

    My music era was the 90's and even though I listened to gangster rap, I mostly took heat for the alternative music of the time and the old stuff too.

    I had family members that spoke of all their scary experiences back when they used to listen to led zep. Funny i had all the stuff and no demons were summoned...

    Also was told that soundgarden, nirvana, alice in chains etc was depressing and would cause suicide. Shit... I think that music kept me from committing suicide being in a damn cult!

    metal, alternative and rap, I got the most crap over classic rock and alternative. Silly stupid cult.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Once while having some JW guests, they checked my CD collection while I was in the kitchen cooking their dinner and reported to the elders that certain music was not wholesome and that they were stumbled. One elder visited me and suggested that I should get rid of my hard rock and metal music. I said that was not happening, but that I knew who I would not be inviting to my house anymore. He then suggested that I should hide the stumbling music from sight...which sounded hypocryte to me.

    Shortley thereafter I was deleted when word got around that I has attended a certain hard rock concert. Their loss not mine...

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