A great suggestion from a current Bethelite on the chopping block

by Gilbeath Haaraloth 63 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • macys

    Ok so Gilbeath emailed me back after I PM'd him my email (Gilbeath is a man FYI) and the idea sounds like something that might work. It is going to be fun watching the pushback from the evil and discreet slave. It might even be the topic of a whole JDub broadcast. If you want to join then PM him here first and he will send you his private email. I am on board on this and so is my BF (you rock babe!!)

  • pbrow

    My blow up doll is completely transgender appropriate thank you very much! It also gets alot. of use. down in my cave. I really let the air out of it last night.... get it??

    Hey deej.. i really have no problem with you coming on strong on this newbie... even if I thought the horse may have been kicked a few too many times... but that is neither here or there. I was just commenting on the passivity that came across when he was trying to explain himself to you. Thus the suggestion to tell you to fuck off.

    What really reinforces the whole elder slur, is that you go on this pedantic lesson for all of us curmudgeon's about how valuable you are to this site and how you were actually on the phone with simon (omg!!!) bringing in the $$$. Once a publisher always a publisher... Im sorry not a lowly publisher... an Elder!

    Good on you for apologizing. You seem like a good guy!


  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    I think that what especially helped the elder anology was when DJS said that he was just trying to 'help' Gilbeath, but he 'needed to let him'.
  • Skedaddle

    @macys - ''If you want to join then PM him here first and he will send you his private email.'' errr, why can't he use PM on here to send the message???? Am I missing something here??? So he's collecting email addresses then???? For an anti-circumcision campaign list??? Have I got the wrong end of the stick? (pun intended!)

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