A great suggestion from a current Bethelite on the chopping block

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  • brandnew
    Gilead Harlot ??
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I had intended to leave this thread, but I feel I must reply to your posts " brandnew"

    In my opinion we have a new poster, and an O.P written to awaken our sympathies for " his" friend from bethel. Now posters on the thread are questioning the authenticity of the O.P. Personally I find my sympathy is with the new poster, and if he is genuine and not so tormented by these accusations I hope he rises to DJS challenge, and clarifies the authenticity of the O.P. Until then I personally feel it unfair to attack the new poster further.

    The Rebel.

  • brandnew

    @The Rebel........ ok

    Mad Puppy

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel
  • zeb

    Hey give the guy a chance to say his piece!

    but I feel his friend will fail in any effort to wake up the r&f en masse that is. But any book he writes if there is to be a book would be a further volume to the many works that tell it as it is and be therefore most welcome.

  • Gilbeath Haaraloth
    Gilbeath Haaraloth

    Actually my user name is indeed fictitious and it means "Mountain of Foreskins" in Hebrew. I chose that name fittingly as it is in the Bible and represents the mythical biblical story of Joshua. Needless to say, the whole bible is a collection of mythical tales compiled by bronze age goat herders, but you already knew that. My main cause for being here is to make people known to the dangers of circumcision, a barbaric ritual that has nothing to do with honoring god. If that offends anyone then please forgive me. That was not my intention! I only wanted to post a link to our partner's website and then I'll leave this topic alone.


    My second reason for posting today is in response to my friend getting the axe. Yes he is bitter. Yes he wants to get revenge although I advised against much of what he suggested because it will only ruin his life. I told him the best revenge he can get is to become successful and happy and make sure everyone know it. The only suggestion I agreed with is what I want to share with you guys and I told him that I will post it on an ex-JW website and see what the response is. If the reaction is positive then we should do it. If not then he needs to move on. That is all.

  • DJS

    The Rebel,

    Mr. Whore-a-lot has an opportunity. Let me state these facts again, for all of you who would otherwise buy the bridge I'm selling:

    He is a newbie who has been on this site for a month or less. We should expect, even demand, that newbies show a little proof and respect to this process. He hasn't.

    This is his 2nd post. The other post he made was a funny comment about dubs being brain dead. That's it.

    He has never introduced himself or told us anything else about himself.

    Miraculously, after a month he knows a soon to be ex-Bethelite that is going to go full apostate. Exactly the type of OP we will devour and exactly what we WANT to believe.

    His screen name is a double entendre. His avatar? I've not a clue WTF that is. Perhaps he has a mission in life to end circumcisions. I don't care. And if I did care, it wouldn't have a damned thing to do with this OP or any other OP that wasn't about ending circumcisions. That he would feel compelled to mention it in THIS OP is either part of the spoof or suggestive of someone with a severe case of OCD.

    And with chopping and more chopping, well ….

    Having said all of that, Mr. Harlot has a chance to redeem himself. We will welcome him with open arms if he provides a salient, rational argument and establishes some bona fides.

    I change nothing. And about that bridge I'm needing to sell . . . . . .

  • Stealth

    Did Johnny finally get the boot?

  • Gilbeath Haaraloth
  • Gilbeath Haaraloth
    Gilbeath Haaraloth
    Please see my above post. I'll drop the whole anti-circumcision rant if you wish. I'm only asking you give me your opinion on something. That is all. Also I don't really have much of a back story to tell you guys other than fading away and being inactive for a few years. What can I tell you? I read Crisis of Conscience, connected the dots and came to the conclusion that I was in a cult. The more research I did the more evident it became and it was clear why they tell us not to do our own research. The internet is exposing the frauds in Brooklyn. S. Lett is not only a real life Ahole he is a dangerous individual. Again I think you already knew that.

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