3rd generation born-in. Baptized at 15. Faded and physically left at 19yrs old. Saw too many things and experienced awful, tragic things. Lost people along the way. Knew it wasn't a loving, healthy environment and something was wrong but was still indoctrinated and lived with huge guilt and anguish for the next 8 years as an inactive. Woke up through educating myself about many, many topics which made me see it was a bag of shit before i started to take a good look at the org. And when i did it was laughable. Now i'm angry that my family are still in and refuse to wake-up, bringing new lives into this disaster of a cult. I'm here to keep tabs on what's going on. Hoping the goddard inquiry and the surrounding news about cases etc. will release the brainwashed state my family are in. I'm in a different country to them now, so it makes it difficult. One whiff of a chance that my mother could be attacked on that stupid fucking cart and i'm kidnapping her! I hope there's no physical backlash from the ignorants on the street whilst the inquiry goes on. I've been out for nearly 20 years but still i can't get rid of this bloody cult because my loved ones are still in. It's torture!