A great suggestion from a current Bethelite on the chopping block

by Gilbeath Haaraloth 63 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • notsurewheretogo

    It has been so long for a funny thread on here, what was the name of that cross-dressing black singer who claimed he was the Messiah? He was fun...

    Whilst this is all a bit weird...my gut tells me DJS has a point...

    Circumsion? What's wrong with it in adulthood? Is it only getting it done as a child you oppose? I "chose" to get it done when I was an adult and am very happy I did so!

  • DJS


    I'm not offended. Actually, I make it a point to rarely if ever be offended. As the bible says, the taking of offense rests in the bosom of the stupid one. (sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut).

    Can you possibly, for just a moment, stop thinking and acting like a victim???? Huh, can you?

    Not everyone who tells you warm fuzzy things is your friend and not everyone who tells you things directly that might sting a bit is your enemy.

    You absolutely knew the response this OP would get. If not, you aren't smart enough to leave your home. So don't. And yet there is absolutely no substance whatsoever to this OP, other than switching to something of interest to you.

    We, and when I saw we I mean me, have wasted a lot of time trying to get you to understand. It appears to be an effort in futility. Carry on Gilreath. You are probably a good egg.

  • Gilbeath Haaraloth
    Gilbeath Haaraloth
    Ok DJS you win. Everything I wrote was a joke including my username. Delete this whole thread and forget it ever was posted. Good day sir.
  • notsurewheretogo

    Gilbeath is now happy that DJS has proved to him/her that all of us are bitter, mentally diseased apostates! Lol

  • DJS


    You are addicted to being a victim. A number of us shared the same concerns. I just put it into words. But you couldn't bring yourself to make that one appropriate response because you are the Queen of Victimization.

    Your making this about me ignores the obvious fact that the manner in which you presented this OP raised concerns for a lot of us.

    Notsurewheretyouraregoing, but it is not applicable to this OP, which smelled from the outset. Pointing that out is all I have done. Gilreath had numerous opportunities to explain, but he keeps stumbling over the victim mats he has scattered about his computer. And his house. And his life.

    I'm not trying to 'win', I'm trying to help him, but he has to let me.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Dear Gilbeath:

    I'm sorry about DJS coming in and derailing the thread. I can understand his initial response to a degree, but after that it just appears to be his pride getting the better of him: he already stated his assessment of you and he HAS to be right to save face. Whether or not that assumption of mine is true, there is no excuse for his name calling and insults. Just plain rude and unnecessary. I am very interested in your friend's idea and you can PM me if you can.

  • JRK


    You are a dick, but on this thread you are truly out-dicking yourself.


  • DJS
    I'm wounded.

    For 2 1/2 years I have intentionally offended every brain dead, every hysteric and every delusional narcissist on this site. I deserve, no - I have earned - more than 12 Dislikes (see above). I guess I will just have to keep working harder.

    As for this OP, I haven't derailed it. You can find it here: Circumcision and Jehovah's Witnesses - a personal account with research

    This is the worst OP I can recall. All flash, intentionally designed for attention, without any substance. To this point the evidence strongly suggests said soon to be ex-Bethelite is a figment of Gilreath's imagination. Until such time that substance is provided, a lot of us - not just me - are unconvinced. All I've done is provide a public service to the forum, but public service typically is so under-appreciated. Perhaps it's because the announcements are often made at 3 a.m. on our tv and we miss them. But I know it is appreciated nonetheless.

    You are welcome.

    If anyone is going to drone on and on for no other reason that attention seeking narcissism, it's going to be me.

    So many of you are well intentioned but misguided (do you serve fries with that?). Gilreath, like a lot of other posters, has a serious victim complex, which I pointed out. All you placaters are doing is enabling him in his victimization, which is almost certainly hurting his life, career and relationships. The victim complex and attention he is seeking for it are likely motives behind the entire premise of the OP.

    If Gilreath applies just this one thing from this OP, his life is likely to improve immeasurably. You are welcome Gilreath.

    But I must protest. I'm not a dick. I'm an ass. If I was a dick, (is that sounding too gay?? not that there's anything wrong with that) I would say something in closing like: "Have your pets spayed and neutered." But I'm not a dick, so I won't say that.

  • flamegrilled
    That's funny cos I was reading through this thread thinking I should post that DJS is an ass. But he beat me to it.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Don't delay, lets vote is DJS a "dick " or an " ass"?

    As a " misguided but well intentioned poster " I will reply with my "no skill and no talented " answer DJS is a "dick". But having had DJS communicate and respond to many of my threads I am not totally convinced. In fact i wouldn't even call him an ass. But don't take my word for it, read his post history, there is no limit to the great and thoughtful comments he has given. And I do appreciate it...thanks

    The Rebel.

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