Will #metoo have an affect on forcing changing attitudes at Watchtower?

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  • eyeuse2badub

    Hopefully women will wake up and leave the borg! And start a movement!


    just saying!

  • Wakanda

    Get your barf bag ready for trigger words:

    It will not affect Watchtower. Followers are trained to think that this is yet another proof that this old system needs to be destroyed. The thinking is either: 1. "Look at the poor women trying to be treated kindly, too bad they aren't JWs and get the honor they deserve" or 2. "Stupid feminism, those women should shut up." I think some JW men think along the lines of the latter, but talk the talk of the former to sisters.

    Twice I heard from elders that "sisters are falsely accusing brothers of rape". It was 200 miles apart from each other and I suspect they learned it from their elders school.

    However, I believe some who have been poorly treated (understatement!), and who are finding commiseration with the #m3t #metoo movement may start to find EXJW stuff and find freedom. I think it is important for EXJWs to tell their #metoo story, so people are aware.

    I wish I could be more optimistic!

  • ttdtt

    The bible is largely a document created to suppress women and sexuality.

  • Phoebe

    I'm going to say something on the #metoo movement because I joined it and feel quite strongly about it

    I was an incredibly naive little witness pioneer girl. Shy, quiet. So innocent. In my first part time job at 16, I worked in a warehouse and on a daily basis had to fight off the assistant manager who would pounce on me when no one was around with arms like an octopus and a tongue aiming for my mouth It was horrendous. I was terrified of him. I had to quit in the end.

    That left me with no job so I prayed and prayed that I would get a new job so I could keep pioneering and eventually one came my way. Part time in an office. Jehovah had answered my prayers! First afternoon I was there, alone in the office, typing, and the next thing I knew the boss (a horrible old man with a hairy face) dragged me from my chair and tried to kiss me. I was devastated. God had answered my prayer like this??

    It happened again at another job. I had to fight off the boss's son at that one. It seemed everywhere I went I was fair game and no one on earth could have looked less worldly than me. I was a shy, quiet teenager who wouldn't say boo to a goose and dressed beyond modestly

    In my early twenties, I moved to London and was twice exposed to on the train.

    I got a job in a big office in London and the men there were completely lecherous. If you complained about their behaviour you were told you were 'frigid' and 'they were only having a laugh'

    Yes, this was 60s/70s Britain and women were fair game and these are just some of my experiences.

    And were we safe in the K.Hall? You'd think. But guess what? In my congregation in London we had an elder, ugly old git, who would sidle up to me and whisper in my ear 'I wouldn't mind waking up to you in the morning'

    I thought I was the only one he did it to, turns out he was doing it to all the young sisters!

    Women have had to put up with this kind of behaviour forever and although there is a danger of a witch hunt and every man being classed the same, it's important people realise what some of us have had to deal with in or out of the truth.

    The sad thing is, as a woman growing up in the WT, it never occurred to me I had a voice. I always just accepted being poorly treated as if it was part of being a woman.

    Rant over :)


  • zophar


    Quite a story you have to tell. It is exactly people in your position that tell the most compelling stories. A working woman trying to make a living being exposed to lecherous men. What you a disgusting experience to live through.

    I hope at the very least the recent exposing of some real asshats who felt entitled will make some difference.

  • Diogenesister
    JWfacts I can't understand how sisters do not feel unfairly treated, and see it as being an out of date boys club. I guess the ones that do feel strongly enough are the ones that leave.
    I always say that it was the story of Rutherford's life that was the tipping point for me in leaving the Org. But truthfully, I was at the stage where I couldn't accept these arrogant and often callous men lording it over women for whom they were not fit to tie their shoelaces.
    Interesting, too, that the two men who essentially began the religion treated their wives appallingly, and if those very wives had spoken out about their lives of mistreatment ,perhaps no one would have taken their husbands claims of being chosen by God seriously.
  • scratchme1010
    Will #metoo have an affect on forcing changing attitudes at Watchtower?

    No. At best, they will try to find a way to use it to push their nonsense to people.

  • Simon
    Women have had to put up with this kind of behaviour forever

    Well, putting up with it is one choice. I think reporting it is a better option.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2


    I was thinking something similar. the #metoo is one component, but there is definitly something int he zeitgeist that I think will hold up past just this moment in time. I think overall, women may feel more empowered, and men more......I guess.......concerned with liability? (sad but true).

    But I don't think it translates to a womans role in the religion. They will roll out something about having clearly defined roles and "dignifying" women has ALWAYS been what they are about.

    "Why women are a large army for Jehovah. They usually take the lead in our preaching and teaching work! They are to be commended as fellow workers along side their male counterparts. We value our sisters immensely! What a difference from the world, where women have been repeatedly harassed and powerful men brought to bear for not recognizing the capable woman."

    ^^^^^Some BS like that.

  • Stirred

    I'm middle aged and have had my share of stories in the workplace growing up, though not in the congregation where I was always married and kind of on the outs for having an inactive husband and being a corporate working woman who did much indirect service vs. formal due to travel. IMHO, not all leave for the mysogony and male tripping that goes on. Many reasons as to why. Coming from environment I did, I was ripe for the setting as I look back. It was actually the interactions with women that played a greater roll in my waking up to injustice than the silly men I encountered. Seeing it third hand is powerful. Reading the stories of others' experiences resonated for me as I tend to ignore my treatment I always just waived those imperfect ones caught up in their power. Rutherford stories certainly opened my eyes wide. The whole enchillada is getting over ripe and likely stimulating further cognitive dissodence which troubled me since nearly day of my studies till one day I could no longer ignore it.

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