Will #metoo have an affect on forcing changing attitudes at Watchtower?

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  • jwfacts

    Despite decades of the feminist movement, Watchtower's attitude of woman being inferior has changed little, with Pauline sexism justified as inspired, on the basis that women are lesser emotionally, intellectually and physically. Jehovah's Witnesses seem to accept this with little resistance.

    Is there anything about the #metoo movement that may wake followers up? Although it focusses on sexual harassment, discussions also focus on other gender issues, such as pay inequality. Are Watchtower followers going to find these discussions compelling enough to recognise that Watchtower sexism is unacceptable?

  • sparrowdown

    Some may think twice, but, many women in the org will argue that WT and the Bible encourages true respect for women and "subjection" is relative and "spiritual" only. That women are honoured and protected by the arrangement.

    To be honest I worry about this "metoo" movement becoming a witch hunt where presumption of innocence is dispensed with in favor of salacious heresay. Also in the long run what will be the outcome? I know many will disagree with that concern and that's fine feel free but I have my reservations about where it's all heading.

  • waton

    As you are deeply familiar with a matriarchal society, the coming posts should have neutral treatment by you.

    Humanity seems to have been struggling for a long time how to fit the aggressive sexual nature of males into an acceptable harness, and a new standard in western societies seems to tip into a total reversal, where it is only the female that is allowed to show readiness to get the ball rolling on the gentlest of slopes. Joseph's story a precursor of that. (slave ordered to a command performance).

    I would be very surprised if there is a recent "brother Weinberg" in the closets of the wt hierarchie. But yes, there is at least one female in my immediate family that has been seriously propositioned in bethel. Never a thought of me too ing that.

    This question of yours would not involve minors, therefore not have a criminal / police dimension. so, keeping them hushed up, would be so much easier. Theocratic me-tooers would not exist.

  • sparrowdown

    WT itself will probably take the opportunity to pat themselves on the back for how well they treat their women.

  • Drearyweather

    I doubt it will have an effect.

    Most of the wives of the Elders and MS and the corporate big-shots of the Watchtower are happy with what they are and play a crucial part in supporting their husbands in the JW org.

    Also, a greater percentage of Pioneers in the JW world are women.

    Taking these factors, instead of changing the WT doctrines, i feel that JW women are forefront in enforcing these doctrines.

  • zeb

    SparrowDown. I agree. There was a case that reached court here in Australia where the accused was found guilty on various charges not on others where one accuser was found to have not even been present at the time of her accusation which was a complete fabrication. She was put up to it by a Womens magazine.

    • So in the proceeding she was revealed as a liar and should have been charged with perjury. She was not.
    • Another coloured a lot of what she had said so there was a gross element of doubt in her story.

    We have seen the results of any woman who steps fwd and makes an accusation against anyone. It was called the ARC.

  • VW.org

    Here is a story of a #metoo exjw. Listen to the reply at the end from the borg.


  • _Morpheus

    “meetoo” isnt a movement, let alone one that would cause any change within the cult.

  • jwfacts

    5 hours ago5 hours ago

    WT itself will probably take the opportunity to pat themselves on the back for how well they treat their women.

    Yes you are probably right, same as how the child abuse reports lead them to saying how much better they handle this than any other organisation.

    I can't understand how sisters do not feel unfairly treated, and see it as being an out of date boys club. I guess the ones that do feel strongly enough are the ones that leave.

  • ttdtt


    Wait, you were seriouse:)

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