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  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Steel I have done enough research to see that all scholars can agree that early Christianity was Unitarian. Trinity has nothing to trace thier religion back to before the 4th century.

  • baker


    If you only been looking at JW,s for 2 weeks, you should watch this brother JT who can explain a lot of the past and why you need to be weary of what the love bombing you are now receiving is a cover for what is to come

  • azor

    A Believer I just hope you don't have kids or are planning on having them. You would be denying them of the very freedom you enjoy at this moment.

  • shepherdless

    Welcome, A Believer,

    I don't believe in the Trinity either, but for very different reasons. Out of interest, what is your interpretation of Matthew 28:19?

    On a general note, I sense you are testing what you have learnt so far. This is good, and the bible says you should examine everything carefully (1 Thessalonians 5:21). In that regard, you might want to check www.jwfacts.com for some further information.

  • Listener

    A Believer, The site that you gave me the link to are run by a nasty bunch of people who had this to say

    Completely nutters. Apostates themselves are the reason I find apostasy repulsive. I would have avoided apostasy to begin with due to my strong sense of loyalty, like avoiding extramarital sex out of loyalty, but when the one trying to tempt you to fornicate is a diseased, shriveled transvestite with scraggly hair, a beard and talks like Harvey Fierstein and cusses like a sailor, it's pretty easy not to be tempted unless you're one yourself. That's how repulsed I am by apostates."

    They also accuse Ray Franz of being behind the 1975 fiasco.

    You said that a lot of what ex JWs say on the internet is not true, could you please provide a list of these?

  • baker

    Just wait till you find out all the lies about 1914, don't trust the internet, but get their own publications(if you can find any before 1995) and look from their own words that state that The generation of 1914 will not pass away...its been 112 years and now they are saying overlapping generation...do you know anyone alive from 1914 that lived thru it ? Be honest and start questioning, or just watch the video above from JT who preached it for years.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Watch out. Most here started as you, BELIEVERS.

  • Heartsafire

    JWs are not the only "Christian" group that goes door-to-door. I have had mormons come to my door as well as two other people from nearby churches. All of the massive evangelical mega-churches send missionaries all over the world. So, if you feel that JWs are the only true Christians because they go door-to-door preaching, then you are sadly mistaken because they are not the only ones who do this.

  • smiddy

    A Believer , welcome to the forum

    .Phil: 2:9 -11,the name of Jesus is to be exalted above every other name ,in heaven and earth and under the earth .(including the name Jehovah)

    Acts 11:26 Followers of Jesus Christ were by Divine Providence called Christians ,take note "by Divine Providence" followers of Jesus were to be called Christians , not Jehovahs Witnesses.

    The name Jehovah in the New Testament does not belong their as the four letters representing the name of God does not appear in the New Testament according to the WTB&TS `s own publication ,the KI of The Christian Greek Scriptures.

    Do a bit more in-depth study my friend.

  • A Believer
    A Believer

    Baker the video you posted about JT I can tell you I noticed he was misguided right away.

    The JW still teach that some would be left from 1914 that make it over. Just google "this generation JW.org" and you will find the article that says it.

    JW I've never heard that they said they were picking out the sheep from the goat. Just to teach them, they have thier own free will and it's thier choice to believe or not.

    And we still stay netuarl on war. If a war happened tomorrow and thier was a draft I'd go to jail before I would go to war. It's the same way it's always been

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