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  • punkofnice
    believer - I'm not ashamed. Like I said I don't technically qualify.

    Oh, by the way, I rose from the dead. I was dead for 3 days and god brought me back.

    I bet you don't believe me, do you?

    But it's true. Honest. A Nigerian bank promised me millions of pounds if I gave them money to secure it.....guess what happened........

  • tepidpoultry

    God didn't bring me back, I brought MYSELF back!! Well there is still a little difference of opinion on this point,

    I'm confused,

    But I'll tell you this:

    If you don't BELIEVE you will BURN forever, or you and family will die at Armageddon in a number of really nasty ways (except by flood, I'M SORRY I TELL YOU I'M SORRY)

    Because I am a very angry TODDLER, I mean

    Because I AM GOD and

    I AM LOVE and

    You are a poopy face

  • roberto avon
    roberto avon

    A Believer, what do you mean by;" I have studied the trinity "?

    If you mean you have read a " wts book " about the trinity this is NOT STUDYING but reading "NONSENSE".

    Did you study Plato, Tertullian, Lohse, Fortman, Giustinian, Antenagoras???? If you don't have any skills just read jwfactscom..

    The word trinity isn"t the bible? Nor governing body, 1914, jehovah's witnesses etc.

    In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, ever thought of that??

    By the way;" I couldn't care less who is right but since the Jws say that you shouldn't believe in the trinity, most probably ( for Christians ) the trinity is the TRUTH, because Jws are always ( almost ) wrong.

    Just get baptized as a Jw ( in the name of the father, the son... ) but remember;" Jws are always wrong ".

  • JWdaughter

    So, after having the WT give you perspective your entire life, you objectively study "religion" for a couple of weeks and come to the conclusion that the WT has the truth? That's credible.

  • pbrow

    I would not be surprised if believer has left this thread but hopefully not the site.

    Troll or not, intentional or not... When I was starting to question things 7 years ago, these are exactly the types of threads i pored over. I spent months looking for exactly these types of threads.

    It is completely obvious the exhausting amount of work that has been put into the thoughtful posts by our members here. Posts that are so easily dismissed or just outright ingnored. When questions are posed and just downright ignored, it made me realize that they just have no legs to stand on.

    post away believer... You are helping more than you could ever know


  • Finkelstein

    Ignorance follows irrationality

    When people accept ancient mythology (Bible) as fact rather than fiction,

    they become objectionable toward rationality, this is also their spirituality

  • megaboy

    I will say this. That "Two powers in Heaven" book is VERY close.

    Unknowingly, I actually said something similar to what the Messiah said regarding the same topic.

    "You are not far from the Kingdom of God"

    This is in response of the scribe deceptively spinning the words in the Greatest commandment, claiming that the God of heaven was "one". Mark 12:32-33 I think is his response where he adds in "One".

    But its interesting those so called rabbis who developed the foundation of that book couldn't solidify the answer. The ancient Hebrew language pretty much gives them the answer to that mystery.

  • AmIright

    old thread of your but still...how can one speak for god and how he says do this yet turn a century later and say do this instead? god isn't perfect? jks god is null and void on all accounts. we are not proof

  • AmIright

    also the trinity is always explained wrong. the trinity is 3 aspects of 1 god.... it is still 1 god. lol noob

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    A Believer ยป Heartsafire they may go door to door. But do they make it a global work and do it all over? And is it the truth?

    You'll find that every religion has a theology, Believer, and a reason for believing. Speaking for Mormons, since I am one, we have doctrines, archeologists, professors of ancient scripture, historians, anthropologists, geologists and theologians. And we have an apologetics arm that defends our beliefs. Not everyone looks at the scriptures and sees them the same way, and to study other religions you have to be willing to be more objective in the way you see things. And you have to ask yourself if a just God would condemn all religions but yours to destruction, and by that I mean the people.

    Man is imperfect and he errs. Too many religions condemn others while quietly (and some, not so quietly) excusing themselves from His wrath against others. As an outsider, I see nothing in your religion to distinguish it from any other manmade religion. Your leaders have never seen God, nor have they heard from him either directly or through heavenly emissaries. How would they know that Jesus accepted them in 1918, or that he came invisably in 1914? In Jesus' parable of the blind guides, neither the leaders nor the followers "see." How can a blind man therefore lead another blind man without both falling into the pit?

    I've asked many Jehovah's Witnesses how their religion can act in God's name if they've never heard from God. So far, no one has been able to explain it. I respect you for coming here to defend your faith, but we all have differing beliefs and we're all subject to making errors in judgment. The GB has said it's neither inspired nor is it infallible in its doctrine and teachings. Ultimately I believe each person will be judged by what they sincerely believe in their hearts. The JWs do their people a disservice, I think, in keeping them on a short leash and forbidding them from reading "apostate" materials (any materials not in line with their thinking). I'm glad you're at least testing your faith and hope you stick around.

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