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  • A Believer
    A Believer

    I'm not ashamed. Like I said I don't technically qualify. I just read Bakers entire long post and seen nothing wrong. Just him trying to twist everything they say into his own narrow views. JW teaching they are the only true means they are flexing thier muscles and are evil? Like...what?

    Signing up was a bad idea. Jehovah said some would leave. He can't lie...so thier is no changing anyone here's mind.

  • Sanchy

    so thier is no changing anyone here's mind

    A Believer, almost all of us were JWs, so we are all well aware of their doctrine, in fact, probably more so than many of the current rank and file JWs. At some point in each of our lives, we were able to take a step back, analyze the facts about the religion and determine that the evidence against it outweighs the evidence for it.

    If you haven't already visited JWFACTS.com, I invite you to at least analyze this one article, that briefly explains why it is NOT "the truth".


    Jehovah said some would leave. He can't lie.....A Believer

    The name Jehovah is a 13th century translation mistake made by a Catholic monk..

    Jehovah`s Witnesses should ask Watchtower..

    To send the Catholic Pope a Thank You Card,for giving your Religion and God a Name..


    Your Welcome WatchTower!!
    Image result for happy pope

  • ToesUp

    A believer. You are right there is no changing people's minds. We have all been abused and who knows you may be back one day when you too have had enough abuse. So many sad stories of ruined lives on this forum. Sign off ....JW is where you belong. Good luck!

  • baker


    Here is the link I meant to post from JT. Here he admonishes newly one,s like you that you are not supposed to even be here! You have been warned by talks and others not to associate, yet you are here. If you listen to just 3 minutes , you will see that he was right, he is actually telling you to leave, because that is what is taught at any kingdom hall. As a gifted speaker, he was trained by the best at Bethel and was one of their prized leaders.

  • ToesUp

    Great post baker. Why is Watchtower so worried about those who leave? Shouldn't there teachings speak for itself? If you had the best product on the market, you would not have to worry about those who may not like the product. The amount of people who buy and use the product would morph the ones who diss it. What is WT worried about? That you will find the truths about them. The only way they can protect themselves is to continue to use the shunning policy. Emotional blackmail to get you friends and loved ones back. Pitiful and abusive!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    A Believer, I have not read through the responses so if someone has already said this it bears repeating. The Jehovah's Witnesses are a dictatorial religion that usurps Jesus' place as an intermediator from the Biblical perspective (BTW I'm not Christian).

    It's all about glorifying the Watchtower as God's sole channel of communication. Listen carefully at their meetings and you'll pick up on their blasphemies. Their memorial service is about the best example I can think of. A meeting where no one partakes of the wine and crackers except an elite few which you would hardly fine in most congregations. In the real world of Christianity everyone partakes just as Jesus told his disciples.

    This elitism of theirs is an insult to their god. In effect they're being told that they are not saved.

  • baker
    If your product is so outstanding, say like an iPhone 7, people recognize that it is worth buying and stand in line to get it. However if your product is defective say like a Timeshare, where there are deceptions involved, it takes a sales force and a lot of arm twisting, along with giving freebies (love bombing), just to get one out of 4 to sign up for the defective product. In addition, after the purchase, you find out the Timeshare is basically worth only 10 cents on the dollar and want out. You realize you were scammed and find sites like this, where you can vent to other like minded purchasers...
  • out4good4

    12 Pages......

    You guys sure are gluttons for punishment!!!!!!

  • tepidpoultry

    The dust is now settling on this thread,

    The JWs are experts at polemics,

    With a sick twist,

    A good defense lawyer will fight for his client with every argument true or false,

    Painting his client in the best possible light,

    The problem and the difference with JWs

    Is that they now believe their own dreck,

    Nothing in life ESPECIALLY religion is this black and white,

    Deep down inside I believe they know this too,

    But there's great honor, whether in a service car are at a door (why do you think they're in twos) to win each mini crusade/argument,

    You do know they congratulate each other when the door closes?

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