Mass Shooting at Kingdom Hall in Hamburg, Germany

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    & when the Borg becomes more and more extreme on dealing with mental illness and elder abuse, these kinds of tragic events are compounded & more widespread

    Clearly, the Borg is it's own worst enemy.

  • FedUpJW

    @Freemail - re: your post 21 hours ago.

    How very grown up and intelligent your comment makes you seem.

    By the way. . .that was sarcasm. So now even a fucking idiot like you can understand!

    Sometimes I get irritated and let it show. My apologies to the rest of you members here.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ""Sometimes I get irritated and let it show. My apologies to the rest of you members here. ""

    Thanks FedUP, appreciate that.

    I'm sure Simon's on here moderating things.

    Anymore obnoxious posts or flaming like that,,,I'm going to refer that to Simon.

  • Pierre1974

    It is very clear that this individual was an absolute nutcase with mental problems.

    This is not only clear from his previous comments that document his narcissism. Here is additional evidence.

    Please consider all of these statements from him:

    - He demands 250000 bucks DAILY.

    - "the best book of all time"

    - "a new standard book next to the Bible and Koran. A book which will also be valid in a 100-year's time"

    - "Philipp Fusz is the first person since the event, who actually can explain everything and opens up the door about the secrets Jesus Christ has spoken. It is a true historic milestone, which will go down in history for sure."

    - He claimed that angels listen to him personally: "Furthermore, I would like to thank the angelic audience and especially my angelic fans"

    - He claimed that he had nightmares and prophetic dreams, that God revealed himself to him personally and that he visited hell for three years: "Dreams and even nightmares suddenly come back into life and are followed by inspirations (including prophetic visions) of various kinds, which are confirmed shorty afterwards. It seems as if God has shown himself personally [...] The author went through a personal journey to hell, lasting over three years."

    - He explained the Yugoslav wars, the Vietnam War, WW2 and WW1 as God and Christ fighting Satan. Russia supposedly invaded Ukraine to free Ukrainian sex workers. Also, Women should just be decoration for him. [I lost my Screenshot on this point unfortunately.]

    - He thought Adolf Hitler was God's instrument.

  • Pierre1974

    We don't know if he got out in autumn of 2021 or was only kicked out this week for apostasy. He has many disagreements with the Watchtower:

    - He never called God Jehovah in his book, he only used YHWH one single time.

    - He claimed Satan was on the second place after God in the universe until Jesus' earthly mission. This contradicts Watchtower theology that says that Jehovah created Jesus first and then created everything else including angels and Satan, making the Logos the Firstborn since the beginning, not Satan.

    - He believed in the cross.

    - He claims God's direction on a higher level than the Governing Body.

    - His appraisal of Hitler contradicts Watchtower teachings that all politicians are controlled by Satan, not God. And Jehovah's Witnesses were put in concentration camps under Hitler, so if he was God's instrument, Jehovah's Witnesses couldn't have been.

    - According to him, God acts bestially contrary to most Christian theology.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    "If you talk to God, you are praying, if God talks to you, you have schizophrenia."

  • gavindlt

    I have just finished reading his book. It was so sad to recognise how his every premise was based on skewed teachings.

    His view of God and Jesus was that both were vengeful.

    It made sense that perhaps he saw himself as such, an avenger.

    In his book he believed God revealed dreams and interpretations to him.

    It felt like this could be his retribution guided by his view of his reference to cruel higher powers.

    So sad. Another life and lives ruined!

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Welcome Gavindlt.

    Yes, lots of lives ruined, where was Jehovah when he could have been protecting all of his devoted, hard working and long suffering followers?


  • BluesBrother

    I was intrigued by the anonymous letter sent to the police.. Of course I don’t know but to me it smells of an elder-body tactic, to do the right thing but not be held accountable for any comeback.

    Whoever wrote it ,they must be feeling bad for not coming forward with any specific threats made, which would have given the police something to act along.

    It is terribly sad for those poor people killed or injured in all innocence.

  • smiddy3

    I agree with you BB ,I `m of the opinion that it was one of those Elders that the perpetrator had a grudge against that thought he should notify the authorities ,but didn`t have the balls enough to sign his name to the anonymous letter sent.

    The police couldn`t act upon it because it was an anonymous letter .

    SHEESH !

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