Major congregational quake in Southern California

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  • Crazyguy

    I don't think moving to a mostly internet religion would work for them. Religions need people to congregate, this is the way you keep sheeple sheeple. Herd animals need to stay in the herd. If a herd animal doesn't have a herd then there less likely to just follow along and may even start thinking for themselves. This could never happen!

  • Hecce

    My focus on this thread was So Cal, speaking with friends it seems like is happening all over. I don't know what the true intentions are but one thing that I can say is that here locally the loss of some KHs in poor neighborhoods is going to affect the most needed tremendously.

  • sir82

    the loss of some KHs in poor neighborhoods is going to affect the most needed tremendously.

    "KHs in poor neighborhoods" = "cheapskate freeloaders who take literature and don't pay up, and are more trouble than they are worth" (in the POV of the GB)

  • bohm

    BTW, Hecce, thanks for posting the info. I hope you can provide more detailed information later when it becomes available.

  • Hecce

    Thanks and will try.


    It is sad, but it seems that way about the poor.

  • Crazyguy

    Maybe they'll be moving people in to the Kingdom Halls in those poor neighborhoods and then selling the Kingdom Halls in the rich neighborhoods for more $$$$$$$$$$$

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    crazyguy - I was thinking the same thing. I can imagine the reaction that would bring! Near where I live, I can envision one hall that sits in a very nice neighborhood getting sold and having some of the members moving to the KH I go to. That one is not in a valuable commercial area whereas the one in the nice neighborhood is in such an area. I'm predicting that hall will be sold in the next year or two at the most and consolidated into either my hall or a double hall complex that's a little closer to their publisher base.

  • Dunedain

    One thing that some may not be considering, is that if the Borg starts to turn into an "e-religion", and also start consolidating into giant, mega, halls, with many combined congregations, this will go against another one of their "core doctrines".

    For over a century the Borg has always emphasized the need for the sheep to meet very regularly together. This solidifies them as a group, and protects them from splinter groups popping up, and meeting in secret. Basically, its a way for them to keep tabs, and police everyone. Remember, those that meet up, and worship in solitude, will only pursue their own selfish desires, or at least that's what they have been telling everyone for decades.

    Shifting to an e-religion, will really be going against this long held rule. Yes, I understand that they did away with the book study, but we know why that was. The emphasis is still to meet up weekly, regularly, and consistently. Also, if they consolidate congregations into, so called, "mega halls", this too would back fire, and go against their rules.

    It will cause many to stop attending, especially on a regular basis. People will not want to travel further, and be put out even more. The Borg, is foolishly going to consolidate halls, but into still regular, normal sized halls, probably not mega sized Mormon type mega halls.

    The rank and file will hate it, and resent it. The GB will still push their, "do as we say, even if it don't make sense", bullshit, but it aint gonna work.

    Less K Halls, is gonna mean less JW's. Less JW's, and more lawsuits, is gonna mean less money for the Borg. Less money for the Borg, means its collapse is near.

  • pepperheart

    Ithink they will just do what ever makes them most money in the short term.they are not really bothered about people who are 1000s of miles away even if they are in the usa

  • Listener

    Maybe they will have only one meeting a week, on any day. This time it would really be because of travel costs/time.

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