Major congregational quake in Southern California

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Shrink, shrink, shrink and retrench... such is the future for the WTBTS.

  • Crazyguy

    If true this is good news, the Borg is loosing members and is contracting not expanding . They are selling off Kingdom Halls and moving people around to make it appear that each congregation is strong and vibrant . The past with all these new foreign speaking congregations poping up was all just smoke and mirrors. Less then 5 million baptised memebers and failing , me thinks so.

    Whats even better as they contract thier footprint in the community becomes even less and this will maybe wake up even more.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Surely we have an "insider" on the board from Southern California. No longer are there any secrets. GBs most confidential info is being posted publicly. Someone here sent me the pdf of the new Elders' Book before our local elders even got it at their KM School.

  • kairos

    But, but, but, I thought they were going to BUILD 500 new KHs?!?


  • bohm

    Flipper: that is truly awsome news. I understand you cant name names, but perhaps you can simply say if this from the same source who mentioned this about a year ago on this board or from another source?

  • Chook

    Maybe they're going to release a publisher per hall ratio Te deceive increase. But so true when they ask people to travel ,some are going to understand its only the money. We met at old assembly hall for our regular meeting and when they wanted to renovate or have large assemblies we as publishers were told to pissoff down the road 12 mile ( 20 km for rest of world). Of course I didn't travel and that was only temporary arrangement , to ask elderly and poor to travel long distances at night or in winter is just another nail in some publishers coffin.

  • ToesUp

    "just another nail in some publishers coffin."

    The more they piss off the better!

  • Wayward

    The nearest KH in my part of the world is in a rural area five-six miles from where I live and serves four small town. While we were waiting to build it 20+ years ago, we had to drive to a neighboring hall thirty minutes away. Some living farther out had a 45 minute drive or more. That was just for a few months in spring and early summer. It would be a MAJOR problem to try doing it in the middle of a Pennsylvania winter. The main road can be nasty on a winter's night with snow drifting and blowing and ice. I can't see the elderly especially or families risking that on a weekly basis because their hall has been sold.

  • Hecce

    I will conjecture that this is mainly a project for the metropolitan areas, it will be crazy to do it in your neck of the woods.

  • kairos

    Maybe this will be part of the, "do anything we tell you, even if it's crazy" request coming from the GB.

    "Drive extra miles in life endangering circumstances as a show of you loyalty..."

    ( I thought they cancelled the home bookstudy meeting to save costs of fuel )

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