Secret sex in the Org

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  • ttdtt
    back in the day--mid 60' was a case of anything goes except penetrative sexual intercourse---between courting couples.

    That was not the case in the USA for sure!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the only ones i knew of that got d/f--were those who got pregnant--but only if they were not repentent.

  • pomo6780

    Any stories of sexy COs or lonely single sisters?

    Or another good one, any stories of infidelity at Bethel?

  • pomo6780

    Considering I've heard hundreds of young bethel boys sent home for watching porn, there's got to be something.

    Can I say, I find some of the 'sisters' in the Watchtower Choir are attractive. They look married. If I were at Bethel, I would've tried to get close to some of them if I could.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    There was a single male missionary down in a country where it was considered normal to have a wife and at least one mistress. So his reasoning was, Hey, that could work for me! It did for a while until found out and DF and then deported.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @Hoser: Edmonton

    While on vacation a special pioneer couple got cosy with us (which means the brothers wanted to share juicy stuff... ) and told us he was invited to go to the Elders school in Edmonton. The Bethel brother assigned at the last minute couldn't come so they assigned an elder from Edmonton to head it up. This special pio "T" said he did not like this elder at all. He was so self righteous and full of himself that it was hard to listen and pay attention to him, but he felt this was his failing and so he sat, listened etc.

    Not too long after this, it comes out that this self righteous JW man... had been paying for an apartment for his pioneer girlfriend to stay in... for years! It was considered too big of a disgrace to DF them and have this made public knowledge, after all, God/Bethel had chosen him to take the Elders School, to set the example on how all elders were to act.

    He quietly divorced, married his mistress and we were told they changed their last name and moved to Vancouver Island where after a short time became an elder again.

    All swept under the rug.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    There is a circuit overseer. Before he joined the ranks of this prestiage step up the ladder, he was just the presiding overseer and prominant at all assemblys giving talks. He had a son.

    In the same small congo there was an approperiate age girl. They did what normal teenagers do but did not use protection. Yes, she got pregnant. It just so happened her uncle was the district overseer.

    Big surprise! No one got DF! Not when your Uncle Wayne is a district overseer. In fact... He came and gave the wedding talk!

    Let's see. Education is bad except when you are GB Albert Schroeder's son Judah. Sex before marriage is bad unless your uncle is a district overseer.

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    Around Sept of 2006. One of our MS was sent home from Brooklyn Bethel, disfellowshipped.

    Why? He was 1 of 8 young men caught at 2am playing leapfrog in the 90 Sands rooftop function room. 7 hours later on a plane home.

    His daddy was the PO so butters was reinstated 7 months later.

  • pomo6780

    Thank you for the recent additions to this thread.

    While I'm not the slightest interested in sexual pleasure for myself, messages such as this remind me of how loose the org that claims 'high morals' really is. We're all human, sexuality is part of human nature.

  • jws

    I never really tried to figure out what was what when I was a kid. I know one congregation I was in had 2 pioneer sisters that were almost inseparable. Come to find out that, years later, one of them is gay and is living with another girl from the congregation who's an elder's daughter. My guess is the other pioneer sister was probably gay too.

    And speaking of the elder's daughter. He had 3 kids. The son went to jail for molesting his kids (sorry, but it's not the main focus). The older daughter is a lesbian. The younger daughter, from what I hear, is jumping into bed with everyone she can behind her husband's back.

    This younger daughter had been dating this nice guy. But, he wasn't, how would you say, not the right "class". They were caught, from what I could tell, dry-humping. Maybe more. He was DF'ed. She got reproof. And she gets married 6 weeks later to some buffoon who shows up out of nowhere. It looked like her elder father picked some random dude and demanded she get married.

    The poor guy tried hard. Never got reinstated. Once his car broke down on the way and he walked, in a snowfall, 2 miles. And the elders held it against him that he was late.

    Talked to him since. According to him, she was always pressuring him for sex when they were dating and he was trying to be good and said no. After being married, they ran into each other and she tried to have sex with him. Eventually, he broke down and did the nasty and carried on an affair. But she was just too wild for his tastes. I think she's disfellowshipped now and eventually divorced the husband.

    I myself had sex with at least one JW girl. And other non-JW girls while still being a JW. The night I got baptised, got a little drunk and my brother and another JW friend got invited into a room of four non-JW girls who we made out with. At one point, the girl I was making out with got sick and her friend said, 'you want to kiss a girl who's been throwing up, or me?'. So I switched. Kind of tame. Just making out and some groping. I was too scared at the time for actual sex. One of them wanted to watch me pee so I let her (couldn't get her to grab hold and aim it though). All this on the night I was baptised! At the time, I thought for sure it was the devil attacking newly made JWs. But why didn't he offer this before? So that I might reconsider.

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