Secret sex in the Org

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  • pomo6780


    Sorry to sound immature. But damn, what an experience. I wished I was in a part of the world where these things happened more so I could've woken up and left sooner than I did. I only recall 2 extra marital affairs where I came from, but they weren't outstanding.

  • pomo6780

    Any stories of field service related ones? Maybe in cars or in between "return visits"?

    I heard a weird fake jw story... I hope it's fake anyway. This young pioneer sister was invited in by two men and they stripped her naked and had sex with her on top of a building. It went to the news apparently and she was disfellowshipped (obviously did not scream). But I can't retrieve the incident anywhere on record.

  • tiki

    I recall a prominent family with lots of elders...the wife of one was a pioneer and another sis in the cong was her pioneer partner....apparently enough of their service time was spent servicing each other...they ended up dfed and a couple....

    So...moral of the story...its not just the bro and sis alone together in the car group.......

  • mann377

    Sparky......I knew John Appeltauer and wife. Rode to the meeting with them once in a while. Did she run off with Schoonover? I left as this was happening in the congo. How about the trouble Truax got into?

  • Tight Pants Twinkle Toes
    Tight Pants Twinkle Toes

    Elder and his wife like to swap with other elder and his wife usually in their hot tub, great fun, right? all goes well until elder, wanting to share the joy invites CO and his wife.

  • faithnomore

    Remembered another one (I can't believe I forgot this one because it was huge back in the day)...

    Single reg pioneer sister who also partook (she was mid to late 30's so that was always talked about) started hanging out a lot with a married sister. They were both df. Rumor was it was a lesbian affair.

    Married sister divorced and about 10 years later it was confirmed by one of her children that she was living an openly gay life.

    I don't know what happened to the reg/anointed/single sister, she moved away.

    Hopefully they are both happy with whatever lifestyle they so choose!

  • dubstepped

    Our congregation was absolutely scarred by something that happened before we became dubs. Married elder, a very charismatic guy, was also a pioneer and worked out in service with a certain pioneer sister too much, and bow chicka wow wow. Both are dfed and henceforth brothers and sisters pretty much never went out in car groups together. As young people we brothers never even talked to the young sisters. We were practically segregated along gender lines. Stuff still happened at times, but they had that congregation locked down and everyone was even more suspicious of each other than in regular JW paranoia.

  • loneranger

    Happened near WT Farms in the early 90"s Bloomingburg NY. Elder (married) who was also the Service Overseer was teaching a newly baptized sister the fine art of field service...alone with her many day they decide to do the nasty in a parking lot of a large scenic area nearby (Minnewaska)...they get one of his daughters and her husband who just by chance had off that day and wanted to take a hike in the forest area. Both were df'd...never came back...girl got pregnant...had a baby...understand the kid is a JW now (go figure!!).Elder was a real pompous ass...girl was ok...under his influence! Wife of elder divorced him...never remarried. Elder since died...alone and df'd still.

  • loneranger

    another central Washington State USA...elder seeing the wife (pioneer) of his elder buddy on the sly...over many months...does the nasty several times with her...gets caught...elder real slick and counseled the girl on what to say and how to act repentant to the JC formed...both publicly reproved...not df'd...elder removed...congregation in arms...very upset...treated them both as being df'd. Within 14 months both had some priveliges restored. Both previous marriages were destroyed by the infidelity. Elder was a member of a "prominent, wealthy local family" to pull some strings to reduce the penalty.

    Real Jerry Springer episode...

  • Gorbatchov

    There is an old saying "If you sin, do it well"!


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