Secret sex in the Org

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  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    My experience with this was pretty bland, I knew of a few who were very obviously gay and couldn't come out, but nothing saucy. As for me, I was young when I was still inside the religion and my only first-hand sexual experience was masturbating in the toilets during the Watchtower study.

  • jookbeard

    a sister I met in my mates old cong who would have been about 50 at the time and who even at that age was a very fine looking woman indeed, the well known story about her was that she was DF'ed after starting a RV with a young guy but ended up having an affair with him, she had a gorgeous daughter as well, I often wonder what happened to her.

  • pontoon

    loneranger---yours is not the only story played out at Minnewaska. There was a group of teenagers from differert congregatios, possibly a farm brother or two that were going to Minnewaska for nice wholesome recreation -- hiking, but that wasn't what they were doing. One sister who knew about it but not involved got nailed on another sex thing and spilled her guts on everyone. Minnewaska orgies. Also happened in the 1990's. I think that was how it went.

  • Brian J
    Brian J

    50 yr old Elder with pioneering wife with breast cancer and 4 sons study with a 40 year old couple down the street from their home.

    Elder is physically frustrated that his wife is not able to take care of him, kids and house like she did prior to FREKIN CANCER!.

    He starts banging female study while kids at school and wife at chemo treatments or in service and other husband at work. Goes on for almost a year. In the meantime both couples keep study going under the roof where adultry is happening.

    Couple gets baptized and they move cross country for his work.

    Perp elder and double mastectomy wife move to my area. Pioneers and he is still an elder doing what elders do, incl judicial committee with others who he votes to DF due to immorality.

    We get a call one day stating this sister has come forward to her BOE with a troubled conscience re: what our elder and her did a decade prior. She stated over they years they talked and he always convinced her to keep silent. She no longer can.

    Our elder at the same time "just so happens" to have a heavy heart, comes forward and admits to adultry. Down plays everything.

    I'm on committee. I vote to take him out back and beat the s+it out of him other 2 won't budge and I'm forced to yield. Just private reproof, deleated as an elder, and he gets to stay a pioneer to this day.

    That is one story of many.


  • flipper

    JEHOVAH LOL- You say that you " masturbated IN the toilets " ? How is that biologically or physically possible ? If you meant to say you " masturbated ON the toilet " - O.K. , now I get it. Although I have to admit- it's something I've never attempted before- I'd probably break the toilet seat ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    In the UK, 'the toilets' means the restrooms.

  • hoser

    Edmonton Alberta congregation mid 1990’s. Two mid 20’s couples best friends , elders kids swapped spouses for a few months. One of the men was working his rotation in the oil patch and his wife needed some help at the house so she called his friend. That’s where it all started. The innocent spouse suspected they were having an affair so she followed her husband. She caught her best friend giving her husband a bj in a parked car in the Safeway parking lot.

    The innocent wife then started pursuing the innocent husband and they had a fling for a few months.

    They all got divorced and found different people. None of them are jws today

    Edmonton Alberta congregation 2017. Five buck naked jws are driving in a car and kidnap 3 other jws.

    charges of assault and kidnaping have been laid against one of the female jws. Not sex related but funny as f*@k!

  • LisaRose

    I am supposed to be the "mentality diseases apostate" but my life seems quite dull in comparison to these folks. I am happily married and faithful to my husband, go figure.

    Maybe these are just extreme examples, but it sometimes seems like there is more weird sex going on in the religion than in the population as a whole. Maybe it's just because the rules are so strict that when people do transgress it gets gossiped about so much more, or maybe because repressing sex just makes people more likely to act out, or some combination, who knows.

    the UK, 'the toilets' means the restrooms.

    One of those American/British cases where the language is the same, but meanings vary. I have heard it confuses the Brits when Americans ask to use the bathroom, because bathrooms sometimes do not actually have a toilet (it may be in a separate room) so it's not how they refer to it, so it makes them wonder if they are asking to take a bath.

  • Phizzy

    If you are in the U.K and you wish to Pee or Dump try saying in a Posh Brit accent:

    "Could you direct me to the euphemism please ?".

    That'll work, we are all very pedantic, and know that there simply is not a proper word in English, or American, for the "crapper" !

  • OnTheWayOut

    People are people.

    The 2 pioneers in the OP removed themselves from the organization. They could easily have kept it quiet and married right away.

    The brother who flies to meet a sister and is DF'ed- again, they could have kept it quiet.

    The bananas and apples, who really cares that young people are silly?

    People are people.

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