Secret sex in the Org

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  • JakeM2012

    I heard a story from an Elder that "claimed" a sister had laid four elders and the C.O. Evidently, she needed quite a bit of private counsel which the elders were happy to do by going over to her house alone.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Done I agree, WTF...Jehovah use this woman to clean out the org..Forget the poor woman who is label a Jezebel, in and out of the org. All this woman wanted, to get married and stay in Jehovah's org.. but God has another mission for her. A great guy.....

  • Sorry

    This had happened quite a but in my congregation.

    The girl, a pioneer, and the guy, a MS, had fooled around a few times at his house in his car in the garage. They were both teens. The story goes either the girl got a guilty conscience and fessed up or her sister saw them and told the elders herself. By the end, the girl got public reproof and the guy got df'd. I knew the guy and could tell he was remorseful. The guy got reinstated, but he slept with a non JW girl, got df'd again and hasn't returned since.

    Funnily enough, the same girl got involved in another sex scandal as well. This time she slept with the son of another MS/auxiliary pioneer. They probably could've kept the secret this time, except she wound up pregnant. This time, they were both df'd.

    I know one in particular of an elder's daughter had multiple boyfriends and had sexted other guys as well. I felt bad for her in particular because she was constantly held up as an example in the hall and was always under so much pressure to be perfect. The other elders covered up what she did, but I bet her father will never let her forget it.

  • ttdtt

    Well the "god used her" doesn't seem to jive with the unholy scriptures?

    James 1:13

    13 When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried, nor does he himself try anyone.

  • new boy
    new boy

    Leo Greenlees was the overseer of the Green Point congregation in the Queens. He was a Bethel Elder and governing body member. He was a homosexual and pedophile. He really love the “brothers” especially the younger brothers. He raped young Mark Palo when he was just ten years old. Mark was just one of many others.

    How did they deal with this pedophile? What punishment was administered? What example did they make of one of their own?

    They gave him a golden parachute and “asked” him to leave.

    After he left he pioneered in the New Orleans area for a while and then moved around to many different congregations over the next few years. Just like most pedophiles do until they are stopped.

    I ran into him in Mexico in the late nineteen eighties, when I was there on vacation with my wife. He was a special pioneer at the time. I didn’t know the history about him back then. I do remember thinking to myself why would someone who was on the “Governing Body” be a special pioneer in Mexico now? This was strange indeed.

    I also remember him telling me how he had many “Bible studies” mostly with younger boys. Big surprise.

    For Leo the only reprimand he got was the announcement at the headquarters breakfast table and I quote. “Leo Greenlees is no longer a Bethelite. End of the matter.”

    Of course they wanted this to be the “end of the matter.” They swept him under the rug and wanted him as far away as possible.

    I got turn in for saying the word "fuck" by a sister who was fucking six different guys/girls at the time

  • pomo6780


    A few underage ones have slipped in unfortunately! A reminder: I was looking for examples of consenting adults. But some of these were amazing to read. The wife swapping ones unbelievable.

    Share some more! The more that are shared here, the better. It'll open eyes of active jws who stalk this forum.

  • pomo6780

    Any more experiences about extra-marital affairs?

  • sparky1

    I can recall 4 'secret sex' instances from my time at Watchtower Farms in the mid-'70's.

    1. The dentists wife (John Appeltauer) was looking for an out from their marriage. She finally took up with and ran off with a family man from the Highland Congregation.

    2. Young Spanish brother that worked on the wrappers was having sex with an underage girl in his congregation. He was finally caught, disfellowshipped and sent home.

    3. One of the Society's truck drivers was getting it on in truck stops with prostitutes. He was a Bethel Elder and had a very nice attractive wife. Got caught and was disfellowshipped and sent home.

    4. Can't remember this guys name. He was a Ministerial Servant and was having sex with a local worldly 'farmers daughter'. It was a minor scandal as the farmer did a lot of business with Watchtower and held the witnesses in high regard. Disfellowshipped and sent home. I remember him sitting in the lobby and crying his eyes out.

    I am sure that there were more that we never even heard about. The human sex drive is very powerful. More powerful than even 'holy spirit'!

  • faithnomore

    Young pioneer brother newly wed works out in service with married older pioneer sister regularly (he early 20's she in mid 30's) caught having an affair. Neither DF'd only loss of privilages but both marriages eventually break up (his within several months). He moved away got df'd returned remarried back in. Older pioneer sister family also moved away and marriage broke up a year later.

    Young brother also said innocent wife returned to normal relations, his wife claimed they didn't resume marital relations. Nothing happened to innocent wife as no evidence they did resume normal relations. They lived together for several months then divorced.

  • mann377

    Hey Sparky I remember that incident with John Appeltauer when I was at Highland congo. Was it Schoonover or some with a name like that?

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