Secret sex in the Org

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  • ironsnake656

    In one case, the daughter of a well-known elder in the city (the family was known as very spiritual) was planning her weeding. It is accustomed that during weeding the couple choose young brothers and sisters to participate in the weeding dance. I was one of those young brothers. Then one day, all the plans for the weeding were cancelled suddenly since the couple "ate the sandwich before lunch" as we say here.

    Three years after that incident, a brother, son of a other well-known spiritual brother and family, got married. After six months, in a newspaper note and headline appeared that the brother was kidnapped, since his wife went to the police to make the report. A month later it was discovered that the brother was hiding from his wife and was living with another sister (daughter of the first well-know elder in city of the first case). Both were df'd and reinstated two years later. Now he is an elder and she is a pioneer.

    An single older sister (friend of my family) told us (me and my wife) in secret that she knew that a lot of brothers (MS, Elders, and CO) had affairs with lot of sisters. Even she was banging three brothers in the same time. I have heard a lot of cases of pedophilia, pornography, bestiality, and other stuff in the congos.

  • Diogenesister

    Wife of twenty years in love with her disabled, anointed husband wants to give him some oral action before he gets his ticket punched and permanently vacated planet Earth gets privately reproved.

    Refusingxxto stop, she gets disfellowshipped.

    Yes. She's willing to loose her life just to give her heaven bound husband one last blowjob.

    wife obviously hoping God's a bloke ( if true).xxx

  • Diogenesister
    Ironsnake656 young brothers and sisters to participate in the weeding dance. I was one of those young brothers.

    Sounds like some wedding, worth getting the boot for!!!!!

  • ironsnake656

    sorry for the wording and misspelling, Diogenesister; actually you need to smoke some weed to dance in such occasions. LOL!!

  • ttdtt

    Diogenesister - WOW

    Proverbs 31:10 (new new word translation with notes)

    10 Who can find a capable wife (who loves giving head)? Her value is far more than that of corals.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The more the cult talks about how certain kinds of sex is bad the more the members will do it. I heard things from the stage I would have never thought of. I always found it interesting how a God made us to have sex and made it enjoyable but religion came along and put so many restrictions on it. Talk about control with guilt!!l. Still Totally ADD

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i'm nearly 70 and still finding new ways to pleasure my young wife.

  • krismalone

    Perris, California mid 90's spirit appointed presiding overseer in the Spanish hall who is married and has 2 girls adopts a 14 year old girl.

    After a couple of years, the adopted girl gets pregnant and the presiding overseer tells his ass kissing yes men elders that she was raped and meeting with her would only traumatize her more. So elders do not investigate. When the baby is born, she looks exactly as the spirit anointed presiding overseer elder. Congregation and circuit start to talk but no investigation is done as the yes men elders are obeying the theocratic order by submitting to the presiding overseer.

    2 elders move to the congregation and start to rock the boat and demand an investigation. The spirit appointed presiding overseer and his yes men elders start to harass these two elders and even attack them and their families from the platform. They are eventually removed for not working in harmony with the body of elders and having bad judgment.

    Eventually the young adopted girl now adult, confesses to their deeds and both her and the spirit anointed presiding overseer elder are expelled. He divorces his wife and marries his step daughter. No one called the police. The spirit anointed presiding overseer name is Jose Tejada and his step daughter now wife is Carmen Tejada.

    The body of elders said they were just following directions from the presiding overseer and that's why they removed the 2 elders who wanted to investigate the matter.

    When you have a cult constantly telling the membership to obey, respect and submit to theocratic authority and never take any action or speak against elders, you produce an immoral atmosphere where those in power are above the law and can get away with sins and crime in this case.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Sister DF for secret sex she was 35 years old, the guy a 18 year old JW. They got married and divorced one year later. She moved to another city and a new congregation and within a few months she was reinstated. One year later she was DF, secret sex with one of the Elders (who was married)..Jehovah was using this sister to clean out the organization, yes God moves in mysterious ways.

  • Done

    I have heard that same line before. Sister screws anyone with a penis. They all get df. She gets reinstated each time. Elders say God was using her to clean out the org. Wtf

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