Technically born in. Even though my parents didn't attend meetings, my father came from a family of JW's, so we observed no holidays as a result. Despite that, we lived a relatively normal existence until my father came into contact with my grandfather and converted all of us. I had some doubts from the beginning, but believed part of it because we were so different from other religions. Whenever I expressed my doubts, I always heard "Just think!" "Don't be stupid, this is a thinking man's religion." "You have such weak faith." "You think you're so smart, that's what Satan thought too." I always thought something was wrong with me. My entire family seemed to believe every word. Due to pressure and still somewhat believing, I dipped. Several months later, I couldn't ignore my thoughts. I went to outside sources: internet, religious text, people, you name it. Became genuinely disgusted by some things I read. My breakdowns, anxiety and stress subsequently worsened. I tried to drop a few "gems" on my family, only to make things worse. They are a lost cause. Planning out my fade. Simply biding my time and keeping my thoughts to myself until I make the escape. My love life complicates yet alleviates my situation. Since I try to keep an open mind about everything, I'm (as of now) an omnist. I believe all religions have a grain of truth, but none have the whole truth. However, that doesn't truly matter. I try to respect everyone nd their beliefs and opinions. You can't convert anyone to a new belief, you must research and come into your own. Aside from religious stuff, I'm an avid reader, writer and baker. I love people and learning about them. Glad to get to know all of you lovely fonts.