Plans for huge Jehovah's HQ take shape

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  • Lostandfound
    Don't the local authority have to approve plans or changes to plans?
  • Landy

    I love a good conspiracy theory.

    What do the tin foil hat brigade think the bunker is for?

    Secret swinging hot tub parties?

    A government style safe haven for Armageddon?

    A secret tomb to bury all the bethelites once they turn 45 (Logan's run stylee)?

  • Formerbrother
    Landy2 months ago

    I love a good conspiracy theory.

    What do the tin foil hat brigade think the bunker is for?

    Secret swinging hot tub parties?

    A government style safe haven for Armageddon?

    A secret tomb to bury all the bethelites once they turn 45 (Logan's run stylee)?

    The theory is that the work will be banned in Europe as it is in Russia and other countries. This is why the secret 7underground bunker was so secret, so much so that all the noise about KHs and all the other changes was to divert attention away from the fact that only 30 or so select workers were allowed near the bunker for months.
    Everybody else at Chelmsford was sent home for a short while until the cover was over.
    I know all this from one security brother who was not allowed near the site but got wind of it.
    Anyway the cover is over, there is supposed to be only one super top secret entrance in and out. I suspect there is another super top secret emergency exit somewhere.

    The thinking is that the prophecy of the beast (UN) turning on the harlot (false religion) means that all world governments will agree to BAN ALL RELIGION. The JWs are going to be the only ones who will not stop. Every other religion will stop worshipping their Gods, execpt JWs.
    Most Elders and pioneers will be thrown in prison, but even that wont stop them.
    Every JW who hasnt been caught will meet in secret rooms, we have had lots of pictures and info on this in WTowers recently.
    The global preaching work will not stop even thought the governments will try.
    I suspect there are going to be secret bunkers in many Bethels around the world, that is why most are moving away from cities and in the countries.

  • GoneAwol
    So all this bs you`ve just spouted is from a security brother's "wind"? Starting to make more sense....
  • JWdaughter

    Lol. JWs have an inflated sense of themselves. Even some former JWs think too highly of the Borg. Going door to door is not required of any worshipers.

    No one can stop people from worshipping God. Churches are not necessary for worship, be it true or false worship.

  • punkofnice
    FB- The latest watchtowers all say live in expectation of it at all times, but just like the organisation have plans plans for the future.

    This kind of brings back memories of 'stay alive til '75' for me. Those weren't the days

  • Alive!

    So many JWs are stocking up on silver eh?

    Ah yes, just like Paul, Peter, John and other examples.

    And lots of money and attention is spent on buildings, 'quality' park-like resorts - ah yes, just as Paul, Peter, John and others would have directed in the last days.....oh wait, hold on, I can't see any of that kind of direction in the bible?

    People on the 'outside' don't look on and say 'yikes, this JWs mean business when they say the end is absolutely any day now'.

    Materialistic eyes may be impressed.....but does it drive home the message of Christ?

  • Alive!

    My husband asked the other day 'where is the faith in a God who will provide?'

    Why all this earthly accumulation of property? Expensively built and decorated?

    'In this final hour' - hours upon hours and millions upon millions of donated cash are spent locked into property development - meanwhile, this does not spread a message to the world of self sacrifice, Christian endeavour.... no charitable works, schools, hospitals - just luxury appointed real estate for the 'few'

    For a long, long time as a convert I couldnt but help 'watch' and check my trust and faith in men who claim to be Christ's only representatives, that is my scriptural responsibility as a Christian, the warnings are there after all, for a reason -and over twenty odd years I observed all this property change, I've seen so much expenditure wasted, truly wasted - so many man hours spent cleaning what is clean, looking after property, objects - whilst individuals bled on the way side....

    This isn't representative of the early christian way. Is it? I mean - is it????

    Such a confusing message is sent out to the world by the WT aka

    And they still haven't addressed many contradicting and 'stumbling' doctrines, including the blood doctrine where fractions, from donated blood are not deemed an evil offence to God....( and yes, I know - the whole doctrine is wrong anyway)

    When I was still in, very active and even aux pioneering - the obsession with our 'properties' was disturbing to me....what with cleaning, building, repairing, studying 'books', preparing for meetings, attending meetings and 'getting hours in' - we were left with little time to spend critical and meaningful time with those in need.

    That time was scooped out of what was left. Quite sad, isn't it?

  • Formerbrother

    They stopped Nancy Chung formerbrother, after repeated warnings this stupid idiot still proceeded to go out on D2D, 30 years in solitary confinement done the trick, yes they can and do/will stop, go to Saudi Arabia/Iran/Sudan and organise some public door knocking work and find out how quick you end up in jail never heard from again!


    Nothing can stop Jehovahs people, the preaching work continues in China, N,Korea, Russia and ALL the nations just as Jesus said it would.

  • jookbeard
    jesus was a false prophet, lied and deceived his followers when he was alive, go to North Korea and show me all the preaching work going on there, show me a crumb of evidence? Weather you like to believe it or not they did stop that lunatic Nancy Chung , she probably frightened more people off than she ever converted with her incarceration even her own family did not convert to the cult, not so smart was she?

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