Plans for huge Jehovah's HQ take shape

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  • Formerbrother

    This is what 300 hectares looks like (298 to be precise):

    I've left Chelmsford in for context...

    Flag Dislike Like Yes its going to be huge!!!!!!!
  • wizzstick

    Why did they reduce from 1000s of people to just 30 key members for this levelling off?

    Because if that's the job in hand, and you don't needs 1000s there you send them home. Otherwise you have to feed them. And than costs £££

    You only have on site who you need. Simples.

    Seriously, armageddon is not coming. Until you research all this stuff in-depth you will be a slave to their ever changing teachings forever.

    And if you are going to the hall, then your're not a former brother.

  • Formerbrother

    have you been paying much attention to the contamination issue at Warwick? did you read about the crane crash there? do you realise the amount of rectification work on KH builds all over the world that is required due to unqualified and unskilled workers taking on jobs the are completely ill equipped to do so, costing many thousands of £$? per congregation, have you ever been to the Bows Road Assembly Hall? LOL !


    Yes I go to Bows Road twice a year, its a beautiful place. I have volunteered on building projects since I was very young, I think you are wrong to disagree with me that the KH's and Assembly halls and Bethel buildings are often times the most beautiful buildings in the areas?


    The Eden Project in Chelmsford? LOL


    Yes the Farm of Eden some are calling it.

    Can anybody find out the truth about all that land? some are saying the worldly farmers are going to be farming it for the Jw's? Some others are saying no it will all be farmed by the volunteers? Can anybody find out the truth from somebody who knows?

  • wizzstick

    Yes its going to be huge!!!!!!!

    They have not brought that much land!

    They are scaling BACK not up.

    Deary me - stop believing all the guff plonkers at the KH tell you.

  • TheWonderofYou
    Somebody should check the land charge register of the county and would know how much hectars they really bought, instead of rumours.
  • jookbeard
    Formerbrother ; you would call one of the very worst deprived run down hell holes beautiful if it had a KH/Branch/CAH built on it, prick.
  • GoneAwol

    It is NOT, I repeat NOT going to be 700 + acres !!!!!!

    To be able to RE develop something that large, they would need to resubmit planning application and have another consultation with the surrounding businesses, and also consult with secretary of state office. ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!! This would take years and years.

    This is the current and only plan available to the public. This is what the 82 acres looks like. They are having 39 acres of development, the rest green spaces.

    This is the proposed land levelling detail. They have to do this to keep levels at 15m.

    You are reading far too much into this. You JW imagination is running wild and coming up with shite.

    I dont expect any of this evidence will help you though.......

  • pepperheart
    cut backs cut backs and more cut backs

    I think you are wrong to disagree with me that the KH's and Assembly halls and Bethel buildings are often times the most beautiful buildings in the areas?.....Formerbrother

    It all Depends on How Much Money the WBT$ can Squeeze out of the Local JWS..

    Image result for Kingdom hall africa....



    ............................Don`t Expect Money From The WatchTower..

    ..................................WE`RE NOT RUNNING A CHARITY!!..

    .....................................Image result for broadcasting

  • talesin
    In January, Michael Bowers of ASB Skips was £6,000 fined by Chelmsford Magistrates for running illegal waste sites on the land and there is a history of enforcement notices served on previous owners.
    In a letter to the council, IBSA said the land was “likely” to be contaminated.
    IBSA’s headquarters is currently located in Mill Hill, North London. The charity sais it had chosen Temple Farm for its new home because it has “excellent transport links and is set in a beautiful rural location”.

    Hmmm... shades of Warwick. Obviously, they don't have to worry about contaminated land and getting poisoned. Why? Because Armageddon is just around the corner!

    A COUNCILLOR said plans for the live/work centre will improve the area - and that Jehovah’s Witnesses will make great neighbours.
    Michael Harris, the Conservative ward councillor for Bicknacre, East and West Hanningfield, said: “I believe this development will make a huge, favourable difference to the area. It’s been a dreadful site for some time.

    “There will be some areas of concern, but I would like to see this put in place as soon as possible.”

    They should talk to that city politician in NYC who made the Brooklyn deal back in 2002 (?). The WTBTS agreed to make neighbourhood improvements in exchange for re-zoning consideration. Over 12 years and how many MILLIOINS was it sold for?, not ONE of the projects they promised to undertake, has been done.

    I really hope the Brits are examining their tax-free status,,,,,,,,,,,,,, REALLY.

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