2017 Annual Meeting

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  • westiebilly11

    Presumably they'll still be publishing memorial attendances and partakers?...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Psalm 68:11:

    Jehovah gives the command; those telling the good news are an army of large women.

    Something like that . . .

    Another thought:

    With the decrease in printed magazines -- Awake!, in particular -- where will the up-and-coming generation of malleable young minds get their university education?

    On the internet?

  • cobweb

    neat new dog

    This is from the letter:

    No new content will be added to the following features on jworg: "Bible Character Cards," "Family Worship Projects," "Illustrated Bible Stories," "My Bible Lessons," "Picture Activities," "Study Activities for Children," study guides for What Does the Bible Really Teach?, Young People Ask worksheets, and the video series What Your Peers Say. However, the existing content will remain for now on jworg.

  • Fisherman
    Eliminating the Yearbook

    Since the yearbook is all about the WT movement as evidenced by the preaching work, its elimination suggests to me that the wt preaching work movement is stopping, mainly for financial reasons but also for doctrinal reasons.

    Anthony Morris said in his talk "If you can't see how close we are to the end right now, you must be in a coma"

    One thing for sure, the wt era as characterized by the watchtower magazine and the world wide work, has ended. The elimination of the YB is proof -let alone everything else.

    A lot of poster have been wrong about wt resorting to begging, wt is not begging, they have begun to close their doors. But this is going to have a positive effect on the undecided towards deciding in favor of wt and has boosted the moral of all JW across the globe.

    WT has challenged society with wt bible predictions and beliefs for aprox 103 years. Has time shown wt wrong? What will happen next we shall see when the over-weight lady sings and the wait is over.

  • _Morpheus

    Lol fisherman.... you hang out on an apostate site but still cling to parts of wt dogma... you cant limp along on two different opinions. If jw have the truth then go with it. All of it. Including not associating with apostates.

  • darkspilver
    Pistoff: As I figure it, the decrease in output from when I was a child is 97%. 24 magazines per year, 32 pages, down to 6 issues per year at 16 pages.

    Please EXPLAIN your maths - are you taking just about the magazines??

    Previously - pages

    Watchtower: 12 x 32 pages = 768
    Awake: 12 x 32 pages = 768
    Annual Total = 1,536-pages-a-year

    Future - pages

    (assuming public are 16 pages and study is 32 pages - not confirmed yet!)
    Watchtower (public): 3 x 16 pages = 48
    Watchtower (study): 12 x 32 pages = 768
    Awake: 3 x 16 pages = 48
    Annual Total = 864-pages-a-year

    Therefore a 43.7% reduction of pages designed/laid-out

    Previously - words

    Watchtower (Jan 15, 2005): 12,350 words x 12 = 148,200
    Awake (Jan 22, 2005): 11,300 words x 12 = 135,600
    Annual Total = 283,800-words-a-year

    Future - words

    (assuming public are 16 pages and study is 32 pages - not confirmed yet!)
    Watchtower (No 1, 2016): 5,230 words x 3 = 15,690
    Watchtower (Jan 15, 2016): 12,000 words x 12 = 1440,000
    Awake (No 1, 2016): 4,150 words x 3 = 12,450
    Annual Total = 172,140-words-a-year

    Therefore a 39.4% reduction of word content

    BUT - isn't JW Broadcasting's Monthly Programmes really a kinda magazine programe?

    JW Broadcast (Aug 2017) = 9,560 words x 12 = 114,720
    Annual Total = 114,720-words-a-year

    Therefore, including the JW Broadcasting Monthly Programmes - the WT is actually 'writing' the SAME amount of 'content' as previously

    Yeah, I know the public don't watch JW Broadcasting, but then, how many of the public actually read an entire magazine (haha, how many JWs did/do??)

  • Fisherman
    cling to parts of wt dogma

    Sorry if I have not made myself clear Morpheus but I am all in with wt. Whether or not being on this site suggests otherwise is debaitable.

  • Gorbatchov

    Mene Mene Tekel and Parsin


  • cofty
    I am all in with wt - Fishy

    No you are not.

  • _Morpheus

    You cant be here and make that claim. Your like the isrealites limping along on two different opinions.

    If its the desert god and his organization that you want fo follow... go

    if its worldly and apostate fellowship then... go.

    You cant eat from the desert gods table and the table of apostates.

    His words, not mine.

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