2017 Annual Meeting

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  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    This just in from the 2017 Annual Meeting:

    1. Watchtowers and Awakes won't be released regularly, at least three Watchtower and Awakes per year. 6 magazines a year.

    2. A new book is being released: Remain in God's Love, more of an update like how they did for the What Does the Bible Really Teach book. And it will be released 2018-2019

    3. Study Watchtowers will now be simplified or rather be in a simple language in two years from now.

    So far I believe that's the new things going on at the moment.

  • stillin

    Can you elaborate on the simplified Watchtower thing? Grade school grammar for all?

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn


    Its more or less gonna be a combination of simplified and regular, for all

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    1: So even less magazines, 75% reduction at this point, (used to be 24 a year). It's just as well, they were just recycling the same topics year after year after year and will probably continue to do so.

    2: The current 2nd study publication is being simplified.

    3: The Simplified WT is now going to be the ONLY WT, is that right? (Not that the normal edition was so advanced to start with.)

    So besides the dedication program and inevitable 'encouraging' experiences, no other news?

  • StarryNight9

    It wasn't specified just how much they would dumb it down. A cross between simplified and standard was implied. It will be a new layout with elements from both. The standard watchtower is already at a 3rd grade reading level.

    The plan to evaluate a 2-year Awake/Watchtower cycle is interesting. If they go through with it (highly likely), there will be no new articles after 2 years. That would mean 6 Awakes and 6 Watchtowers total - to be reprinted as needed.

    Also, no more year books.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Thank you for the update. No new Spanish NWT yet huh? I'm sure many in Spanish are starting to wonder if they'll ever receive the new version.

  • freddo

    No more Yearbooks - with those pesky charts which would be showing "negative" down-turns in baptisms and growth.

    They are as transparent as to their true motives as looking through a window pane.

    And all that saved loot too. More sackings once the paint is dry on War-wick and Chelmsford methinks.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    No more yearbooks? Wow! That says so much.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Well many here have been predicting for a while that they'd stop printing stats. It's finally come true. Kinda a bummer, though, I was looking forward to watching them slowly fade into oblivion.

  • OneEyedJoe

    Also if they go up 6 magazines a year it's actually an 88.5% reduction since the good ol' days since they went to 16 page magazines instead of 32. (maybe the watchtowers will be 32 still? In that case it's a 82.25% reduction - still huge)

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