2017 Annual Meeting

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  • _Morpheus

    Few articles to edit means more control for the guardians of doctrine. Less work, more control

  • Pistoff

    As I figure it, the decrease in output from when I was a child is 97%.

    24 magazines per year, 32 pages, down to 6 issues per year at 16 pages.

    The explanation is 'simplification', a term witnesses use to cover many of their actions, whether they sell their home to pioneer, quit their jobs to pioneer, sell off assets, it's to simplify their life.

    Well, you can simplify your life by focusing on what is important, without selling off assets.


    The WT's 'simplification' is to reduce doctrinal output (at least to the public) by 97% over 20 years, an admission that they neither care to 'educate' any more, nor have the intellectual power to navigate the rough waters of public knowledge and science.

    They are not up to the task.

    From what I hear, much of the information was about buildings. Buildings is what they care about, it is what they pursue, while at the same time deciding that information, counsel, research, and comfort in the form of the written word is something they are 'simplifying' out of existence.

    Who gives a rat's ass about buildings??

    Most witnesses are believers, who are struggling; a few are ones who have figured out what to ignore, and are well off.

    Why would they want to hear about the ambitious real estate development by WT?

    Why not hear about how to get by in a truly crazy world, or what leadership is doing to help the poor among even the witnesses??

    The empty suits running the WT are craven and devoid of the care for the poor that Jesus showed.

  • wallsofjericho

    Boy a 4 year university education just got a lot easier to achieve

    (long time ex dubs will get this reference)

  • FedUpJW

    @ wallsofjericho

    Dammit...I just spat coffee all over my keyboard! I wish I could give you more than one vote up!

  • dubstepped
    LMAO @ wallsofjericho
  • Crazyguy

    Nice wallsofJericho, now I think I'll be able to get my masters.

  • shepherdless

    Reducing printed literature was predictable. Eliminating the Yearbook (when the next edition was due in a couple of months) was a bit of a surprise to me. I thought that they would continue to produce it, but that it would be only available in soft copy from the borg website.

    The biggest surprise to me is that some resources on the website will no longer be updated and maintained. This is not just about getting out of printing. They really must be facing some significant financial challenges. I guess there will be quite a few “reassigned” bethelites in the near future.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    Anthony Morris said in his talk "If you can't see how close we are to the end right now, you must be in a coma"

  • steve2

    "If you can't see how close we are to the end right now, you must be in a coma"

    Perhaps those with apps that can produce memes should start some building on from the Ant's remark.

    "If you can's see the way we've milked how close the is end for over 140 years, you must be in a coma."

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    What resources on the web won't be updated or maintained??

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