Derek Chauvin - The Right to a Fair Trial

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Don't forget, the police probably here "I can't breathe", "you're breaking my arm" and 101 other variations of fake claims 24x7 - yes, good point. How many times do officers have to deal with suspects claiming these things, then struggling free, or whatever.

    Bottom line - George Floyd refused to comply with the cops, so Chauvin and colleagues made him comply, in line with their authority as officers of the law. If Chauvin genuinely thought Floyd wasn't gonna comply that day, then this could have lead to him keeping his knee on Floyd.

    It's telling that after all the claims that police should have to wear body cams, some people are now wanting it stopped - lol. This goes to show that the 'activists' just don't want to acknowledge the fact that citizens have responsibilities.

    They want all the rights without the responsibilities. Well, sorry, but that's not how the real world works, or should work.

    At the moment, things aren't looking too good for these people, or for the prosecution in this case.

    Officers should keep wearing bodycams.

  • Rivergang

    In general terms, the “Rule of Three” applies to the human body’s requirements for food, water and oxygen

    - three weeks without food

    - three days without water

    - three minutes without oxygen

    After three minutes without oxygen, brain cells start dying off - a process that is irreversible (and while that may sound humerous, that is all that is funny about it). Death is then likely within four to six minutes afterwards.

    There have been some unusual cases in which people have survived at lot longer without oxygen, but that is exactly what they are - unusual.

    The industry I work in requires regular retraining in CPR / Live Switchboard Rescue. Over the nearly 50 years that I have been engaged in this field of work, it has always been emphasised that seconds count. The longer you delay starting CPR, the likelihood of death increases exponentially.

  • mynameislame

    You'll never convince me that there isn't something going on against black people.

    I still remember and evening I was out with a family of black friends. We were leaving a convenience store and got pulled over for 110% nothing. That is unless you consider driving too carefully to be a problem. This dude literally was driving like a 70 year old man. The police didn't even offer up a pretense of why they pulled him over.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @rivergang: that’s BS. A healthy in-shape human can voluntarily hold their breath for 2-3 minutes. Divers and swimmers often for 5-7 minutes. The record is over 10 minutes. Sadly the only scientific data we have on the subject is from accidents and Nazi experiments, but irreversible damage doesn’t set in until 15 minutes and in very cold environments 2-4 hours (eg. Pilots that crash in the Arctic Sea).

    I think you’re confusing the time between not breathing and the time your brain cells don’t receive oxygen. So if your heart stops pumping, it takes 3-5 minutes for brain cells to start dying off but your body prioritizes oxygen delivery to your brain and vital organs in situations where you can’t breathe but your heart still pumped.

    In this case, Floyd was breathing until the last few minutes of the hold (you can hear him scream, ergo, air is getting in and out). The EMT arrived a few minutes after he stopped screaming. If his heart gave out, yes, he’d be brain damaged but if he were just being choked (which he wasn’t) he’d be fine.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @myname: anecdotes don’t prove anything.

    According to crime statistics, it is less likely that you’ll be arrested for crime committed if you’re black, you’re most likely to be if you’re Asian, then White, then Latino.

    Per DOJ statistics, you’re more likely to be pulled over if you’re white. 76.2% of drivers are white and 76.5% of those who were pulled over were white.

    However what is interesting is that only 56% of Blacks will answer that they believe the stop was legitimate while 88% of either White or Latino drivers will say it was legitimate even though the rate of traffic stops that resulted in a conviction does not differ.

    Police pull over more young male whites by proportion of drivers than any other sub-group.

  • Rivergang

    Hi Anony mous,

    With all due respect, I am not confusing anything. From being involved in first aid and rescue work over the last five decades, it has always been emphasised that you must act swiftly if the casualty is to have any chance of being revived.

    Yes, there are exceptions - but you would be ill advised to attempt that for yourself!

  • MeanMrMustard

    Crowder volunteered for the knee-on-the-neck... twice. Talked all the way through it... twice.

    Floyd died because of the drugs.

    Let the riots begin. People do need new shoes.

  • Steel

    A year ago I was a staunch conservative. Those lazy black people, waiting for a democrat in the White House so they can get a free handout, seal the border, dirty mexicans etc etc

    Three doctors testimony and a eight minute video of a man getting this neck crushed and people are tripping over themselves to explain it all away.

    Wow. The American conservative is now as stupid as most uber company man elders. Just ugly black hearts.

    Ice-T is right. The hate is real.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @Steel: I think you’ve pulled the I-used-to-be-like-you-but-now-I’m-enlightened-and-only-morally-despicable-people-disagree-with-me bull shit before.

    It doesn’t work, and it is, in fact, bull shit.

    Argue facts. Not bull shit.

  • minimus

    Steel was a staunch conservative?? Lol now that one made me laugh. I guess CNN colors your vision.

    Mmm people do need shoes comment was funny 😄

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