Derek Chauvin - The Right to a Fair Trial

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  • redvip2000
    You'll never convince me that there isn't something going on against black people.

    That's a really silly way of putting it. Different crimes are associated with specific profiles. When it comes to street crimes they are disproportionally committed by black folks in certain areas. It's just the reality. The police are simply going by what they observe on the street.

    If you were a cop and you are told a drive by shooting just happened around the corner, and you go investigate, who is catching your eye first? The 67year old japanese women? The Indian guy? Or the young black male? Who is usually associated with that type of crime.?

    If you are told there is a terrorist about to blow himself up and you have 1 minute to find him and neutralize him? Who do you run to? The black teenager girl? The middle aged white guy? Or the young middle eastern male?

    And that depends on the area. Police in Alaska are probably not thinking of the same profiles because they see different profiles associated with crimes there as opposed to a cop in an urban area.

  • minimus

    I’ll bet there are more black criminals in Compton. Was that racist to say???

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Here's an interesting video from a black guy who is a former cop.

    Interesting …

  • Simon
    You'll never convince me that there isn't something going on against black people.

    Maybe check the statistics to educate yourself then you'll understand.

    I still remember and evening I was out with a family of black friends. We were leaving a convenience store and got pulled over for 110% nothing. That is unless you consider driving too carefully to be a problem. This dude literally was driving like a 70 year old man. The police didn't even offer up a pretense of why they pulled him over.

    If I was a cop, I would pull them over - someone driving like a 70 year old man who wasn't screams "stoned".

    It's lacking detail but a car pull of people driving slowly round a neighbourhood could easily be people up to no good. You make a judgement of the police and the reason but without the complete set of data - how many break-ins have happened recently for instance? Has there been a recent report of a crime that fits the people in the care? So many potential reasons, but for those who define their entire existence and every interaction and life event being due to their skin color, then of course that is what they think is the cause of everything even though it isn't necessarily the case.

    I've been pulled over by police when doing nothing wrong. How is that possible? I'm clearly white after all. Was I being discriminated against somehow or was it the police just doing their job?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    I got pulled over for driving slow once too. The police thought I was drunk, but I was just looking for a nearby store in the dark. They held me for some time to assess whether I was drunk or high and then let me go. It was really annoying, but it's nothing to start fighting for.

    If Floyd and all the other blacks had just remained calm and went to the police station, they may not have died. Fighting with cops is generally a bad idea, they have guns and training.

  • Simon

    Yeah, I always drive at or slightly over the speed limit if there is a cop behind me late at night - nothing screams "stop me, I'm guilty!" more than driving overly cautiously and under-the-limit when there is no need.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I used to work with a black guy here in the UK. He drove a very flashy BMW, always well dressed, Ray-bans and all. He told me he had never been once pulled over by the police.

    However, he previously used to work for Aeroflot as a flight engineer and if he was just walking through Moscow he would be pulled over almost at every corner by police, uniformed and plain clothed, demanding to see his papers. Unless he was in uniform, then they would salute him.

    Sometimes depends on where you live.


  • Jazzbo

    I doubt very much if this police officer can get a fair trial in this environment which is a shame. There have been wall-to-wall lies about this from the Media and race baiting activists from the beginning. I have one very simple question, why was there no bruising on Floyd's neck, back or shoulder? The fact that there was no bruising means the narrative was a lie. The officer is innocent and should be declared so. Of course, BLM and Antifa will burn Minneapolis down if justice is actually done.

  • MeanMrMustard
    I've been pulled over by police when doing nothing wrong. How is that possible? I'm clearly white after all. Was I being discriminated against somehow or was it the police just doing their job?

    When my wife and I were dating, we often had to travel in two cars (it was the JW way with no chaperone) . We were traveling to some family dinner - just about a 15 min drive. All of a sudden, a cop car comes out of seemingly nowhere, pulls my wife (then girlfriend) over. I pull off the road about a half mile ahead, and waited. We were doing the speed limit, not driving crazy. Neither of us had tinted windows. Both officers jump from their car, weapons drawn and move in around the car. My wife/then girlfriend, as freaked out as she was, just complied. She stepped out. The officers took a 10 second look through the windows and then apologized and told her that she was free to go. They said they didn't mean to scare her, but her car happened to match the description of a vehicle just used to hold up, at gun point, a convenience store down the road. They got back into their vehicle and rushed off again.

  • minimus

    A couple of years ago I was pulled over taking a turn on a busy street. I immediately pulled over The police officer quickly came to my window from the passenger side looked at me and said I’m sorry someone we’re looking for is driving the same car model. Then he left. Can you imagine if I continue driving because I figure He’s got no reason to stop me? Or if he does stop me I start giving him a hard time? ....not very smart

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