What is the alternative to JW?

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  • tornapart
    Formerbrother, a few years ago I found myself at the stage you are at. It's been a long slow process and what I've discovered is that there are no clear cut answers to anything. The more questions you ask, the more questions there are. One of the things I dislike most of all about JWs (and my family are still in, and I occasionally still go) is the dogmatism. The belief that they have ALL the answers and no-one else does. I'm still a believer in God and Christ but certainly have no faith in what men teach. Especially when it conflicts with Christ's teachings... and if you look closely, what the WT teaches is way off what Christ taught. Keep asking questions, don't fob them off because they don't fit, open your mind to new ideas and new ways of looking at things. It may make you feel as if the rug has been pulled from under you and that there are no foundations anymore and you feel a little lost but this is simply because we have been duped into putting our trust in men. Trust your own instincts, follow your heart and you will soon discover your own way, whether you stay a believer or not... it has to be what you want and not what someone else has told you to believe. It's a process and may take a long long time, but enjoy finding out!
  • cofty
    Trust your own instincts, follow your heart and you will soon discover your own way

    Don't do that. Follow the evidence.

  • Finkelstein

    The alternative to the JWS or any religion for that matter is open investigative inquiry to established and scrutinized knowledge of are selves and the world in which we live.

    As history has shown mere ignorant men were the ones who created supernatural agents that supposedly controlled everything in the universe.

    Being socially engaged to these supernatural agents via supposed self identifying seers (mere men) has proven to have detrimental effects toward all humanity.

  • sparky1
    The question for me was not, 'what IS the alternative to Jehovah's Witnesses?' but rather what ARE the alternatives to Jehovah's Witnesses?. Having been raised in the religion and never really believing it, I have had to continually ask myself that question. My life became a continual process of self discovery and discovery of whats 'out there'. The final destination in life is death. Stop worrying about the destination and enjoy the process. Since I have Libertarian leanings, I always seek out a Libertarians opinion. Thomas Szasz is my favorite Libertarian. I share this quote with you in hopes that it will help you as it has helped me: "If you truly yearn to be free, you must first recognize all the ways you are unfree. Only after constructing a complete catalogue of the constraints upon you can you begin to consider which ones you can and want to diminish or eliminate and at what cost (to you and others you cherish). Your self-liberation will be complete when you are left with constraints to which you willingly, perhaps even eagerly, submit." Good luck, Formerbrother.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    An alternate to JW, how about no religion!!
  • kaik

    Why do you need an alternative? Do you need alternative to make totalitarian group better like replacing Hitler with Goering and suddenly the National Socialism will get better? JW beliefs are fluid, it is one of the religious group out there that does not have defined theology. Whatever fits momentary explanation to WT and JW crowd is assumed to be Truth. It does not believe to the same principles I grew up and I have left 22 years ago. For example generation of 1914 that will never die to overlapping generation. WT is rotten to the core, and there is not much to salvage. Catholic church at leas run hospices and nursing homes, or taking care of developmentally challenged, while WT gives a crap about people who are sick, old, or mentally retarded.

    If you believe in God who created everything around and this huge universe, do you really think that he will leave with humanity this poorly written book known as Bible? The book with laws that were already obsolete in late antiquity and caused the western World do follow Roman laws instead biblical? This book where scholars already 300 years go knew it was nonsense under confrontation with reality, science, and historical studies?

  • Finkelstein

    How about gaining actual secular education , you know stuff taught in Universities and Colleges.

  • Vidiot

    Formerbrother - "What is the alternative to JW?"

    The freedom to use logic and reason to come to a conclusion - any conclusion - without feeling hamstrung by ideology.

  • Formerbrother

    thanks for replies.

    My conclusions are that JW are the nearest to the truth from the Bible, they are the only ones to use the divine name.

    But they are imperfect humans and mistakes are made.


    My conclusions are that JW are the nearest to the truth from the Bible, they are the only ones to use the divine name.

    A 13th century Catholic Translation Mistake is Divine?

    People who Repeat that Mistake are Nearest to the Truth?

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