What is the alternative to JW?

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    Is Jehovah real?

    The Name Jehovah is a 13th century Catholic Translation Mistake..

    The the Bible is word? If not whats the alternative?..

    In the Bible,the book of John says "Jesus is the Word"..

    John 1:1-14..

    I cant see how any thinking person can believe evolution.

    ......You`ve Been Wrong So Far..


  • Truthexplorer
    Hi FB, that was a question I asked many years ago. I spent years researching the society and different Christian faiths. The conclusion I came to is this. Christianity has sectarianised itself into thousands of groups all with their own interpretation of scripture. Some are closer to biblical truth than others. Satan has done a great job at sowing discord. There is no Christian faith group on earth that will be 100% perfectly right. There are some groups that are clearly rotten to the core. But, there are also some groups who sincerely want to follow in Christ's steps as closely as possible. Though I see the flaws within the WT, I now follow my heart when it comes to truth. I believe things that outrightly conflict with WT teachings. In fact I never refer myself to others as a JW. I always tell people I am a Christian (thats all). Though I find the meetings a bit of a bore listening to the same thing over and over, I remain spiritually upbuilt by reading wonderful writings on sites like perimeno, and Beraeon Pickets. I also take solace in the fact that Jesus on his return will bring an end to all man made errors as to what we are to believe. Allow the holy spirit to guide you in your journey through life. I hope you find the peace of mind you are looking for. TE
  • cofty
    I also take solace in the fact that Jesus on his return will bring an end to all man made errors as to what we are to believe

    He is 2000 years late.

  • Finkelstein

    Humanity can embrace mythological teachings originating 2000 years ago and let these imagined supernatural agents resolve the perils that humanity suffers or humanity can strive to resolve these problems by are selves.

    In reflection what ideological concept has proven to be more worthy and valuable than the other ?

  • Tornintwo

    I'd like to believe God is the way Jesus revealed him to be, loving, compassionate, merciful. So I'm choosing basic Christianity, if it's true then the wheat and the weeds are everywhere, I certainly met a few weeds among the witnesses. We can only do our best as individuals.

    If in reality God is like the witnesses say he is; jealous, vengeful, insisting on only worship based on a difficult to find 'accurate' knowledge, if he would kill sincere although misled people for getting it 'wrong', well then he's not very pleasant, and I'd rather not worship him but instead take my chances with the 99.9%.

    Its like I'm a parent, imagine I ask my kids to look after something precious to me, but the instructions I leave are confusing and difficult to follow, then they get damaged so you can't even read them properly. I come back to find they've tried their best, are very sincere and wanted to look after the precious thing, but they've got it all wrong because the instructions were a mess. Would I be angry with them? Would I have a right to be angry? As a loving parent, wouldn't I be pleased they did their best, made an effort, had good intentions? Wouldn't I be sorry I didn't make things clearer?

    This world's religions & beliefs are a quagmire of confusion, I wouldn't be surprised if all the scriptures are corrupted. As a humanist, atheist, agnostic or theist, the best chance any of us have is to show love, tolerance, kindness and mercy, be thankful for our blessings and hope if there is a god he's a decent guy too.

  • Alive!

    Since drifting from the organisation, I've been touched over and over again by the sincere and genuine voices of my 'speicies'

    So many showing and living a life that tries to uphold kindness, compassion....

    'Truth' is not a brand.

  • quincemyles
    Study the bible with an open mind and look for how to improve your life than how to improve other people's lives. Read scholarly books and articles on passages of scripture. Endeavor to apply all that you glean from the holy scriptures and respectable scholarship. In terms of association, make it your aim to minister to others about Lord Jesus wherever you may be. That is the alternative.
  • punkofnice
    I hope Formerbrother comes back on the tread and gives us some feedback
  • jookbeard
    I wonder if he's run !
  • SecretSlaveClass
    In my opinion there is no truth. What there is however, is being truthful with yourself. Examine the facts and your emotions, weigh them against each other and make your decisions based on facts using your emotions to support your commitment to those facts, not the other way round. In otherwords, you will constantly be searching for the truth on every subject and in every situation. There is no "one answer" to follow for a fix-all philosophy.

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