What is the alternative to JW?

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Check out Arne Jordly's works, he's been at it for 25 years and has some great commentaries available :


    Borean Pickets is also a great site : http://meletivivlon.com/

    God's kingdom with Christ Jesus as high priest, non trinitarian all without the 'governing body' teaching.

  • Londo111

    If a Scientologist was opening his eyes and seeing the problems in his organization, what if he asked you, “What is the alternative to Scientology?” Or fill in the blank…the People’s Temple, the Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate, the Moonies, the LDS church.

    All of these groups claim to supply absolute truth or to be the closest to it. When people start to wake up, some seek something like it, or another group that claims to know all the answers.

    In her book Troublemaker, Leah Remini was deeply troubled by the problems of the Church of Scientology. But her first thought was the reform it, to reform it. She still believed in the teachings of LRH. Eventually she realized the problem was LRH.

  • Giordano
    I believe formerbrother headed for the hills. Win some...... lose some. However great posts everyone.
  • Phizzy

    I add my "Well done !" to that of Giordano, quite often those who come on here, like "Former brother", and have their belief system challenged to an unanswerable extent, go away, lick their wounds, and if they are honest lovers of Truth, return some time later to thank us for freeing them from falsehood.

    Watch this space !

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    To be a good JW is to follow the Borg with ''unquestioning obedience''. That's right!!!

    Even if to follow ''strange instructions''. Like lying under oath!!! Before a Judge and or jury.

  • Alive!

    I loved reading Millie's thoughts on this thread. Thank you Millie for putting together a beautifully crafted explanation of where you are at right now.

    I'm working with what feels good and healing - and waiting, taking time and not hurrying to any conclusion.

    My faith remains.

  • Finkelstein

    If not whats the alternative? I cant see how any thinking person can believe evolution.

    Not surprising summation from someone who didn't deeply investigate or seek knowledge pertaining to this science/knowledge.

    The answer to this posed question might be humanism or appeal to humanistic values.

    So in other words its dependent on humanity to improve the living experience of humanity as a whole.

    Until its acknowledged that a unforeseen supernatural force is going to help us with are perils of living.

  • Xanthippe

    Hi FB and welcome. I have long passed the point where the question, what's the alternative has any meaning for me. Not sure it ever did. When I was a 'sister' I was obsessed with truth. I still am. There isn't an alternative to truth is there?

    I hated the way JWs talked about scientists. They can do nothing right can they. It's like people building computers, finding medical cures and inventing labour saving devices are rubbish all because of the theory of evolution. I hated that attitude when I was in.

    When I left I had to have a look at evolution to see why the WTS was so wound up about it and I found I had been lied to. For example there are far more fossils than just what would fit on a dining table. Remember that one?

    Are they closer to the truth than most religions. If you're talking basic Christian belief in love and treating people well I would say they're far from the truth of that idea. They just don't understand unconditional love, they despise everyone who isn't a witness and they don't give to any charity or try and relieve suffering.

    If you mean are they closer to what reality is, they take a two thousand year old book literally. That's just silly. They are just being ignorant and stubborn about how you study the past and how you try and understand the universe. We need to use all the information at our disposal in the world and learn as much as we can instead of rejecting information saying It's from Satan!

    Just keep reading and don't be afraid of what you might find. You want to know what reality is don't you! I certainly do. It's never easy to leave that lovely world of hoping for a paradise where we will all have a beautiful house in a forest by a lake with a lion on the lawn. Be brave, is all I can say, the answers might be more amazing than you can even imagine in your wildest dreams.

  • average joe
    average joe
    I have only read the first page of comments but this seems like a similar response to what others have asked. The responses are witnesses are evil, be an atheist, find god on your own in your own way etc. What no one ever does is give you a name of the "true" church or "true" religion or any church or religion for that matter which I feel that is what you were really asking for. I have seen this question asked a few times and really it seems the majority of those that leave the witnesses no longer have a religion or even in believe in god . .
  • Finkelstein

    From a ideological perception, isn't the belief in gods realistically believing in man himself since its man who imagined these gods and what they were to do for themselves and purportedly for mankind ???

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