What is the alternative to JW?

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  • Formerbrother
    It is my experiences that the JWs do very little of the bible. They do not do anything scriptural. They have a new testament of Jesus. A false new testament. How do we know? Look at their fruits. Really, look at the fruits. No one can name one JW fruit. Everything in JW doctrine is a copy of catholic teachings. Going door to door with a catholic book [the bible] telling everyone that Jehovah is God's true name [coined by a catholic monk] telling people that they are the biblical authority in prophesy and meaning [with a history of less than 200 years] What are the fruits? If it is from God, there would be fruits.
    What's the JW alternative? Try a church has real fruits that have helped billions and billions and billions. Jws have works that have no fruits. NAME A FRUIT, JUST ONE GOOD FRUIT FROM JWs please.
    One good fruit, OK how about the FACT that JWs are the only option fulfilling what Jesus said in Matt 24:14 "This good news of the Kingdom will be preached to all the nations"
    Please tell me another Church who is involved in this global preaching work? Im surprised it hasnt yet been brought up in this thread, go on which option have we all missed which is also involved in a vast global preaching campaign? Oh thats right there isnt any apart from JWs.
    If the Divine name was originally from the Catholics then why did they stop using it?
  • Acts5v29

    Former Brother

    I have looked over the avatars of other people, and no-where do I see a photo of them on watchtower preaching work. I have looked over your posts, and - while the text sounds like it could be from someone searching, or from someone who is dis-satisfied or a "former" JW - all of them could also be statements from an active witness citing questions in challenge to outsiders. You ask seemingly reasonable questions to people, who presume they are receiving an unbiased reply from someone who is similar to them - but you are nothing of the kind.

    The aim of your posts is to quietly instill doubt and fear in those who have already suffered horrible experiences - rebutting their reasonable responses and making them begin to wonder if there is an alternative to the JW, and then wonder what "terrible position" they must be in by leaving it. How utterly cruel, have devious, how manipulative, how disgusting. For all your Bible learning, you could have taught the wounded ones here - those so traumatised that they never want to look at a Bible again - you could have instilled an interest and love in the scriptures and a trust in God back to them, but instead you do this detestable thing.

    The very fact that you have framed you questions and comments in such an ambivalent manner shows the work you have put into this deceit. I have seen many, many of these actions in the past from people, and they are no different to the lying action of the serpent toward Eve. Whatever your conscience is, I hope you feel it was worth it, but as this marks a disgusting tactic in your religion, you will find it is a Pyrrhic victory

  • OrphanCrow
    PS, Most people dont know, but JWs always get the very best medical treatment. If medical staff know they absolutely can not transfuse blood, then they have to give the very best medical care from the start.

    Watchtower propaganda.

    What a load of bullshit. So f***ing high that it stinks to high heaven.

    If that were the case, then why has over 100,000 JWs died from refusing blood??????

    If you call being a guinea pig for bloodless medicine "getting the best treatment"...then go ahead, die for the profit of the bloodless medicine industry. Lay your babies on the altar of the blood god Jehovah.

  • OrphanCrow
    formerbrother: its Jehovah who wrote the bible

    Hahaha! I bet you bought one of these bibbles:

  • Truthexplorer
    Former brother, Like I said the blood issue is a matter of conscience. Its between the individual and God. Every person should have the right to either accept or refuse blood in the event of an accident or surgical procedure. A person should not be made to feel under pressure, particularly when they may be at risk of dying. Many lives have been saved as a result of having no other option than to have a blood transfusion. Two examples come to mind. One of the girls involved in the Thorpe park ride crash last year, and who lost her leg, only survived after being administered a transfusion at the crash site. She was bleeding profusely and would have died as it took a number of hours for the emergency services to cut her free. Another example was a guy who was run over by a truck whilst cycling through the city. He had to have a massive transfusion to save his life and again would have died otherwise. Could I also add that a young lad (a JW) in England died when he refused a blood transfusion. He was knocked down by a car on his way to the shops and adamantly refused blood. The hospital deemed him mature enough to make his own decision. I think he was 15. You can google the story on line online. In my view...Jesus words ring true...'I want mercy, not sacrifice'
  • OrphanCrow
    formerbrother: Please tell me another Church who is involved in this global preaching work?

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • TheListener

    Yup, Mormons outdo the dubs.

    A lot of churches have international missions.

  • OrphanCrow

    Yes, lots of churches have missions. Nothing new.

    In fact, the newcomers on the block are the JWs. It kills me when JWs come out with "we are the only ones who preach!!!!"

    Mission work had been going on for centuries before the Johnny Come Lately JWs showed up on the scene.


  • jhine
    Former Brother , until you stop believeing the outright lies told by the WT this discussion is going no where . Churches of Christendom translate the Bible , not their own teaching propaganda , into more languages than the WT proven fact . So that is one lie exposed . lt also proves if you THINK about it that the Gospel is preached world wide by people other than the Witnesses .
    If the WT reads and acts upon the whole Bible , where is it's charitable ( loving ) work . Feeding the poor , looking after widows and orphans . That is the faith that pleases Yahweh . As already asked where are their fruits ?
    Orphan Crow is right - the idea about Witnesses getting better health care is rubbish . ln the US maybe , l can't comment on that , but in the UK where our National Health Service is under funded and struggling . in lndia or any Third World Country , do you think they have the resources to pander to individuals wanting special treatment ?. Did you read Cofty's article on Blood ? I suspect not.
    Someone has already quoted the Scripture where Jesus tell those he is sending out not to go door to door . That was not the pattern of the Early Church . Paul stayed in one house then preached in City Squares or outside temples .
    You are not going to convert anyone on here . Either the atheists / agnostics or the Christians . One way or another we all know better .
  • Alive!

    'The witnesses are the only ones preaching the good news.....'

    False. I have found this to be absolutely false.

    I feel ashamed I delivered publications in Gods name that claimed ridiculous and now abandoned 'truths' by the very 'class' of self acclaimed anointed - and all this with the view that unless the receiver accepted a 'current' truth they were rejecting God.

    Former Brother - I hold the one who is Eternal Life in far higher regard.

    Religion is the result of our own foolishness and vanity.

    Universal hope is pure..,.

    And..... The fact that JWs spend so much time reading scripture or thinking on it is not anything to be proud of as their tendency toward lies, deceit, twisted words and sin in general is ridiculous.

    I was a convert - after two decades I realised the game was up. I couldn't bring anyone into this mess.

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