What is the alternative to JW?

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  • Acts5v29

    Hello Alive!

    Every church has their quite meaningless cliches - even the notion of "the good news" depends upon what good news they are preaching.

    Like you, I'm sure that God is far above that.

  • Formerbrother
    • OrphanCrow10 hours ago
      formerbrother: Please tell me another Church who is involved in this global preaching work?

      The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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    • TheListener
      TheListener10 hours ago

      Yup, Mormons outdo the dubs.

      A lot of churches have international missions.


      Yes the mormons as said are the next best at global preaching. But they are not following the Bible much when it comes to anything else.

      Which other churches come close to this vast global preaching work that Jesus spoke about? The church of Jesus later day saints is hardly known about at all, they have never called at my door, or many other people around the world. That can not be said of Jws.

  • Formerbrother

    the idea about Witnesses getting better health care is rubbish . ln the US maybe , l can't comment on that , but in the UK where our National Health Service is under funded and struggling .


    I am in the UK. When my wife was giving birth she lost a lot of blood. After the baby was born she wouldnt stop bleeding, the staff ordered a few bags of blood, then they thought they could take it easy.

    I contacted the JW Hospital Liaison Committee and two brothers were at her bedside within the hour. Immediately the standard of health care went up, the JWs made sure of that, they knew exactly what they were talking about, other Doctors were called in and it was made clear that because giving blood was absolutely not an option they had to make her priority, she had the very best medical care to stop the bleeding and high quality care.

    If they knew they could just pump more blood into her, then they could have carried on with sloppy medical care, Im sorry but its the truth. JWs get the very best medical care.

    Many patients ask the JW H.L.C to help them, but its only for baptised members.

  • Hoffnung

    The most complete answer to the 'where else to go' question is written by Ray Franz in 'in search for christian freedom. Entirely in agreement with the bible.

    The belief system that Jesus founded was existing out of loosely connected churches (or congregations if you like), and no centralized organization. So if you are looking for a 'true' religion as per the bible, it must be a hard to notice group. The churches mentioned in the bible were not uniform in their beliefs and their acts, however Jesus did not condemn them for this, neither did Paul. There is a framework that needs to be the same (Jesus as messiah, gave his life for us,...) others are optional. However both Jesus and Paul also showed the options have boundaries, such as sleeping with your fathers wife is not to be tolerated.

    their most outstanding mark should be love amongst themselves and love for their fellowmen, NOT the preaching work. That's what the bible says. If you are looking for a group that is known for their preaching, automatically that won't be the right one. Neither Jesus, his disciples, apostles, or Paul went EVER from door to door. And if you have ever been to the middle east, you will immediately know why: it would make you look as if you are trying to hide something. If you want to attract an audience out there, you have to go to the market place or square, and start talking. If there are people interested they will invite you to their own house. If you take the emphatic diaglott (published by the Watchtower) you will find that in the original Greek text, there is no support for the Watchtowers way of preaching. So then using this way of preaching as your touchstone, you will never find the 'true religion'

  • OnTheWayOut

    If I am reading this thread right (and I may not be because I lost interest in the standard minutia of so many pages) the thought is that after studying the Watchtower's version of the Bible and Watchtower's explanation of how to apply the Bible, the original poster is simply applying the No True Scotsman logic fallicy to any counter-argument. (Google "wiki no true scotsman".)

    There was excellent thoughts in the first several pages to help. I assume there were more excellent thoughts in the pages after that.

  • konceptual99
    Which other churches come close to this vast global preaching work that Jesus spoke about? The church of Jesus later day saints is hardly known about at all, they have never called at my door, or many other people around the world. That can not be said of Jws.

    One of the biggest fallacies about the preaching work raises it's ugly head once again.

    Go and ask the population of China, the Indian sub-continent, North Africa and the Middle East how many Witnesses have knocked on their door or even seen a cart in the market place?

  • Fernando

    "What point are you making?"


    Formerbrother, please can you explain the Good News according to Paul from your heart, without missing any key aspects?

    (Especially what we must do to have a right and clean standing with God)


    One good fruit, OK how about the FACT that JWs are the only option fulfilling what Jesus said in Matt 24:14 "This good news of the Kingdom will be preached to all the nations"
    Please tell me another Church who is involved in this global preaching work? Im surprised it hasnt yet been brought up in this thread, go on which option have we all missed which is also involved in a vast global preaching campaign? Oh thats right there isnt any apart from JWs.
    If the Divine name was originally from the Catholics then why did they stop using it?

    Former brother, if I may correct your confusion. The fact that JWs are preaching to all nations is not a fruit, It is a work. A fruit would be something good that came from that work. NO FRUITS just works that produce NO FRUITS.

    Secondly, how is it that JWs take credit for bringing the good news? It's a catholic book. Are you suggesting that JWs have more missionary work than the Catholic church? No reasoning and sense in your argument.

    Why did the catholic church stop using Jehovah? Because it's a made up name. If it was the true name of God, then everyone would be using the Lords name in vain just by saying Jehovahs witnesses because it is rarely used in worship in JWs and others. STILL NO FRUITS, just works that produce NO FRUITS....sorry

  • mrquik
    TTWSYF; if it's global preaching that's a qualifier, ISIS beats the JW's hands down. For your doctrine to work, you would be obligated to warn EVERYONE ON EARTH. You do a piss poor job. It's mathematically impossible. You are not the one true religion. It's not here. When it does arrive, you will not recognize it.
  • OrphanCrow
    TTWSYF: STILL NO FRUITS, just works that produce NO FRUITS....

    Word of the day:


    adj: serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being

    adj: producing no result or effect

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