What is the alternative to JW?

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  • jhine
    1 ) no l don't think that you can have too much Starbucks , an interesting hypothesis .ls that what l mean? 2) Patience IS a virtue . 3) Patience the stripper sounds more generous with her assets than the WT and so is probably closer to the Kingdom than most of the GB Jan
  • Vidiot

    @ jhine...

    Do you have Patience's phone number?

  • jhine

    Vidiot , l would have to get it off DJS Assuming you mean the stripper , not the virtue . Though DJS has exercised admirable Patience until now , the virtue not the stripper . ( then again ). Jan

  • Alive!

    Former brother......

    A good point is made by several here, you are not 'saved' by a religion that claims ownership as the only path to Christ.

    I was entirely ignorant of the bible - JWs guided me with their doctrinal perspective and whilst I felt 'gut twists' of discomfort over some of the presentation style and the strange words and explanations coming from Brooklyn, I saw this 'brotherhood' and began to trust that 'this is the way'.

    With the Watchtower at my shoulder, my study conductor prayed in earnest and I prayed with thanks and beseeched to have 'these truths' reach my heart.

    Truths which were not truths the proclaiming FDS tells us later- and yet if I had rejected those truths which were not truths during my study, I could not have progressed to baptism.

    Now, there is something seriously wrong with that.

    If you are sincerely interested in exploring Christian based thought, then have a look at the hope of universal reconciliation.

    Just think on it. You can google universal salvation/reconciliation and find much to meditate over.

    The word 'salvation' is about healing....

    To me, a fundamental clue towards our hope and purpose is in 'we are made in his image'.

    So as someone said earlier, laziness in taking responsibility, respecting those made in our image and respecting each one in their own journey is missing the point of Jesus words and teachings 'who really is my brother?'

    So many elements of the WTBTS fit the 'warning' scriptures you know.....as many appear to be 'ticks' for...don't overlook how many elements 'tick' the 'BEWARE' box.

    Keep searching :-)

  • OutsiderLookingIn
    Outsider, we are in agreement about everything

    I'll take this and run with it, Former Brother lol. Just kidding.

    except from " there isn't one right answer about a place of worship." or all roads lead to God. I just cant see how it doesnt matter to God what you believe or who you follow.

    It has to matter, there has to be one truth from the bible, not different truths many different interpretations that God is pleased with opposing beliefs?

    If Jws are not correct, which I will possibly accept, then which option is the correct option that god is pleased with?

    There has to be one truth, there cant be more than one option. There is no place in the Bible that indicates it doesnt matter if two followers of Jesus teachings have different beliefs about the bible, they are both correct. Think about it.

    So again, which option is there if not JW's?

    Mormons, maybe? One of the 30K so called Christian faiths? If so which one?

    I didn't say all roads lead to God or that it doesn't matter what path you follow. The Christian faith is centered on Jesus being the only way to eternal life. As a disciple of Jesus, you follow Him. Not only do you follow Jesus, you abide in Him (John 15:4-5), not trying to "be good" on your own. What (or rather, who) is the truth? We agree that it's Jesus so an accurate understanding of Him and what He did for each of us is the key issue of salvation. Jesus died for all of us, not just 144,000. JWs teach that Jesus is Michael, based on flimsy "evidence". I could start a separate thread or PM you on how circular and closed-minded this reasoning is... Given the emphasis JWs place on God's name being Jehovah, how can they so fast and loose with the name of Jesus? The only name by which we may be saved? (Acts 4:10-12).

    Now as to whether place or style of worship matters, there is certainly some allowance for cultural differences. There were no Kingdom Halls or physical buildings called churches. People met in houses and the individuals were the church (ekklesia- called out ones). I agree that the Bible sets forth moral principles which have not changed, but it also cautions not to be divisive on disputed matters (Romans 14:1-12). Yet judgment on disputed and insignificant matters is the Watchtower's bread and butter: cross vs. stake; anything with pagan roots is bad unless they can use it to their advantage (wedding rings, neckties, makeup). There are rules, rules, and more rules but absolutely no spiritual transformation (Colossians 2:16-23). At the same time, it hangs its hat on demonstrably false teachings...Where exactly does the Bible speak of close association with Christ's brothers as a path to salvation? What's more important in the grand scheme of things? The Watchtower obscures the path to Jesus and that's a huge problem. Without this basis, uniformity in worship does not matter.

    What do you mean by opposing beliefs? The Watchtower hasn't been a beacon of consistency so I think you must mean something else. Can you give some examples?

  • DesirousOfChange

    DJS: Too much Starbucks in the morning. But really, is it even possible to have too much Starbucks?

    There are just some aspects of being a JW that are harder to shake than others. Do you reverse-witness when the FS group stops in?


  • DJS

    Oh (former) Brother, Where Art Thou . . .

    … after a major earthquake, a Middle East War or a stock market crash? I'm betting in the front row of the local Kingdom Hall.

    But before you kick me out of 'Woolsworth', I just want to ask whether it's ALL the 'Woolsworth' or just this one?

    Jhine, I don't have Patience the stripper's phone number, but I've a few NSFW stories about a couple of her co-workers.


    In the 20 years or so before coming onto this site in June of 2013, I never had the first religious discussion with anyone, and this site is the only time I ever talk about being an ex-dub and I resolutely avoid religious discussions here as well. Regarding the dubs: the few times they have come to my house or have crossed my path I have been kind, gentle and positive. I've been outside working in my lawn a few times when they have been in FS, and I am respectful and kind (otherwise I practice that time-honored practice - I avoid them). There is no need in shooting the messenger. Now those old white dudes (and one token) in Brooklyn . . . . . .

  • RetiredLE
    DJS.. ".....dooo .......notttt....... seeek .........the treasur'....."
  • JRK

    "The Truth" is what you make it.


  • Formerbrother
    Thanks all, but it doesnt answer the question, which option is the best alternative to JWs?

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