New DNA Study Confirms Noah

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    Amazing read...go on , have a laugh if you want to.

    New DNA Study Confirms Noah

    by Brian Thomas, M.S.

    Evolutionary teachings hold that all mankind arose from a population of ape-like ancestors from which chimpanzees also evolved. But Genesis, the rest of the Bible, and Jesus teach that all mankind arose from Noah's three sons and their wives. A new analysis of human mitochondrial DNA exposes two new evidences that validate the biblical beginnings of mankind.

    Mitochondrial DNA comes from mothers. Mother egg cells transmit their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) into the cellular mitochondria of every child born. This unique annex of DNA contains 16,569 bases—either adenine, guanine, cytosine, or thymine (A, G, C, T)—that encode vital cellular information, like an instruction manual.

    Scientists have been comparing the genetic differences between every major people group around the globe. How did those differences arise?

    Assuming that God placed the ideal mtDNA sequence into Eve, all those differences arose by mutations since the Genesis 3 curse, about 6,000 years ago. Other scientists measured the rate at which these copying errors occur. Though very slow—we acquire about one mutation every 6 generations—a few dozen mutations could appear after several millennia.

    This sets the stage for researchers to compare competing models' predictions against measured mtDNA differences.

    Bible-believing molecular biologist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson downloaded publicly available human mitochondrial genome sequence data to do exactly that. Publishing in Answers Research Journal, his results show that the number of today's mtDNA differences exactly matches the number predicted by the Bible's 6,000 years of human history.1 Mitochondrial DNA from around the world shows no trace of the 200,000 or so years' worth of mutations that the evolution model predicts.

    Geneticists construct tree diagrams using software that places the most similar genetic sequences near one another, and the most dissimilar sequences on the longest branches. Jeanson found at least two distinct patterns in the human mtDNA tree diagram that confirm Genesis.

    The center of the diagram shows three main trunks. Each reflects a specific mtDNA sequence with only a handful of differences from the other two.

    Could these three trunks represent the unique mtDNA from the wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth?

    A second pattern emerges that also fits the three wives explanation. Assuming longer times between each generation, according to the biblical record of lifespans before the Flood, and using today's slow mutation rate, the 1,656 years between Adam and Noah would have produced the small number of differences that the short lines between each trunk represent.

    Jeanson compared the small number of mtDNA differences between each trunk, or central node, with the relatively large number of differences in the branches. He wrote, "About 1,660 years passed from Creation to the Flood, whereas 4,365 years passed from the Flood to the present—a ~2.6:1 time ratio. Consistent with this, the branches connecting the nodes to one another were much shorter than the branches spraying out from the nodes—as if the short branches represented pre-Flood mutations, and the long branches represented post-Flood mutations."1

    It appears that modern genetics confirms Genesis, which says, "So Noah went out, and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives with him."

    This study produced two Genesis-confirming results. First, the human mtDNA tree has three trunks, which fits the Genesis model that all peoples descended from three foundational mothers—the wives of Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Second, 6,000 years of today's slow mutation rate would exactly produce today's measured number of mtDNA differences. Genetics again confirms Genesis.

  • snowbird
    Genetics again confirms Genesis.

    Man was here 1,656 years pre-Flood; we are still here 4,120 years post-Flood.

    Let God be found true though every man be a liar!



  • redvip2000

    I see, a study from the Institute for Creation Research. I'm pretty sure there is no bias in that study.

    Perhaps next week the Institute for Bigfoot Field Research will also have their own study about how Bigfoots are real, and we'll also believe that.

  • ttdtt
    Bible-believing molecular biologist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson

    No Doubt he will be featured in a Awake Magazine soon.


  • cofty

    "Mitochondrial Eve" was one of tens of thousands of individuals who lived concurrently in Africa 200,000 years ago. The last common male ancestor "Y chromosome Adam" lived a few 10s of thousands of years later.

    Can you guess why Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson won't publish in a peer-reviewed journal?

    Genetics is the most powerful source of proof that humans evolved from non-human ancestors. Anybody who tries to use genetics to support creationism is lying to you.

    Here are a few examples of DNA evidence for evolution...

    #1 Protein Functional Redundancy
    Comparing the sequences of amino acids in ubiquitous proteins confirms the relationship between all living things.

    #2 DNA Functional Redundancy
    Comparison of the DNA that codes for the amino acids of ubiquitous proteins predicts the tree of life with an astonishing degree of accuracy.

    #3 ERVs
    Endogenous retroviruses that infected our ancestors are found in the same place of the genome of our closest primate cousins.

    #4 Smelly Genes
    Hundreds of broken genes that used to code for olfactory receptors in our ancestors are still found in our genome.

    #5 Vitamin C
    Why humans can no longer make their own vitamin C and what that tells us about our species' history.

    #6 Human Chromosome 2
    Our second biggest chromosome is made up of two of our ancestors' chromosomes stuck end-to-end.

    #7 Human Egg Yolk Gene
    Humans and our primate cousins have the genes for making vitellogenin and they are all broken in the same way.

    #8 Jumping Genes
    Bits of parasitic code called ALU elements prove our common ancestry with primates.

    #9 Less Chewing More Thinking
    A broken gene for a type of muscle fibre we no longer have tells a story about our evolutionary past.

    #10 Non-Coding DNA
    In common with many other species huge amounts of our genome originated as copying errors.

  • redvip2000

    By the way, an interesting read on the "scientist" - Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, responsible for this drivel, i mean study, referenced above

  • sir82

    Can you guess why Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson won't publish in a peer-reviewed journal?

    Because scientific journal peer-reviewers are demon-possessed?

  • snowbird

    "Broken genes."

    "Copying errors."

    "The relationship between all living things."

    Yep, genetics confirms the Genesis account that all living things share a common Source, and that something went terribly wrong with the original human pair.


  • cofty

    Here is a link to an actual science paper about mtDNA.

    Maternal ancestry and population history from whole mitochondrial genomes...

    It contains actual research facts and evidence that any geneticist can confirm. This is what real scientists do when they know they are going to be held up to scrutiny. They don't write pseudoscience to be published only on creationist websites.

  • cofty

    Snowy please share what books that present the evidence for evolution you have read.

    If you even read the links you would know that the broken genes and copying errors happened millions of years ago in our pre-human ancestors. Stop typing and try reading.

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