New DNA Study Confirms Noah

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The difference between science and religion is that science is always curious, always seeking answers, always following the evidence regardless of where it leads. Religion, on the other hand, is closed-minded, certain in its claims, seeking preservation of its claims, always denying and refusing evidence that contradict its claims.

    Science is the pursuit of truth. Religion is the preservation of superstitious traditions at all costs. Science embraces scrutiny - thrives on scrutiny. Religion dreads scrutiny because it cannot stand up to scrutiny because it is not about the pursuit of truth.

    Science starts with a question, develops a hypothesis then experiments to prove and disprove the hypothesis to determine if it has merit. Religion starts with an answer, then cherry-picks information and twist it to support its answer, while ignoring, discrediting and even forbidding the consideration of facts that contradict its answer.

    Religion is foolish, backward, self-perpetuating delusion. Science is the actual pursuit of actual truth.

  • konceptual99

    Finding a thread where the creation v evolution debate is populated with logical and reasonable evidence that presents even mildly compelling arguments to question the view that there is purely a naturalistic explanation for the progression of life on Earth is as rare as rocking horse sh*te.

    Instead all I see repeated time and time again is mountains of science greeted with nothing more than the intellectual equivalent of a child sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting "la la la la la, I can't hear you".

    I hang my head in shame that I was once on the wrong side of this argument. It's simply f***ing embarrassing to witness.

  • LisaRose

    Question. How does this Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson explain the Neanderthal DNA that we all carry? Did Noah have a Neanderthal auntie? Or did one of his son's sneak a Neanderthal wife onto the ark?

    Just curious.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    For those who believe the Bible to be true:

    The Bible is not evidence of anything. The Bible is a set of claims.
    Just like any other writing.
    Yes, even science books and research papers are just claims, not evidence!

    So what is the big difference?

    • The Bible leaves it at just claims. It presents no verifiable evidence to support the claims.

    • Scientific writings present evidence: they point to verifiable processes, events, objects, phenomena to show the claims made are not just made up, but have a solid foundation.

    Anyone who ever says "evidence found in the Bible" or "evidence found in this science book" doesn't understand the difference between a claim and evidence.

    I write a (admittedly short) book. It says: "Send Anders Andersen all your money, and you'll live forever".
    You might ask me: how do I know this to be true?
    I answer you: Look, the evidence is here in my book! Can't you see?
    You: Oh I see now. It's really true! Here's all my money! Yay, eternal life!


    Ok - great debate - Lets keep the fight clean and as logical as possible - Analysing instead of Anal-lysing one another here - and maybe some converts could be made either way !

    For fuck sake - people have viewpoints and opinions - which are all subject to review and change anyway!

    There was a time when most of us here were dumb-fucks stricken by the WT Kool-Aid ourselves - so chill !


    Ok ........I am bending over .........waiting for the first rear - gunner to attack me !

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Ok ........I am bending over .........waiting for the first rear - gunner to attack me !

    (Cough...Blush) well, I'm no 'rear gunner', but I will say that I am very appreciative that someone took the time to challenge me on my false perspectives whilst a JW.

    Indeed it is true that we were all wrong when we were in the organization, but then some of us were in such a religion because we prized truth.

    In this respect we haven't altered. We are now much better informed but with the addition of finding our voices after a long imposition of silence. It would be a shame to waste our hard earned freedom and not be able to challenge obvious falsehoods.

  • cofty
    For fuck sake - people have viewpoints and opinions - Z-E

    If we want to discover what is true our opinions are worthless.

  • DJS

    Debating is about facts, data and evidence and the appropriate application or interpretation of those facts.

    Feelings, thoughts, opinions and beliefs have no place in debates. This is one of the primary problems on this site.

    The uninformed, the confirmationally biased, the irrational, entrenched feeler perceivers want to act like their opinions are as valid as evidence, especially of the empirical, scientifically obtained and peer reviewed variety.

    They are not.

    The www only appears to provide an equal forum for the uninformed and those driven by their emotions and beliefs. Having a computer and an Internet account do not really enable the hysterics and the uneducated equanimity alongside experts with decades of education and experience on a topic. They just think it does.


    cofty - fuck yourself !

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