It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Has anyone noticed that most cederites/Lloydvidians are batshit crazy?

    These are the same people who believe that a foreign national can be criminally sued from a Croatian court for comments that weren't nice on social media. And that Lloyd "dated" a sex worker in Thailand, not paying for anything except her dinner.

    They're dolts.

  • Toblerone5
    you keep mentioning that Dijana lost her position... her name is only in the interview credits,

    Well actually , the last interview video ,you probably are referring to ,is the one from Feb 15 2023,with Ali Millar... Now funny thing about that is that a lot of his video are pre-recorded ,then Tibor can edit them ect...which mean that video could have been made in Jan 2023,but this no one will ever know and it doesn't matter cause...

    If you had made your homework thoroughly before accusing everybody on this forum ,I on page 811, made a post on that ,you can see Dijana name on the Feb 1 2023 credit video, but then her name was NOT there anymore on the Feb 21 2023 video... Oh Wait what is the DATE of the interview you were talking about Again ? COULD IT BE THE 15 OF FEB? Since The number 15 comes before the 21 duh! ,that would explain WHY HER NAME WAS IN THE CREDIT ...Are you connecting the dots now ? Do you want me to draw you a pictures? Let me get my crayons...

    That was number 1 by the way ,now Number 2

    Go to a therapist and tell them you spend your days obsessing over some guy ...

    Who went on his channel and notice that his wife name was on the interview credit ONLY ? Which mean You check all is other videos to see if her name was there which it was not , so ,and I will use Your Word here...

    you make up irrelevant theories

    her name is only on the "interview" video... Wait , is this base on a real fact, or is this Your own Theory? Maybe you can discuss this with your therapist . In psychology what you are doing is call PROJECTION by the way, It's when somebody

    exaggerated statements about other people. People who project may claim to know what someone else is thinking or feeling, or they may accuse them of poor behavior.

    But hey, ,the next time he interview somebody ,since his hair is Pee-nicillin blonde now , We will see if your ''theory" is right...and don't worry I will be the first one to check the credit at the end ,to see if D. name is there... cause i'm a psychos....

    Note to myself...Don't forget to tell your therapist you were Mean AGAIN to an Idiot on the JW forum...Oh and specify that , NO , it was not the Idiot from Croatia this time...

    Whatever may call it ? whatever who? whatever , you can go and give me my -1 now

  • Toblerone5

    Sorry Psycho here , again...I went on his Youtube ,Interviews section, Dijana name first appeared on the credit in 2023. In 2022 he have only 3 interviews videos, one is the favorite of Tibor, with Ben Foard Jan 6 2022 .March 21 2022 with Cheryl Murphy, Aug.22 2022 David De Winter. His wife name not there.

    Jan 12 2023 Richard Carrier phd , Dijana name Not there, Jan 16 2023 Joe Pavlov ,Not there, Feb 1 2023 Mike Rinder ,YES her name was there, Feb 9 Tibor ,her name Not there ? Guess she don't like him .It's a joke ,not a theory . and finally Feb 15 ,Ali Millar ,Yes her name was there...

    Just a thought ,If on the next interview we see her name ,back on the credit list , oh and I do hope we will , Because the only way somebody, ( and I'm talking about you here, Whateveryour - problem now ? ) There is only 2 people who would know that Dijana name will Only be on the inter, video right now, Lloyd Evans or Tibor ... So if whatever-he bitching about this time ? know this , would mean ???

  • JeffT

    This is the very purpose of a forum and why JWs don't like people going to them. Free discussion. Nothing really is off-topic, and we are free to discuss what we might think is going on with certain things.

    I joined the JW's at age 22 because I had just graduated from college and my community was dissolving and blowing off with the wind. So I found a new community (this was in 1973 and I was sucked up in the lead up to 1975) In 1988 I figured out my new community was based on false premises.

    So I found a new community -- of xjw's. back in those days a bunch of us meet once a month and functioned as support group. Looking back this group was a key factor in out exit.

    I discovered internet message boards in the late 90's and joined this one about 2000. I think this group now fills the space carved out by those early XJW support groups (I know the one we went to was not alone).

    Now we can all chat with like minded people all over the world. (Not just here, I don't know how many XJW facebook groups there are) We have formed a community, and when others want to join that community they are welcome to do so. And almost all points of view are welcome, in sharp contrast to the kingdom hall The only one with the authority to shut us up is Simon, and he seems pretty chill unless you really piss him off.

    For a time I think his videos filled an empty spot in the community, but it went off the rails with the problems AAWA had getting off the ground. Now Lloyd comes off as unwilling to allow anybody else in the sandbox, or any opinion other than his. Form my point of view I don't think he wants to get out of the Kingdom Hall, he wants to run it. That attitude is a threat to the freedom and safety of our community, and I don't think we're going to quit fighting it just because Lloyd's supporters tell us to.

    Lloyd, if you don't understand what we're complaining about try reading the last 830 or so pages with an open mind. The answers to your problems exist, if you want to fix them.

  • Toblerone5

    Whoever-you-say, I have a question for you ...When you have a cold, and you have to blow your noose ...Do you use a handkerchief or a King Size bed Sheeth? Sorry that was mean. Like a King size bed would fit in an one bedroom Attic slash apartment anyway... Me bad...

    Get a life, what a bunch of psychos. Go to a therapist and tell them you spend your days obsessing over some guy and people close to him on a forum, you'll get a rubber walled room all to yourself.


    why do you care? I am genuinely interested in understanding your thought processes in entering a forum, making comments, name calling and then leaving again. I genuinely don’t get it. Are you coming to the forum because your gut tells you that something is wrong when it comes to lloyd but you’re scared to find out ? Or something else? I have seen lots of “theories” about me and some really shitty things said. I don’t feel the need to enter these conversations, name call or be a jerk. Can you help me understand ?

  • TonusOH
    Lloyd Jr.: Get a life, what a bunch of psychos.

    I'm going to call you Lloyd Jr, because you are almost as entertaining as Lloyd.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    why do you care? I am genuinely interested in understanding your thought processes in entering a forum, making comments, name calling and then leaving again

    What really bothers me the same way as it does for you is Lloyd taking advantage of vulnerable people and weaponising them to the point where they are creating burner troll accounts to shout down and confuse the issues. "whateveryousay" is obviously a Lloyd supporter who has become aware of this thread and understands the threat it poses to him.

    I wish Lloyd would just leave and stop using people. That is not happening at this particular moment in time. I know this guy. He'll keep limping along throughout 2023 and point to some video he made that got 10K views but he's not getting his Patrons back. He's not losing them all either. Lloyd could be filmed with a dead hooker in his room, and you'll have a legal defence fund set up within the day.

    "Maybe the hooker had a bad heart? Stop jumping to conclusions and judging like a JW!"

    "And it's 'sex worker', you bigot! He's separated and free to do whatever he pleases! None of your business anyway!"

    "A woman died and all you want to do is use it against Lloyd! Cedars-Basher!"

    "Forget about Lloyd, let's talk about YOU and why YOU hate him so much!?"

    Whatever you say.

    What makes this funny is the fact that you know this isn’t far off the mark at all.

    Reductio ad absurdum. Proving an absurdity by being absurd. It should be obvious by now.

    Dead hooker. Lloyd Evans Dead Hooker Legal Defence Fund. Just remember that I was the one who called it.

    Lloyd taking advantage of vulnerable people and weaponising them to the point where they are creating burner troll accounts to shout down and confuse the issues.

    It bothers me greatly indeed. I was a cedarite once, never attacked anyone or anything like that. My behaviour was worse, I never looked, thought to look or even knew to look for information. I just believed he was a good guy. I feel there are many that are just like I was 😞

  • Toblerone5
    Tibor's ...whether Ramacro is his apartment

    I check with the telephone directory of Croatia . Tibor seem to have is own place...Oh an Lloyd "Ramacro " studio what ever ,is not under his name but his company name.

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