It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    Yes. I believe that's what happened. Thanks, Kim.

  • pr0ner

    I'm not surprised at all given the circumstances of how they met an then were married. You also have to remember that despite Lloyd's behavior they did go through a lot together with their exit. That creates a bond that can sometimes be hard to break from. I can't wait for the LE meltdown when posts a happy photo of her and her new partner.

  • ForeverAlone
    And love bombing, she didn’t see his true self till it was to late 😞

    True fact this!

    When you are a JW and are dating you want to get married so bad because you want to have sex. So, you set the wedding date as soon as possible. You do not have time to get to know the real person before marriage. This I think is what Dijana felt. Let's be fair about it, Lloyd probably felt the same way. After that little piece of paper is signed you are stuck between a rock and a hard place then. Especially if you are still a JW.

  • Toblerone5
    Why did Dijana settle for Lloyd?

    The question is more Why Not ? She was a single young pioneer girl , that came from a small village in Croatia, parents were poor, she obviously wanted to get married and have a family, don't think she wanted to be a JW missionary , go to bethel ,or even be an C.O wife. Anyway , then .like any JW , she was told you Must find a mate that is "Spirituel " , extra JW points, if you find a single one with JW "Titles : Pioneer, Bethelite, M.S, Elders , jackpot if he's a C.O. Now this is where our favorite subject come in the picture ...One day ,in a JW cong, far far away in the land of Croatia ,come a tall, dark and not very handsome strange man (,hey, 2 out of 3 ain't so bad. ) A single ''brother" .Freshly out of ministerial training school , pioneer , a foreigner ,with a beautiful accent , ( British accent is in my top 5 ,by the way, no.1 it's Italian or Spanish, wouff !) but I digress, one also with a big Ego, big mouth ,big nose ,personality.? hein, And he gave a public talk in her cong. the day she first meet him ,on top of it? Come on ! He was checking all the JW boxes of the cult book. We all know the rest of the story ,if you don't ,go and read Oh and also ,they were not in the same cong, not even in the same country! they had ,if my memory is right a correspondence courtship ? where she said he won her over with the stories of his mom death ? something like that . Basically ,he did what he's very good at which is Lie ,Scam and bullshit her into marrying him. And they did not lived happily ever after. The End.

  • Toblerone5
    A Pee-nicillin 😂.

    Lloyd Evans Parody ,LMAO!

  • Toblerone5
    THIS TIME WE ARE NOT LETTING IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ForeverAlone...wait I'm laughing ,i can't write...Your...nope have to laugh some more... still laughing, crying of,laughter now.... Post...

  • Toblerone5

    February 28 he had 416 Patrons. Now, Mars 1 402 .Tomorow i think the number will be even lower.

    I wonder if the 14 that left ,so far ,was because of that crude stand up video .When I saw his terrible stand up , like the thing he said about the Queen , I thought that would cost him some Patrons.. what do you think ?

  • Vintage

    This video on CSA is exceptionally good, and it is fresh off the press.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    When I saw his terrible stand up , like the thing he said about the Queen , I thought that would cost him some Patrons.. what do you think ?

    He loses on average 20 Patrons a month. It usually takes over a day for the final number to come in but even if he just loses 14 this month, it shows that he’s not pulling in enough new support every month to grow. He’s actually lost most of his “bump” since his January begging episode got him into the 420s from a low of 386 at the end of 2022. As I remember he was at like 406 when he threatened to take the channel down because of low support.

    Unless there is another drop of 14 by tomorrow, it wasn’t the comedy routine. It’s him.

    I reckon he can threaten to take the channel down again but I think his existing support has already been stretched fairly thin with that last desperate plea. He’ll just look weak and pathetic to many if he does it again.

    I think we should send Lloyd coconuts.

  • ozziepost
    I think we should send Lloyd coconuts.

    Nah, freight costs too much!

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