It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    I think he benefitted from targeting a niche where people are strongly invested in the subject emotionally.

    You do see some crazy types on social media that you know live on a constant diet of antiJW material, and like any addict they'll pay someone for their fix.

    Very sad, and despicable to take advantage of people who have already been victimized in some way (and predatory types know who make the best victims)


    Lloyd was “outraged” when I commented about his (lack of) work ethic……but the proof of the pudding is in the eating… spite of the loss of patrons, he cancels another zoom call….one of many….at this point he is just taking the puss. Not only does he not want to acknowledge what he did was wrong, he also refuses to acknowledge that his work ethics are a massive contribution to his demise…..people are not as dumb as lloyd thinks

  • ForeverAlone
    You can be certain that if valid service occurs, the M7 will be legally represented, at our own expense.

    I want to help cover the cost of the expenses to represent you guys. I would find it insulting to me if I was not able to help with that! We are in this together! We may not be named on the court documents, but we are going through this together!

    We may not be named on the court documents, but we are going through this together!

    Thank you, your comment means the world to me x

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    If the M7 in the unlikely event actually gets served and is expected to show up to Croatian court, if nothing else please do this one thing:

    Subpoena Dijana Evans.

    He wanted this so he gets it. Put her under oath under penalty of perjury and let her describe in her own words what he put her through since he insists they are all “lies”.

    And if she lies or obfuscates for him, then bring out the emails, screenshots and pics. Put it all out there on the record for everyone to see.

  • slimboyfat

    There is no way any of this nonsense would actually reach the inside any real court in real life, is there? Surely to goodness not.

  • Vintage

    Tibor's t-shirts should best be printed on an "on demand" basis. What would they be used for when/if Lloyd decides to say good-bye to Tibor? I guess the t-shirts could be re-cycled into mop heads.

  • Thisismein1972

    "There is no way any of this nonsense would actually reach the inside any real court in real life, is there? Surely to goodness not."

    He's gotten away with these sort of empty threats for so long now I think he is probably convinced they still work. No one would have dreamed about starting a thread like this, let alone just how long this topic is now. 696 pages of jealous obsessive individuals who hate Lloyds success, and are crazy because they don't like to fraternise with trafficked women (girls)

    Just think how many haircuts we are taking away from his poor children.

  • DerekMoors

    Interesting... I think with Patreon, you can make posts only meant for people donating at a certain level (or higher). So with this post, only those donating at the $25/month level or higher can like/comment.

    But, as the wife just pointed out, it has no likes/comments.

    He posted at this level in November, again no likes or comments.

    This level post in October, just one comment/like.

    September, no likes/comments.

    August, 2 likes.

    So mehtinks that maybe he doesn't have any patrons (or maybe just the 1 or 2) at the $25 or $49.99 levels.

    If he doesn't any patrons at that level, it would explain why he "canceled" the call, but of course he had to make a post about it to make people think he's at least trying to do the bare minimum.

    I bet his 401 whopping patrons are more at the $1 and $5 level, which helps explain his panic at the freefall. Even in Croatia, $2000/month plus whatever few dollars he gets from YouTube isn't going to cut it when you've got an apartment, a full separate studio, karaoke bills, an illiterate lawyer that will bleed you dry for years, "dates" to pay for, and an expensive porn habit to maintain. I'd add spousal and child support to that list but that's probably last on his list of priorities, if he pays anything at all.

    Subpoena Dijana Evans.

    Facts 👍

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