It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • DerekMoors
    When he says he is "improving engagement" and making it more "sustainable", and the only obvious thing he did was make a newer and expensive tier, it only explains the "sustainability" part. He's trying to do more with less Patrons.

    Exactly. "More sustainable" means he wants to spend even less time giving back to his patrons, which is beyond baffling... he's separated and obviously has his girls only part-time, he's been dropped from that documentary, he's never going to do another interview or be part of any significant outsider event, so WTF else does he have to do with his time all day? Other than karaoke and trolling street corners for someone to "date" while hitting on IG models.

    Being a full-time "activist" or any other career means that you're a business onto yourself, but obviously he's as shitty at being self-employed as he is at being a husband and father.

    I'm also guessing his biggest drain on his time is whatever book he's trying to write now but let's face it, without a huge crowdfunding to keep him going, he'll bang away on the keyboard screaming about Kim and the Magnificent 7 just to get it out of his system but then get bored.

    We should start a betting pool on that book... how thick, how much devoted to his detractors and haters, how much justifying his boinking prostitutes, how many sentences are nothing more than self-pity.

  • Toblerone5
    He's the ship's purser on the Titanic.

    Yes! I love your analogy LMSA. If he thought there was a big drop of Patrons in 2022, with these stupid changes ,wait till he see January 2023 patrons numbers...

    Vintage I did PHOTOSHOP Lloyd in a real Titanic lifeboat I got on google images. Then I PHOTOSHOP that on the Titanic sinking picture. I did not photoshop L.E. head on somebody else body. L.E. photo is from is Youtube video return to parliament . If you are still confused , with that meme , or if it's to triggering for you I apologize in advance . I'm I teasing you right now , yes, hope you don't mind.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    He's not escaping the Titanic. He's still on it, insisting that it is not sinking and trying to convince passengers that there is no need to panic and that they all should go back to their rooms. Supper will be served, he has great plans for the ship so purchase your "Captain's Ball" tickets now, and everyone will be eating their words when it pulls into New York harbour as scheduled.

  • pr0ner

    "Governing Hotty"... has that always been there or was this his "new and improved" branding? Newly single with a private whatsapp group. Yep, this will end well.

  • Diogenesister
    Simon What kind of idiot owns a domain name and has the email be a gmail account and not the domain itself?
    Especially given the nature of correspondence, people being potential victims, it's reckless because it makes it so easy to imitate.
    Ozzie post Could it be because he’s not willing to pay the G-suite (Workspace) fees if his account is linked?

    Yes, Ozzie & that gets plenty of patreon donations, yet cares so little for those whom he purports to represent - worse, are his bread and butter - to ensure their safety by spending a paltry amount per month for a secure domain/email address. Especially when sending stories that could loose them their familles if traced back to them.

    .......But that all sounds quite a familiar story with him. 🤔

  • Toblerone5
    "Governing Hotty"...

    I know what a stupid name.

  • lloydevansparody
    "Governing Hotty"... has that always been there or was this his "new and improved" branding? Newly single with a private whatsapp group. Yep, this will end well.

    Yes and this appears so rushly bad planned and wrongly designed.

  • Vintage

    Toblerone5, Ah! You're teasing me right now. Got it!

  • Thisismein1972

    Sustainability in the modern world spells disaster. The WEF uses sustainability, WHO uses sustainability, and Black Rock uses sustainability. Sustainability is a code word for we are about to screw you over.

  • Toblerone5
    Toblerone5, Ah! You're teasing me right now. Got it!

    hope you don't mind

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