It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Can I ask Kim Silvio where she got her "CREDENTIAL" to be a cast member in a Documentary film? What is the name of your shcool you graduate from this? Any proof of a Diploma ?

  • TonusOH
    notsurewheretogo: I'm confused as to how Kim's credentials as a lawyer or not has any relevance

    I asked this same question when he first demanded that Kim provide this information. I think he is doing it for two reasons: one, he wants to dig into her background and see if he can find anything he can use against her. Two, if she refuses to provide it, he can make that the focus of his replies to her and direct the conversation away from his failings and his failures (which is exactly what he has been trying to do).

    As for his foray into climate activism, I agree that it looks like he wants to branch out, now that he has ruined his reputation and limited the already small amount of attention and support he could ever get from JWs and exJWs. The problem for him is that his baggage is not related to the JW organization. He cheated on his wife with prostitutes. He is a terrible person, even to people who are trying to work with him or who want to support him. He is a major drama queen who lives his life online and then gripes that people are minding his business. In other words, he will undermine and sabotage himself wherever he goes, and if he is aiming for a larger and more visible stage, his next self-inflicted wound will probably end his aspirations as a filmmaker.

  • Diogenesister
    What no he/Him in his Twitter profile? I'm surprised he/Him hasn't jumped on this super woke trope yet!

    Oh he has, don't worry! I believe he's a he/him on Twitter. He's also done some stories on 'THE transgenders' then promptly ticked off for using the wrong terminology. It's frankly embarrassing how Lloyd will say whatever is politically expedient, with zero understanding of the issues he virtue signals about.

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    I know you're joking but he would never do such a thing cause he's a coward - yeah, you're probably right.

    No doubt Lloyd thinks he's being 'brave' because he's an anti-WT activist. Well, that's not particularly brave at all. The WTS has serious problems with CSA and other issues, but it doesn't really come after anti-JW activists.

    Soldiers are brave in times of war. Boxers are brave for stepping into the ring. Sex abuse survivors are brave for telling what happened to them. That guy with the orange jumpsuit (James Foley) in my previous post's photo was brave, facing his death with calm dignity.

    But Lloyd Evans is not brave. Like you say, he's closer to the cowardly end of the spectrum.

  • Toblerone5

    Just a thought ,you think when he put is docu. film on his youtube channel ( the Adrian Climate Camp )he will Donate the $ back to them?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    I get what he is doing with the pivot to climate/environmental advocacy. This just demonstrates how keeping the heat on him for 7+ months has actually paid dividends in forcing him to consider other activism paths as no other activist will work with him nor can he just dial up an event and expect 50-100 people to turn up. It was clear he had expected the Andrew Gold interview to be the "final word" on the matter, which actually turned out to damage him even more. He's done this a lot in the past as with his comprehensive thread on Reddit about the COC copyright issue he posted. Whenever someone mentioned COC, he'd post a link to that thread without comment. He wanted the Gold interview to be the same.

    "I cheated on my wife? Yes, and I apologised. What I didn't do was go to Thailand for sex workers! I was dating one! Here's the link to former BBC journalist Andrew Gold's interview with me..."

    As for the pivot into this new field, he's going to have to effectively start over to gain a new audience as his patrons who supported him over JW activism will gravitate toward the YT creators still doing it. This new audience is a world away from JW activism. He won't be able to get away with the cult techniques he has effectively employed over former JWs who were and are conditioned to accept it. He's going to have to drop his catchphrases mentioning Tibor all the time, stop wearing those silly t-shirts and really be prepared to dig deep into data unless he's going to just rip off other content out there and recycle it into his "documentary". He also has a lot more competition in this field; competition such as veteran activists, YouTubers with huge followings, university professors, media personalities and the like.

    Climate and environmental advocacy has been well covered on YT and social media by far more qualified people that him. His crybaby attitude when someone tries to correct him on a point is going to be the first thing people notice about him.

    Finally, a quick search of the more successful YouTubers out there reveals one particular constant - the creators tend to be younger and more presentable to the camera. If you look like Lloyd and you want to talk about the climate, you'd better have a PHD after your name.

    And he wants to juggle this new path with JW activism, the Zagreb dating scene and/or a reconciliation with the wife, and chasing Kim and others round the globe to sue them? He's headed for another meltdown when reality stops by to say hello.

  • Thisismein1972

    Personally I look forward to his climate activism

  • Vintage

    Evans’ timing just happened to be right when he started making exjw videos. He seemed upbeat and knew all the JW terminology. He looked like someone who had successfully escaped Watchtower and was enjoying a good life. People who were tired of Watchtower’s oppression saw his videos and thought, “I can learn from him”. But when the hidden rottenness of his life became public knowledge, he lost his luster as being a person from whom to learn. This marred his marketability in YouTube land, and his finances were adversely affected. Apparently he had no Plan B.

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