It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    Sorry, off topic, but just wanted to say G’day to AudeSapere and say glad to see you’re still posting.


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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    That was an asshole comment.
    To put it mildly.

    Dykstra was a caregiver for Ray and Cynthia Franz and a personal friend. By the time she had the copyright transferred shortly after Cynthia’s death, Lloyd was on her ass about publishing it or selling the rights to him. There was no 4th edition ready to publish. Ray had made a loose collection of notes that were intended for the 4th edition but passed away before he could publish.

    Debbie Dykstra was in advanced age herself and slandered all over Reddit by Lloyd and his followers on the incorrect assumption she was sitting on it. He just wanted the rights so he could publish under JLE Publishing and set up a good payday and prestige for himself.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    So there may to be a need for a fundraiser. My guess is with a simple motion to squash due to lack of jurisdiction it gets thrown out pretty fast.

    I think it stands a good chance of getting thrown out as it sits. Croatia is in the EU and as a condition of entry they needed to update their legal code to EU standards. It’s not some post-Yugoslav kleptocracy anymore. I don’t see a magistrate or judge from the Sisak Municipal Court being too keen on charging 7 foreign nationals for tweeting mean things and making videos about JLE.

    I must confess though a guilty desire to actually see this go to court. If they throw it out, JLE will get on his soap box and start preaching about how the defendants somehow got off due to a jurisdictional loophole.

    I’d subpoena Dijana Evans and subject her to a comprehensive cross examination regarding her knowledge of Ipsilon Media’s finances, her’s and Tibor’s wages, what Lloyd gets and exactly how their business was damaged by Kim Silvio. Then I’d ask her under oath to confirm or deny all the statements about her husband, his infidelities, the background surrounding the trip to Thailand and the aftermath. Submit all her leaked screenshots and emails from Lloyd into evidence. Since Lloyd listed her as being underemployed in his rant, this is a fair legal tactic especially since she is a director and part owner of Lloyd’s business entity.

    I’d also countersue for all costs associated with this case including flights, hotels, time off from work, lawyer fees, etc.

    So if it gets to that point, absolutely - put the fundraiser together. But make him do the work first of paying his legal team to even get to that point.

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    I woke up after reading Crisis of Conscience three and a half years ago. Wouldn't it have been diabolical if Evans' had gotten the rights to that book? Then, every time I would recommend that someone buy and read that book, it would have been money in Evans' pocket. At the time of the dispute, I believed that Evans' was earnestly trying to make available a book that is priceless for freeing Christians from Watchtower. But now, knowing about Evans' immorality and deception, I'm so glad that Debbie Dykstra kept the rights to the book. I'm glad that Evans has no ownership in the book Crisis of Conscience.

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    Ozzie wrote: Sorry, off topic, but just wanted to say G’day to AudeSapere and say glad to see you’re still posting.

    Hi Ozzie! Thank you!!I took a few years off, but then something *cough* *evans* cough* lured me back. LOL!!
    Good to see you back here, too.
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    Vintage: Wouldn't it have been diabolical if Evans' had gotten the rights to that book?

    If he'd tried to do it ethically, that would've been fine. What he tried to do amounted to theft, and his attempts to deflect from that just made the situation worse. It's a behavior you can see from him frequently-- minimize his actions in any way possible. Either he will say that he didn't do anything truly awful or he will wonder aloud why you aren't criticizing someone else for what they did. Anything to avoid having to answer for his actions. It's a prominent part of his 'narcissist's toolkit.'

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    I’m going to try to stop reading these updates because I feel myself getting agitated by the sheer nastiness of this individual and I can’t believe there are still people supporting him. It’s incredible. It’s like a recurring bad dream.

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    when someone mentioned the possible age of a girl his reaction isn't to give any clear denial - he just doesn't know the ages of the prostitutes he slept with.

    I'm guessing Lloyd didn't ask the prostitutes for proof of age. Some women are so addicted to drugs that they'll just lie when asked if they're forced into sex work, just so they can get their next fix. Some underage girls might be so scared of their pimp when asked to give their real age that they'll just say their 18 to do their job and get paid.

    Obviously, I'm not saying that Lloyd definitely and knowingly slept with underage girls. But Lloydy boy didn't know their real ages, and it's possible that he slept with an underage girl (don't know about Thailand but this is viewed as rape in many countries), or possible that he slept with someone who was forced into sex work (this could also be viewed as rape).

    Whatever, it's obvious Lloyd should not be getting into the WTS child abuse side of things when he could possibly have done that himself.

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    I agree with you slimboy fat I just want to see him get what's coming to him, it's not what you know it's who you know

  • Vintage

    TonusOH said,

    "If he'd tried to do it ethically, that would've been fine."

    No, I disagree. I don't think it would have been "fine" for Evans to have gotten the rights to that book. It wouldn' have been "fine" with me. I think it would have been diabolical for the rights of the book of such an honest and sincere man as Raymond Franz to come to belong to Evans.

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