It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Vintage

    I'd tried to find something that you could use, JeffT. But, alas! SBF has an informant called "somebody", and I don't have one.

  • WingCommander

    Cedars latest video proves that he will stoop to any level any take advantage of anyone for more Youtube clicks and likes and $$$. What a neck-bearded piece of shit!

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you for that document where he used a false name & address.

    What a hypocrite!

    Because he went after someone on Twitter for using a fake name. Called them a coward.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Jabba the Hutt is reading this thread and/or Kim's Twitter comments because he made the following point twice about no one having a problem with him including his child in a video a year ago:

    Lloyd since I have you on the line so to speak and we're such good friends (the Jabba the Hutt reference, friends kid each other like that all the time!) I'll explain this to you. Yes, people didn't seem to have a problem with this a year ago because a lot of folks had no clue as to who you really were and what you were doing. Back to that point later. But don't assume "nobody had a problem with this". Some did and you were blocking most of that, so you never heard anything other than your own echo chamber. We knew what kind of person you were working so hard to conceal and knew you'd implode sooner or later.

    Now back to your tweet - You noted the Unicorn video you created with your daughter (whom you still refer to by name) in public was a year ago. Hmmm can you tell us what you also were doing a year ago? I'll refresh your memory with your own words in the livestream that you were seeing prostitutes "every 2-3 months for I'm going to say, 3-4 years". So as you had been seeing prostitutes for 2-3 years at the time you had made the unicorn video with your daughter, you knew quite well this family man show you had put on for viewers was a charade. It was a carefully crafted illusion to create good will for yourself and hopefully to rack up some more donations.

    I already know your answer will be something along the lines of what you told Andrew Gold - "All I've admitted to is being a flawed individual" or my favourite "I never put myself forward as being a role model'. If so - then why did you put your daughter in a public video and identify her by name?

    Finally, and this is what I'm getting at, not that you are going to take ANY of this into account, but anyway that doesn't really matter as I'm just doing this to both insult you and to add to the already extensive warning label that is affixed to your bloated face... Your second tweet you mentioned your daughter is a "big YouTube consumer herself". Are you so dense that you have absolutely no self-awareness as to how alarming it is that your daughter has access to YouTube? Are you aware of what she might find if (when) she enters the name of her father in a YT search? Since you don't respond to words too well, I'll give you a visual on it:

    See that? I put it up so you can't deny it all like you usually do. Fun fact: This picture is all over the internet and YouTube. Ask yourself why that is and don't immediately say Kim. Kim didn't have access to your shared iCloud. Your wife did. And she was so disturbed by it that she forwarded it to others. This must be one of those many flaws your wife has, remember that exchange? Can you just sit for a moment and consider what your years of abuse have inflicted on this woman that she would be driven to send this pic of you and a Thai prostitute to people who were pretty much strangers to her? Can you also imagine that if you had tolerated her having friends in real life, that perhaps Dijana would have confided in them instead? See how your attempts at having complete control over everything seem to always backfire on you?

    So my friend, you have a huge problem on your hands. All these things you are now either downplaying or denying outright have a trail of evidence that has spewed itself all over the internet. (Writer's note: The word "spewed" was used intentionally). Now you are telling everyone that your daughter is a huge YouTube consumer. I am sure you know what is out there and are trying your best to shield her from seeing this and monitoring her access. Good luck with that. I know you consider virtually everyone who is not you to be intellectually inferior, but I speak from experience, kids are NOT stupid.

    Your daughters will eventually find out everything there is to know about you. You only have yourself to blame. It's called being accountable for your actions.

    Finally, a word of advice. Enjoy whatever time you have left of your daughter's innocence. Side note, though she may tell you she wants to be in one of your videos, it's because she still admires you and thinks it would make you happy. I'm sure if given the choice she'd rather have you take her some place fun and not make a YT video. Kids that young love to please their parents.

    Once your daughters find out what a vile scumbag, dishonest piece of filth you are as a father, husband and human being, they won't even want to be in the same room as you let alone make YT videos with you. Over time they'll make excuses for not coming to see you - they are busy with friends or what not. They will see what a manipulative cunt their father can be and naturally be curious as all children of broken marriages are. And when they do find out and their mother has to confirm it, your heart will break into a million pieces just like your wife's did recently.

    Then you will know firsthand the cruelty you have so casually inflicted upon many others.

  • Vintage

    Articles of incorporation aawa file number


    The artcles of incorporation document that SBF gave us has a file number. Does that file number help find more information?

  • Toblerone5

    I use google Maps to see the adress L.E. put in those document...

  • slimboyfat

    What you say is spot on Las M, except for the last point. Narcissists simply don’t experience heartbreak themselves of the kind that they inflict on others. He is more likely to get increasingly frustrated, annoyed, angry, indignant, and self-pitying, when people who should be important to him distance themselves. As professor Sam Vatkin describes it, narcissists view people purely as instruments and discard them without a second thought when they are no longer useful. There is no heartbreak involved for the narcissist.

  • TonusOH

    Gee, no one was concerned about him having his child in a YouTube video a year ago. I wonder what might have happened between then and now...

  • Vintage

    Newly Enlightened, if possible, forward us that twitter message where Evans called someone a coward for using a pseudonym.

  • Vintage

    Slimboyfat, that’s an amazing video on narcissism. Sam Vaknin explains how all humans start out with narcissism, but most people work their way out of it as they mature. And he says that an adult narcissist only sees the people around him as useful instruments. It clears up so much. Also, he talks about the narcissist’s voracious appetite for praise.

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