It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • TonusOH

    So... his "detractors don't seem to care about [his daughters] at all."

    It's cringe-inducing to see how bad he is at damage control. The guy who has probably destroyed his marriage and humiliated his wife by visiting hookers, sexting "women," and "dating" sex workers is concerned that other people aren't worried about his poor daughters. Yes, that's what they'll take away from this when they're old enough to understand- daddy seemed like such a nice man, I sure wish his detractors hadn't kept pulling back the curtain.

    "A multi-billion dollar cult has so far failed to silence me"

    ...neither have your lawyers or PR people, assuming any of them exist. And neither have your remaining supporters, many of whom keep giving you the same advice we were giving you from the start- stop tossing gasoline on the fire, it's just making it worse for you.

    It looks like one of his current attempts at misdirection is demanding that Kim prove that she is a retired lawyer. Which would change... what, exactly? Here's an idea, Kim- tell him that you are retired as a lawyer, but are now a professional activist, and it is no one's business what you do with your legal advice.

  • Simon
    It looks like one of his current attempts at misdirection is demanding that Kim prove that she is a retired lawyer. Which would change... what, exactly?

    He does seem to be obsessing about Kim Silvio's legal credentials. IMO this is for three reasons.

    1. It's an attempt to imply that she doesn't have them or they are false. Just asking "but has any seen them" suggests they don't exist. But the reality is that no one needs to see them. AFAIK she is retired and even then, the only people that need to see them would be a law-firm choosing to hire her, or whatever oversight body exists if she was setup as a private practice.

    Tl;DR; it's an attempt to discredit Kim because he can't simply dismiss her commentary on him as uninformed - it's damning and it sticks. This is the main reason IMO.

    2. It's a convenient distraction, like his focus on the "green screen". He's like a magician, pointing somewhere with one hand while the other hand is in his pocket (actually, usually reaching into someone else's pocket, LOL). But it's to make people focus on something that is completely irrelevant and spend time addressing that instead of whatever the latest thing is that he's hiding.

    3. His MO is always to try to gather information about people that he can use maliciously. He's done this in the past, he'll do it again. No one should give him ANYTHING. He should be viewed as a dangerous psycho stalker, because that's how he often behaves.

    So two things:

    I don't care about Kim's credentials. I have no reason to doubt her, but I don't think she should be explaining herself to him or us.

    Don't focus on whatever it is that he wants people to focus on. Always focus on the things he's ignoring and glossing over.

  • Simon
    You're confusing him with a writer.

    Yeah, I was being kind / ironic.

    Technically, he is a "writer" in that he produces words ... but it's not what most people consider writing writing. From what I've seen, it's easy to imitate his style and content:

    "and then I had a shower and a wank, and then I read a watchtower that had a picture of the governing body in it and so I had a wank, and then I went to the mall and they had a Christmas tree so wanky wanky wanky ..."

    - Lloyd Evans, age 42 and 3/4, a day in the life of ...

  • lloydevansparody
    IMO this is for three reasons.

    Another reason,

    to make a formal complaint to the Australian Law Society.

  • Vintage

    Does his bunker have its own entrance, so that he might just come and go to the bunker without passing through the house? Or, does he need to go through the house in order to get to the bunker?

  • silentlamb_silent_no_more

    So let me get this straight. He's started a "defamation law suit" on people who have put videos out there and he's not watched them? Is ma heid pickling with his inane comments? "It's cute you think it's my job to fact-check your videos"? After Neil had asked him to provide commentary on where he may have been defamatory?

  • Vintage

    With more information on Kim, he can entertain himself reading case briefs (sometimes referred to as a "legal brief" or a "case summary) of cases in which she acted in a professional capacity. It’s a little like when you click on someone’s profile and can read every post that person has ever made on a particular forum.

  • TonusOH
    So let me get this straight. He's started a "defamation law suit" on people who have put videos out there and he's not watched them?

    I think he is saying that he won't provide specifics in an online comment, but via his legal team through a civil suit. I don't know how much information the plaintiff in a civil suit is required to give to the defendant, but they do need to make their case in court at some point. But -total hypothetical here *cough*- if you don't really have a case, you can string people along with "hints" and threats until they finally realize that you're not actually going to file anything. If the person you're lying to isn't savvy, it can be a very effective intimidation tactic.

    Or, if they realize that you can't really do anything to them, they can crank up the mockery to eleven and make you wish you hadn't tried to be so clever. And then the threats and sly comments just make you look like a clown.

  • Toblerone5
    Does his bunker have its own entrance,

    Yes .from is return to the bunker youtube...

  • NonCoinCollector

    The more I think about Lloyd's extra bizarre behavior in recent days, he must be getting desperate. Something tells me something big is about to happen in his life. Could it be a pending divorce? Could it be that we are calling him on his BS? Could it be an investigation into his alleged prior behavior in the UK? No telling what this unhinged man could be doing when the cameras are off.

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