It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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    A while back,... maybe a year or two ago,... I remember reading where Cedars had written (or said in a video?) to people in general that he wouldn't be able to keep answering their questions himself. He said that they could write in their questions and that someone on his staff would read what they wrote and might reply. He said that he had family responsibilities and just wasn't able to give enough time to his family and keep answering all the questions himself. I'd never written him nor posted on his channel at that time. But I BELIEVED HIM. I thought, "Poor guy. There probably ARE just too many people who desperately ask for help on how to leave Watchtower, and yet, the man must take care of his own family, too. They need time with him and he needs time with them." So, this new revelation from about three months ago is the reason I started reading this Thread on this website. It's not that no one else has ever been unfaithful to his or her mate. It's the jaw-dropping level of deceit as to "who" Cedars is.

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    The Kameron Fader video is really good. I am happy he made it. So happy in fact that I made sure to let Lloyd Evans know in his voicemail how good of a video it is. One thing for certain, it is not "libelous, I'm going to say."

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    +1 to Kameron Fader's video....brilliant piece.

  • Route-666

    I'm just watching Kameron's video now, but must pause it at the point where Louise Goode is describing JLE's (I can't even bear to write his name) hour long blow up and attack against her over nothing. I can only imagine the rages to which poor Dijana and the children, and most likely Dijana's parents, have been subjected to over the years. I've no doubt that whole family has been terrorized into subjection and compliance by this monster. Yeah, Lloydyboy, you're a monster. And I hope you get every bit of karma (and legal consequence, whatever that might be) that you are owed. This is like discovering the evil of the borg. Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it does. Damn, I hope he goes away very soon and very far.

  • Diogenesister
    You have to check this one out - it's very well done & professional. Go watch, like and comment!

    My first (short,young) marriage was to a real narc and I absolutely knew, when I found out about everything knowing as I did about Dijana's brother, exactly how he controlled her.

    I mean this alone.....people if you listen to one thing, listen to this....

    Sorry it's Kameron Fader's video over the page that Simon posted, at 29:54

    NB Kameron watch out! Your'll be next on the litigation list......Lloyd isn't 50😳....He's 40...ish!!😂😂

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    @ Route-66 he’s apparently wanting to go isolate on an island and write more books…

  • Route-666

    OK, stopping again to interject that if anyone doesn't know who Kameron Fader is, he is an actual activist against CSA in the borg and elsewhere. He is part of at least two groups lobbying to get laws changed, and has testified at the California State Capitol challenging clergy/penitent privilege. He was a victim of CSA, not the pampered, privileged, protected pet of an elder's son. This guy is boots on the ground, going toe-to-toe against WT and the RCC and their ilk who seek to continue protection of criminals instead of children. And I believe this was all done out of pocket, not funded by trusting patrons whose were being lied to. He even did a hidden camera vlog with some elders from his old hall as he discussed WT's mishandling of abuse claims in the borg. I've posted links to only two of his videos. There are more over at his channel.

    Edit: Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ. Can't get this thing to work the way I want. Sometimes it's just 2 links, sometimes it's a link and a video. Well, they're both worth watching however they post.

    Fighting Child Abuse At The California State Capitol As An EXJW

    Challenging Clergy Penitent Privilege to Protect Our Children EXJW

  • Route-666


    I hope that island is an active volcano.

  • Wakanda

    NonCoinCollector ha ha ha ha!!!

    Maybe more people should start leaving messages letting him know how we all feel. IDK, I mean it could become gang stalky.

    But, you should keep it up! It's hilarious!

  • NonCoinCollector

    Anyone interested in letting Lloyd Evans know how you feel, here is the link to his voicemail.

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