It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Diogenesister
    Lloyd stated somewhere that the translation costs were “eye-watering"

    Having something translated by a court translator/sworn translator/ notorized etc(various terms, I don't think there's a universally accepted one)is pretty expensive.

    But how can you live somewhere/be married to a native speaker almost twenty years and still need a translator?? I don't think Lloyd is as smart as he thinks he is🤔

    Are ex criminal defendants dangerous?

    Generally not, however provoked they can get a bit wild 🤣🤣

  • AudeSapere
    Lloyd stated somewhere that the translation costs were “eye-watering"

    That is Lloyd signaling his supporters to send lots more money.

    It doesn't mean he is paying for translation services. He's just making a statement while knowing that supporters will understand that Lloyd's activism is expensive.

  • Chinapomo


    Let's face it: Lloyd you are a drama queen.

    First no one actually talks like you write. I still remember when you said that you are "churning out" content, completely ignoring the fact that for 99% of the people churning has a negative connotation.

    Second, your look is already cringe, and the way you express yourself is even cringier. So do yourself a favor and stop writing like a prick

  • LoveUniHateExams

    He's spent most of the last 10-15 years putting himself out there on the web and social media as a self-proclaimed 'leading' exJW 'activist' but now he just seems to prefer trundling along in his own slow lane. Side-lined and irrelevant - any person who makes it their life's purpose to criticise the WT will eventually become irrelevant sooner or later.

    We all have to move on eventually and make the best of things. Sweaty neckbeard Roy Devans is no different.

  • Elmer

    Speaking of Translation Services, I thought Lloyd owned his Translation Company


  • Simon
    Lloyd stated somewhere that the translation costs were “eye-watering"
    how can you live somewhere/be married to a native speaker almost twenty years and still need a translator?

    Didn't he run a translation business? LOL

    This is a trick he does. Yes, translation costs may be eye-watering ... it doesn't mean he's actually paid for it. But doesn't it sound like he has, and needs money sent to him? His idiot patreons are probably searching down the sofa for whatever money they have left.

    BTW: I'm happy to chip in for the cost of the legal beagle to retrieve the docs if needed.

  • Toblerone5

    Diogenesister I put -20 since it was your first choice ,Unless you really want -40... who care if we have more than one winner right? this is just for fun , and the only looser here will be L.E. SO if anybody wanted to play ,but because there numbers were already taken , They thought they could not play ,please There is still time for me to put your name on the list...The more people, the more fun... Is that o.k with everybody ?

    Inna, since you will do that Legal work ,I put a special emojie beside your name , if you don't like it i will removed it

  • DerekMoors

    LOL ... Inna says that emoji is awesome!

    And for everyone offering to chip in, we got an initial offering back from the lawyer. She'll be sending a power of attorney (POA) which Kim (Silvio) will sign.

    Right now we and one anonymous donor can cover the first round of the attorney's costs (around $400 USD) which includes filing the POA with the court. Once they acknowledge that she can access the case documents. Her fee includes translating that last document (the "decision/letter of the court").

    However, the lawyer did note that with the courts being on strike, it could take some time to hear back from them. Grrr...

    On the upside, with the POA in place, she would have access to all the other documents filed so we would need to decide what else we want to have her access and translate.

    So, moving forward after this initial round of stuff, if we need some financial assistance we'll definitely let everyone know and will be happy to provide paperwork showing what's being paid for etc. etc. etc.

    In the meantime, we just need to wait for the paperwork to get filed and then hope the strike doesn't put things off for too long. I'll keep everyone posted and keep your fingers still crossed that it all works out.

  • Chinapomo

    Lloyd, since you are reading this, do yourself and all of us a favor. Publish a video with the result of the court case. You can blame it on Satan for all we care. We are gonna get the documents anyway but if you upload a video at least this time you'll get a lot of views lol

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