It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    It looks like the patron number has been removed from LE’s Patreon account?

    This is true. Just checked and it said as a creator he can hide his earnings (which he did many years ago) and also his number of Patrons. My question is why did he all of a sudden do this now? Would have made more sense to hide them when he was bleeding them bad after the livestream.

    I think we know the answer though. It cannot be any coincidence that once we start the Patreoff he decides to hide the numbers, which would have had him sink into the 400’s yet again in little over a week.

    But let’s not take all the credit, as there is something going terribly wrong with his lawsuit and there’s something else that’s bothering him about his paid activism. If it took a random PIMO on the tram to get his spirits up, he must have been really finding it difficult to create content anymore. His views are tanking which means less YT ad revenue. Patreon even takes 12% of his take, and he’s instructed his followers on Patreon that YT took even more of a cut from his membership numbers and to please join as a Patron before doing YT. He might also be bleeding YT memberships, and on that livestream he did I found it odd only one YT member made a comment.

    But still…. This thread is really bothering him and it didn’t help that we broke the news that there was a decision reached a week ago in his lawsuit.

    He’s yesterday’s news. It was bound to happen. His content sucks and people are naturally finding newer (and younger, better looking) creators out there who do better work. He gets routinely blasted on social media in places that used to cover for him (exJW Reddit for one), his views have cratered and most of his tweets go by unnoticed with maybe 10 or 20 likes. Even his tweet about his daughter scribbling over his convention notes has only 15 likes after 4 hours.

    Irrelevance has finally caught up to him.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    O.M.G he did removed the patron number...Good thing we have the graphtreon.

    Slimboy is right. Graphtreon only pulls from what is publicly available on Patreon. It stopped reporting when he blocked it from reporting his cash earnings and it is locked at $1800 or so. Now it will be locked at the last known number which was 508.

    He does update his patrons with a video about the state of his channel every two months and gives numbers then, but you have to be a Patron to see it. And it’s all by what he says. It’s him controlling the information about himself and now he wants people to be in the dark about his level of funding until it is time to beg again.

  • 6820
    all the more reason to go in undercover
  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The numbers are back up. Jabba the Hutt is probably going to take it down when we are awaiting results of the Patreoff.

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    There must be some 508 really damaged souls out there that want to part their hard earned cash for this idiot.

    He will stop reporting numbers like the Watchtower stopped the Year Book🤣

  • Thisismein1972

    So some random Croatian-speaking person came up to him on an equally random tram ride to what he described as a karaoke night and said in their best English accent.

    By Jove dear fellow, I have been viewing your rather delightful videos, and I have to say they a spiffing. Well done that man, let's have a cope of tea.

  • btlc

    So, he fights against the cults by creating his own?

  • TonusOH

    Hiding the subscriber count looks like a painful decision for him. I think he enjoys the validation from having the number there and showing how many people are supporting him, even when the number drops month-by-month. And I think it can help to draw more support-- when potential patrons see how many people already subscribe, that is a powerful recommendation by itself. It's a boost to his ego and his wallet.

    But it's also become a way to track his struggles and even make monthly bets on it. That has to be exasperating for him. If he does hide it, it's a sign that the anxiety from having it up is too much for him to bear. Either way, that's the bed he prepared for himself. He will have to lie in it now.

  • DerekMoors

    He can do whatever he wants, the handwriting is not only on the wall but the floor, ceilings, stained bedsheets, doorknobs, pile of dirty laundry stacked against that wall...

    He gets little to no engagement on twitter. His YouTube views are falling, the only ones that get any healthy views are the convention rebuttals and even those are getting far less:

    2020 convention videos anywhere from 49K to over 90K views

    2021, over 40K to over 70K

    2022, 18K to 33K

    2023, he's only posted two videos, they're at 16K and 26K.

    His rebuttal videos with JW broadcasting and annual meetings, views are about half what they were.

    He also still hasn't said anything about that $40 million lawsuit in Hawaii. That's big news and even if he did a video today, it's already about a week late. Instead he's making some dumb video about sex stuff in the bible, as if anyone doesn't already know about those stories or give a crap...

  • Toblerone5

    Some hint ,for our August PatreOff Pool...

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