It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • pr0ner

    I would be shocked if he ever debated anyone in the future and certainly wouldn't do it if it isn't his channel. Why? Because they will always bring up "the scandal". It's pretty hilarious to see him go from zero to a thousand for nothing. This dude is forever stuck in a pattern lol.

  • TonusOH

    Boy, it sure is easy to wind him up, isn't it?

  • Toblerone5

    On his latest video 25 bible sexual deviancy, if you click on show more you can see the list of all 25... Number one , Noah get's drunk an uncovered himself ...what? That's a sexual Deviancy? Cause who ever heard of somebody who got so drunk, he took all his clothes of... come on ! that would never happen...

    What if Noah .got drunk and was humping a palm tree....In December...Let's say around the 25 ...Would that also made the List ... Asking for a friends...

  • Toblerone5


    JUST ONE ? going to a Brothel , and have sex with ONE prostitute , ONE time , over how many years again?

    I went to see what he had to say about that, he only say: Samson the bible hero has sex with a prostitute that's described for you in Judges 16 verse 1 if you want to check that up ...and that was it Again ...

    Wow , only ONE verse ?

    Talk about a Deviant storie,.and those details , I had to stop reading graphic for moi...

  • Toblerone5

    I'm sorry but the Bible , is to Deviant for me...

    So I will read this book instead...Wish me luck ? 😁

  • Toblerone5

    Number 24 ...Absalom has rooftop sex with is father's concubines...

    to be fair , his BMW SUV was in the shop...

  • Toblerone5

    Number 2 ...Abraham shared is wife followed by Number 3 ...Sarai shared Abraham.

    Open Mariage ? too soon ? 😁

  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    Toblerone5, that must have been the verses he used with Djiana to convince her that open marriage has a Sciptural basis because I never heard this argument before, it must be playing alot on his mind😁

  • Thisismein1972

    No, he dated a prostitute, everyone knows that silly. It's right there in the bible!

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Here's my "rebuttal". I found roughly half of the instances listed here are similar to events in Lloyd's life. Read it, bitch.

    (1) Noah is “uncovered” – Noah was drunk. Lloyd got drunk and humped a Christmas tree

    (2) Abraham shares his wife - 15-16 December 2021 – Lloyd proposes open marriage, thus sharing his wife with other people.

    (3) Sarai shares Abraham – Lloyd wants Dijana to share Lloyd, but Dijana declines.

    (4) Abraham ordered to marry his sister – N/A – Lloyd’s sister despises him

    (5) Lot proposes gang rape of his daughters - N/A

    (6) Lot has sex with his daughters - N/A

    (7) Abraham shares his wife (again) – Lloyd's ENM proposal to wife for open marriage, 15 – 16 December 2021

    (8) God uses infertility as a punishment – N/A – Though this is a prime example why the Bible is not true. What just God would make all the wives of Abimelech barren for something they did not do and give Lloyd Evans two daughters?

    (9) Laban and Jacob – Lloyd doesn’t like this because Laban forced Jacob to work 7 years for Leah, not because he switched wives on him. In fact, Lloyd would have been overjoyed at the thought of getting Leah and Rachel, though he would balk at working for 14 years in the fields to gain permission. He’d ask his Patrons to fundraise in order to pay off Laban.

    (10) Dinah – N/A

    (11) Reuben has sex with his father’s concubine – N/A- Though Lloyd would rationalise this as consensual sex between two adults.

    (12) Judah has sex with his daughter-in-law – Judah did not know Tamar was his daughter-in-law, for she concealed herself as a prostitute. Lloyd regularly sees prostitutes and finds nothing wrong with it.

    (13) Rapist to marry victim – N/A

    (14) Skewered through the genitals – Lloyd threatens to “chop my dick off” in the leadup to the 16 December 2021 letter to Dijana

    (15) Soldiers to keep virgins “for themselves” N/A – Though Lloyd fantasised about “girls” (virgins?) serving him lunch at MTS School. From TRA: “It was because of such nonsense that my balls were now aching and I could not get sex out of my mind, to the point where I would fantasize about the girls who were assigned to serve our lunches.

    (16) Samson has sex with a prostitute – Lloyd has had sex with prostitutes for years and says sex work is a valid trade and lambasts anyone saying otherwise as racist or a prude. WTF is his problem with Samson then?

    (17) Gang rape of a concubine – N/A

    (18) Virgins given to soldiers – See earlier comment about fantasizing about “girls” serving him lunch. Don’t tell me Lloyd would have protested if one at that moment had been given by an elder to him for sex.

    (19) Women “carried off” as wives – N/A

    (20) 200 Philistine foreskins paid as dowry – If Lloyd actually read this, he’d know it had nothing to do with sex or genital mutilation. If he read verse 25, he’d find that it was a trick of Saul’s to have David killed by seeking 200 Philistine foreskins.

    (21) David “uncovers” himself – N/A – Though as sexually charged as Lloyd is, I find it hard to think that he would feel this was a sin.

    (22) David has sex with Bathsheba – Lloyd has sex with “Cara” in Pa Tong, and desperately wishes she never left.

    (23) Amnon rapes his sister N/A – Lloyd’s sister despises him.

    (24) Absalom has rooftop sex with his father’s concubines – N/A – Though it does sound like one of Lloyd’s fantasies or a porno video he particularly likes.

    (25) God brags about women being raped as retribution – N/A

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