Pillowgate - John Cedars

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    OMG!!!! AS is always true....

    If you didn't know about it before, WT will help you think about it NOW!!!

  • Dagney

    HO. LY. COW.

    Man these people are weird. Getting weirder.

  • snugglebunny

    Is a genital organ anything like a Wurlitzer?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Is a genital organ anything like a Wurlitzer?

    similar--a Wurlitzer is a giant organ.

  • sparrowdown
    I'd say there be plenty of "dates" with hot pillows at HQ. Cue Barry White music.
  • ttdtt

    How sad:( I met Raph Walls a few times, he was a nice guy.
    This cult is so insane.

    Crap I can't find my favorite pillow!!! Where TF is it?
    Oh its in the wash again (got to sticky)

    I wonder if circle jerks are popular in Warwick these days?

    They really should show these video in Service.
    That would do that trick:)

  • VW.org

    Nowhere in the bible is any mention of masturbation. So the Pharisees have made this rule up and somehow linked it with homosexuality.

    For a young man to walk around with blue balls is not healthy. So to maintain a peaceful mind, this urge has to be satisfied either by a f**k, or a wank. Beats letting the urge mince with your mind and next thing you are becoming unbalanced and might think about perverted things. This might be a reason why there are so many pedophiles in religious orginisations.

  • Finkelstein

    It makes one wonder if one of these guys had in his past got sexual intimate with a pillow at one time ?

    Now he's on to expressing the sin of doing so, cleansing himself of his shame.

    Pillows are alluring and enticing objects toward acts of self masturbation you know !

    We should therefore heed the warning and say "Jehovah is with me " upon seeing a fluffed up pillow on a bed before lying down.

    JWs are sometimes the most stupidest people on earth and to the alarming shock their GB leaders are among this designated group .

  • sparrowdown

    What's a poor guy got to do to get a decent selfie orgasm in private around that place now if pillows are off the table? A sock?

    I'm beginning to think WT has been created for the sole purpose of torturing men just for being men.

  • Xanthippe

    So the story of Samson positioning himself between the pillows and pushing hard was just a euphemism then?

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