Does Anybody Here Sympathize With The Looters That Cause Destruction?

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  • silentbuddha

    In 1992 when I was in high-school in Newark, NJ I decided to join the rest of my high-school during the Rodney King riot. We left school as a group around 1:00 and there were many with good intentions.

    Mounted police arrived and one girl pulled out a knife, lunged at a police horse and stabbed it. The police began swinging and things went nuts. Then a group of people who were basically troublemakers started breaking windows on West Market Street. They started looting.

    Sneakers, clothes,etc... it raged for 3 or 4 hours until people got out of work. White people were robbed, and beaten. Then black people were also robbed and beaten. Our presiding overseer Br. Kurtz was hit in the head with a brick.

    I stole some shoes and clothes. I did it not because I was angry, but because I got caught up.

    I dont sympathize. I understand how it happens. The mob mentality is strong and persuasive. Most people are involved because they want shit they can't afford.

  • FedUpJW

    I support the proper use of force to bring rioters and looters to their knees and to justice.

    So do I!

  • onestepatatine

    Police have seconds to react. Someone is reaching under a seat of a car after being told to stop or rushing toward them. Being an monday morning quarter back is lazy and stupid. The police have seconds to react to what can be life or death for them. They don't have time to say wait let me get my rubber bullets. LOL Besides rubber bullets are not designed to stop an attacker they are designed for crowd dispersal and riot control. If you don't want to be shot don't do stupid carp. If the cops tell you to stop stop and comply. This glad handing of criminals is mindless. What some of these crowds need is a few times to be shot up so they know that criminal actions have consequences. This is why people don't rely on cops for protection rely on yourself. Carry a CCW pistol, learn to use it and if you are in need use it.

  • MeanMrMustard
  • Diogenesister
    I too got involved as a teen in various protests. Being a good lefty white kid we would have been horrified at the idea of looting. Of course when things got out of hand (and they often do) the council house (“project“ to Americans) kids started looting TVs & ghetto blasters. Tut tut.

    But destruction of property? Now that was right up our street. But it had to be a certain type of property.....fur coats. I’ll not incriminate myself online but I recall something about eggs and fur coats. I’m still rather proud of myself about that.

    Magnum Bloody hell im glad I didn’t die slowly via one of your low speed lethal bullets!!

  • WTWizard

    I do not support terrorism of this type. This is not peaceful protest, it is destruction of people's livelihoods, it is an act of war. And, it will be used to put Biden and Harris, two communists, in office once Trump wins the election--going against the Constitution. No simple marches, chants, and wearing of placards. No signing petitions. Just burning down our cities and towns, taking our homes and giving them to people that do not deserve anything, and general disruption of everything until they force us to accept Biden and Harris and their communism.

    And no, not all Democrats are like this. In fact, they deserve to be called DUMP-o-CRAPS when they act like this. Would you expect Andrew Jackson or Thomas Jefferson to be trying to subvert our nation? Jefferson was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and was there to help write the Constitution. Jackson did not allow the Fed access to this country, an act of subversion. And both were Democrats. Not to mention John F. Kennedy--a Democrat that certainly would never tolerate this type of temper tantrum intended to force communism on our once-fine nation that is about to be seized by communists.

    In fact, that is why the right to bear arms is so important. This was intended to prevent such subversion of our nation. It is Constitutional for someone to shoot armed criminals and tyrants--otherwise, you would never have freedom for long. And shoot to kill, not just maim or injure. A tyrant that pays with its life for its attempt to sabotage freedom will never be able to impose communism again--and, if enough pay with their lives, anyone thinking of doing the same will realize the price is too high and think twice. Those that are too stupid to think will also pay with their lives, or end up in jail because of a justice system that will not tolerate it. Without gun rights, you simply have these tyrants rioting until they can seize the nation--and that is exactly what is going to happen once Trump wins the meaningless election only to have Antifa and BLM force them to inaugurate Biden and/or Harris despite this.

  • WingCommander

    According to BLM organizers in Chicago, "Looting" is 100% acceptable under the guise of "reparations for 100's of years of oppression."

    No bullshit. This is how they are justifying out-right THEFT and the destruction of businesses now. "Reparations."

    In Glock I trust, everyone else can eat lead.

  • TD

    Looting is not a part of protesting, just like murder is not a part of arresting.

  • RubaDub

    I find it abhorrent. It makes as much sense as winning the baseball World Series, Superbowl, or NBA Championship and then setting parts of your city on fire.

    In the case of these shootings, thankfully we now have people carrying cameras (phones) and can document what is happening.

    The only thing that really disturbs me is how many times these things have happened, such as these police shootings and murders against citizens prior to the time everyone had a camera.

    But the whole thing, both the shootings/murders of people and then the response of destroying personal property is disgusting.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I sympathise with people who saw George Floyd's death and got angry. They have every right to feel anger.

    But I do not sympathise with looters and rioters.

    You're right, Min, some media deliberately confuse protesting with rioting/looting.

    The Guardian, shamefully, but as expected, had a subheading saying 'buildings and police cars damaged after tense protests'. What bullshit. They were rioting and looting, plain and simple. Let the police arrest them.

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